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All Twilight Sparkle wanted was a nice teatime with Starswirl, her idol. And then Trixie Lulamoon had to show up, cast a spell, and rip yet another hole in space-time.

This is becoming distressingly common...

Part of the Anarchyverse.

Now has a reading by the Poniverse channel. Super-special thanks for doing me such a kindness!

Now has a Russian translation by GrandCat!

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That was a Darkwing Duck reference that Trixie did!

Ok so from what i can Gleam.... Trixie went back to before Starswirl became the famous Pony he became and Trixie taught him what she knew? This later lead to usual events and the two got a crush on eachother.... Ok is it wrong i want to see that 1 year Trixie was there?

Judging by that last line, I don't think Twilight's completely over it.

Anyway, this was fun and hilarious. I love it when Trixie is the accidental hero and Twilight has to accept that or lose her mind. Maybe she'll finally get over it in a few hundred years.

Thanks for the chuckles!


So, THAT's why Twilight moved to Canterlot

I want more please.

Yes. And it was a glorious reference at that. :raritystarry:

I actually kind of want to hear more about Trixie's adventures in the past. Sounds like she had quite a time there. :rainbowlaugh:

Somebody should do (or possibly already done). A Flashman style series of Trixie accidentally dalling into heroism again and again.

This is really good indeed :) I kinda expected Trixie seeing Starswirl but I did not see it going this deep. XD Thanks for the fun.

:rainbowlaugh: Amazing. And it explains so much. I can only hope the holographic Avatar of Harmony apologizes to Twilight at some point.

The question is: Would Twilight accept it?

“I don’t know…” The Princess’s grimace conveyed her feelings precisely, “… but I hate it.”


Hey, that was pretty good! Loved the Trixie characterisation, everyone else's too, really.
The story flew by so quickly, I got to the end wanting more.
I look forward to the next story.

Is it too much to ask for some stables involving Trixie and Starswirl’s adventures in the past? I could go for something of an anthology series of one-shots that alternate between the year Trixie spent in the past and how they’re relationship developed in the present.

Well... check back around my page tomorrow or thereabouts... :raritywink:

“They didn’t have toilet paper, Twilight! I had to invent the outhouse!!!”

I am so going to remember that line.

I guess we’ve all had those days where fate seems to have it out for us. Poor Twilight lives in a world where fate seems to have physical forms, so at least she has something to yell at.:rainbowlaugh:

But hey, crackship or not, I buy it.:twilightsmile:

“I am the terror that canters in the night!”

Darkwing Duck references? You truly are an author of class.

Okay, I laughed out loud when Twilight started demanding answers from the Friendship Table.


Okay, I laughed out loud when Twilight started (SPOILER)

Well, wouldn't you!? :rainbowlaugh:

This is beautiful.

It also has a sequel, which is also beautiful.

If you haven't read the story and are browsing the comments, it's like finding out your beautiful supermodel blind date has a twin sister and she's also into you.

That is the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. :pinkiehappy:

That was perfect. I could hear Twilight soul agonizing through the screen. There are few time a story work that good a mix of timing, humor and absolute soul crushing existancial pain.

I read the sequel first so it even better for it.

There should be an entire FIMFic genre about 'character X drives Twilight absolutely coco-loco by touching upon all her neuroses like being sloppy or messing up her books or causing her checksheets to be out of order'. Or in this case, ends up being Twilight's idol's idol and getting together with said idol and having a foal together :trollestia: . Since I can easily find the comedy in Twilight's buttmonkey status, such fics are really therapeutic to me. If only Celeste Lulamoon had been a real hellraiser, ensuring that Trixie would spawn a devilpony that would continue to haunt Twilight as a student of hers.

I like Trixie's introduction there. Darkwing Duck with a tiny bit of Sailor Moon.

The only real thing I guess I think could be touched up with is Star Swirl asking 'who the heck is Trixie' when he at least knows somepony by that name. He calls her by that name once when she reappears, so it's safe to say he knows her by that name, even if she did go by any other alias back in the past.

Thanks for the link to this, so hilarious and surprised Twilight didn't level half of Equestria after this happened.

For anyone interested, there's also a reading of the story available; enjoy!

This is... great and powerful...

My guess is Starswirl never learned that Trixie was from the future. So, he thought she died in the Battle with Grogar.

Hmm, bit of an age gap between Trixie and Starswirl...ah well, I'll cut him some slack and assume he has the same workout routine as my grandma. God bless her, pushing ninety and she still goes swimming at the pool once a week :pinkiehappy:

But yes a lovely little fic, well done!

This was a amazing one chapter story with good humor.

Twilight's reactions are perfect.

oh gods this had me laughing! and the Darkwing Duck ref was gold!

Someone was a fan of Darkwing duck. Also, unexpected pairing. Me like. But Starlight xTrixie is still my otp. This was short, quiant and charming. Kudos.

Another piece of absolute art.

Aw, shucks. Thank you!

Can’t be that big of a deal,” Trixie said, scanning the halls for signs of Starlight, “I’ve never heard of him.”

Trixie continued on her merry way, leaving Twilight… to smolder. The purple alicorn stood still as a statue, face slowly shifting and twisting.

Oh boy she's going to go twilighting on Trixie lol

“How could you not at least try to talk to the greatest magical mind in the entire history of…” Twilight’s brain shut down. “F-flash Sentry?”

Uh oh somebody is a little jealous 😏

“I am the terror that canters in the night!”

I see what you did there and I love that show when I was a kid

Oh my God that was pretty funny and a weird situation as well so apparently Twilight is very worried about this visiting from Star Swirl so she wanted to prepare for everything perfectly and Starlight needs to assure her that everything would be fine but then Trixie showed up and she wants to show off her new magic trick for her new show and apparently it did not work and see instead of being invisible she open a time portal and she was sucked up inside Starlight and Twilight needed to figure out where the heck is she but then Star Swirl showed up as well but not shortly the time for the open again and pops out Trixie out and apparently she went through a lot ( which I probably need to read your other story of Trixie how she been through ) and she was just so happy to be back to her own timeline and seeing Twilight and starlight again but apparently Star Swirl knows her like very well like they became friends or something and apparently where is she was was during the time when Star Swirl was very young back then at least I'm not really sure what it was his age now but it was so happy to see each other after all these years and I do love how Starlight especially Twilight's reaction when they see this this was a pretty good story and a funny one keep up the good work and nice reference to Darkwing Duck

And with one spell, Trixie crushes Twilight's spirit into the pits of Tartarus and leaves her to lament and wail like a Banshee for years to come.

Truly the Greatest and most Powerful pony in existance.

That darkwing duck thing was so on point.
I bet both got an autograph from the other next to their table... Next to their own picture.

The ego...

Author Interviewer

“Twilight?” she said, a hair above a whisper, “What are we looking at?”

“I don’t know…” The Princess’s grimace conveyed her feelings precisely, “… but I hate it.”

Now that's comedy. :D

Well this was friggin hilarious.

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