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After the Friendship Games Sunset makes Twilight an offer. When she has a terrible nightmare at the hands of Midnight Sparkle, Sunset shows her just have beautiful midnight can be.

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And this is why (well, one of the reason why) I think SciSet is such a beautiful pairing. The two of them not only compliment one another in terms of personality and chemistry, but they both have suffered similar trauma, and are therefore pretty much the only people who could actually get the other.

I agree! I love these two so much and think that Sci-Twi trauma right after the Friendship Games us such an interesting topic to tackle. I want to do a story discussing Sunset trauma after the Fall Formal, but I feel that it would be a much sadder story, as it's my headcanon that Sunset was homeless during the first movie and only got an apartment when she decided to stay in the human world, as what's the point if going through all the trouble to get paperwork proving she exists when she isn't going to be staying there? At least I assume that would be her mindset. But yeah, these two are definitely a match made in heaven. :pinkiehappy:

"Only people who don't like sparkles."

Why? The stars still sparkles in Midnight you should have said Twilight but hey just my opinion that was still cheesy in its own🥰

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