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The Library of the Crystal Empire vanished for 1,000 years with the city itself, taking (and ironically preserving) ancient tomes of magic long thought lost to Equestria. Now, in order to protect their own world from Equestrian magic, Sunset Shimmer and the human Twilight Sparkle will plumb the library's depths, accompanied by Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst, and the Great and Powerful Trixie, in order to find the answers they seek.

But soon they are swept up in an experiment conducted by none other than Starswirl the Bearded, who seeks to aid a friend of Equestria, the infamous Tempest Shadow (Fizzlepop Berrytwist) in restoring her broken horn.

One magical ritual, a dose of dimensional-duplicate-insecurities, and a mountain of existential crises later, and... well. Let's just say that Starlight might finally have some company in the "I destroyed Equestria" club.

Part of the Anarchyverse

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“My cabbages!” he cried out, falling to his knees.

Not evening changing universe will save your cabbages!

Really, this is has been a great story so far. Really enjoyed it all around.

This was a really good story. Lots of fun, good plotting and characters, and managed to keep the feel of the show. I really enjoyed it!


So how'd Tempest become Flurry's babysitter?


Star Swirl, I blame you.


Twilight, in my opinion, you're BETTER than the princess in a lot of ways.


And friendship wins the day again.

Some of the comics had her living/working in the Crystal Empire and getting to be on good terms with Cadence. I just thought it'd be cute.


I can't decide whether keeping open portals is a great idea or a terrible idea.

Fantastic, a mix of old faces and new, a brisk plot well executed, and a satisfying ending that feels like it came right off the show we all came to know and love. I especially like the way Starswirl sets up the portals to fix things in the end, it feels like tying up a loose end that was overlooked on the show, one I hardly even realized was there.

Fun fact: Jam Sea, as he's known here, was voiced by James Sie in that other universe you seem to be referencing...

Truly, cabbages are cursed everywhere they go.

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This was exactly like reading an actual episode. Very nice job on this, especially on mentioning but not dwelling on the little things that most might overlook.
Good work :pinkiehappy:

I really like this so far! Great job! :raritywink:

I loved it! Great job! I love how Twilight made Tempest a new horn that was a really cool way to solve Tempest's problem.

Tempest kinda deserved something after getting blown up, beaten, de-aged, and humiliated so often in the story. :raritywink:

This seemed at times like it might go darker than expected, but it turned out pretty sweet. Certainly in keeping with the spirit of the show!

First chapter is good. Definitely will continue the rest when I have time!

from what i've been able to gather, the teams doing MLP and EQG dont collaborate much. not that it matters anymore with G4 being finished. its all hasbros fault.

this chapter got super damn confusing and i lost tract of who was doing what and how many ponies there were in the room. either pulled from their "realities or dimensions"

Excellent story. I'll continue on with the sequels!

this was fantastic. the breaking point was the payoff i felt seeping through the earlier chapters. i think the what i'm enjoying most about this, is that everyone is finding their place in a world where twilight is acknowledged as a power house.

“Becauthe,” said the great and powerful Trixie, “whenever thomething like thith happenth, we alwayth go to Twilight to fix it. Even a dithcount Twilight ith better than no Twilight!”

you got trixie's obtuseness down pat.

this fight was much easier to keep track of, everyone got a moment, and heck even Flurry heart was accounted for.

until the very end, i didn't know if you were going to have OG sci-twi and sunset do the rainbow with the group or what, but i was pleasantly surprised.

that ending was bittersweet tho.

Regaining composure, Flash said, “Well, thank you ma’am. But there’s no point in comparing yourself to another pony. Even if it’s your alternate universe duplicate.”

"Any chance you could tell Twilight that?"
"No offense, Miss Shimmer—"
"Too late."
"—but playing therapist to a Twilight Sparkle is definitely above my paygrade."

“But that’s just it,” Starswirl said, anger rising in his voice, “I was Starswirl! The great and powerful!” Starlight snickered at this. “I was the wisest, and most powerful wizard in Equestria! It was my job to know better! To be responsible!”

"When somepony says 'a wizard did it,' they mean me!"


"When somepony says 'a wizard did it,' they mean me!"

I am legitimately angry I didn't use this line. :rainbowlaugh:

Magnificent work throughout. Thank you for it. I'll be sure to check out the sequel.

Boy, is Pinkie's hair expressive or what? You can always tell what's going on with her by how frizzy her hair is. Just check out The Cutie Re-Mark bits where she shows up in the bad timelines. Straight hair. Wonderful!

OBJECTION! In the second timeline, where Chrysalis is victorious, Pinkie’s hair is very much in its normal state of frizz. Whether this was due to an oversight by the animators or some in-universe explanation, I have no idea.

Some timelines are more or less awful than others. Clearly, Changeling Timeline Pinkie had at least some amount of joy in her life.

Or, she lived in a humid forest that did nothing for her hair. Either way... :pinkiecrazy:


Midnight Sparkle equipped Baby Armor.

“My cabbages!” he cried out, falling to his knees.

A person of culture as well, I see.

It's a shame that pony flash was barely used in the show, only appearing like 3 or 4 times in total

I wish there were more fanfics based on the other timelines

The late afternoon sun beamed through the library windows, mixing with the natural crystal walls and structures to create a cozy, warm glow throughout the building. The ponies had cleared a wide area for their next spell attempt, and a large circle had been drawn. Starlight hadn’t said anything yet about her misgivings, but that knot in her stomach was still there.

Cozy, warm glow... Cozy... Glow

Omg its the endtimes


Ï̵̡̟͓̅̅t̵̬͙̘̪̻͒̐̕̕'̷̥̼̣̅͝S̸͔͑̑̋͗ ̵̡̤̹͙̟̤̈͋͠t̷̮͇̭͂̋̚O̸̤͛̿̃͆͒͝ơ̴̛͚͇̮̦̘̍̄̕ ̴̥̙̠̺̞̬̐͗̃Ĺ̶̖̲͉̻́̈́̕ͅa̵͓̠̜̔̄̄́̃T̸͎̝̬̊͋͝e̴̬͔̊ ̷̱̬͙̗͈͖́̾̂͝T̷͖͈̠̰̲̳͐̅o̷̢̺̙͓͈͊͐̑̏̈́͜ ̷̨̎͂̚ͅR̶̼̯͔̿̋̀̒͠ú̸͍̣̞̬̊N̴͖̗̳̗̜̲͋͌̊̄̈́

Oh my! Thank you! What was your favorite part? :twilightsmile:

After the first EQ Girls movie, the fandom had a hissy fit
& Flash was drowned under a wave of hatred

I like giving characters like Flash and Blueblood a little more dignity that they got, if I can help it.

I mean I dont like the guy but he's tolerable

Alternative Title: Time and Time Again.
Do. Not. Mess. With. Time Magic.

That's something my Bionicle OC would never do peer into or travel to different dimensions yes but time travel no.

Finally finished this story. Bravo. I loved it.

Aw, thanks! This story's got a special place in my heart, so I'm happy you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

I always felt that the Equestria Girls series had a ton of potential that they never seemed to tap into. Due to the weird time dilation and alternate universe aspects, I thought it only natural for characters to compare themselves with their mirror-universe counterparts. But the show never went there, and so I thought, “How would Sci-Twi handle being a (supposedly) inferior version of another person?”

Agreed, EG just kept doing the "someone is misusing magic and/or gets turn into a monster because of it" plot alot.

For a short 6 chapter story, this was quite good.

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