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This story is a sequel to Trixie's Great and Powerful Adventure

When Trixie Lulamoon found herself lost in the distant past, she had no idea how to get back. And so, she decided to make the most of it. Follow her year-long sojourn through the ancient past of Equestria, in her own words, as she somehow manages to found a rebellion, teach a child the ways of magic, and make serious bank off a populace that has never seen a proper Showpony performance before!

Foreword by AK Yearling, author of the famous Daring Do series.

Part of the Anarchyverse.

Featured: 4/1/2020... which fits Trixie so well...
Featured: 7/9/2021

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Okay, honesty time: I'm mostly reading this because I need something to cleanse my mind of the Fat Trixie crisis.

And for those of you whose minds have not yet been spoiled by that horror, then consider yourselves lucky. You do not want to know.

All kidding aside, this looks legitimately funny. Tracking.


the Fat Trixie crisis

I pray for a swift end to humanity. :trixieshiftleft:

Eh, I'd just settle for a swift end to that guy's shenanigans.

But getting back on topic; I really like what I'm seeing thus far. The journal entries, especially at the beginning, are legitimately fun to read. Curious to see where this goes in the end.

Already having fun, and Trixie hasn't even gotten to the good parts yet.

I think Daring Do is going to have some choice words for Trixie if they ever meet.

Looking forward to how much Trixie screws things up next time!

Making this into a continuing series? Excellent, he said, steepling his fingers and hunching his back.

This fic couldn't be anymore perfectly Trixie than this even if it tried. :rainbowlaugh:

This promises to be a very fun read indeed. And Daring's footnotes just add to the fun. :twilightsmile:

I am always up for time travel stories, and Trixie stories, and Grogar stories featuring an authentic Grogar. Also interested in how you’re gonna handle Bray.

Shoot. I've been found out. Time to call Exterminatus...

The bureau called, they are asking if you want a planetary bombardment, a cyclonic missile, a deathwatch team to deliver their doomsday device or if you just want to call in the guard.

On a serious note though, this is a real piece of work you made up!

Logically speaking, they did meet. After this was all over, and one of their mutual not-quite-friends pushed them towards actually publishing it.

There was indeed a cult attempting to use Gusty’s Tomb to bring back Grogar and the city of Tambelon. Don’t worry, they didn’t get close. Suffice it to say, I stopped the ritual and ended up banishing them to the realm of darkness they’d sought to unleash upon ponykind (you can read about the entire encounter in my upcoming book, Daring Do and the Return of Tambelon !).

Did you just open yourself up to writing a Daring Do story, because I think you just opened yourself up to writing a Daring Do story. Also, she and Cabelleron have a kid! That's adorable!

I love everything about this story. You really capture Trixie's personality here. Can't wait for what this story will bring!


Trixie's being unreliable

In other news, the sky is blue. :twilightsmile:

Also, it’s first-hoof account. :pinkiecrazy:

im half expecting trixie to be princess platinum

I love this. You’ve caught Trixie’s voice perfectly, and the interplay between her writing and Yearling’s commentary is a brilliant counterpoint. And at the same time, you’re worldbuilding and adding depth to both narrators, even while making measured use of Trixie’s being an unreliable narrator (and her desire to be reliable). The corrections that Trixie has in the text only add to all these effects, and the notes that Trix added in later are wonderful foreshadowing.

Alternately, Trixie was totally honest about saving Equestria, mentoring Starswirl, rescuing the princesses, and who knows what else, but no one believed her because she's Trixie and so they launched a search to uncover the real story.

Did you read the story this is a sequel to? She is/was.

I needed a lie-down after I read that. We could have all blipped out of existence the second she said that, I hope you realize. Luna better visit my dreams tonight, because I need it.

Ponies assume that time is a strictt progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, its more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

well she end up marrying him so maybe

You’d be surprised… how often that happens.

Dear Daring,
No, no I wouldn't.


Huh. I half-expected that to get her put into Advanced Placement.

In fact, it would seem Trixie can speak a variety of languages and dialects, to the point where I'd say she's a savant.

Part of Rincewind Syndrome. Something about an inverse relationship between comprehending mundane languages and understanding the arcane. Mind you, Trixie's case is less severe than the best-known case, so it's not as extreme either way.

the past where the Sun and Moon move on their own

Seems Magical History was one of Trixie's poorer subjects.

This is going to be a lot of fun. Indeed, it already is! Looking forward to more.


Huh. I half-expected that to get her put into Advanced Placement.

Not when you launch a firework into Advanced Placement and nail Celestia in the back of the head...

Part of Rincewind Syndrome.

Ironically, Trixie also has the soul of a magician but the body of a sprinter.

"Between the time when the oceans drank Marelantis and the rise of the herd of Alicorns, there was an age undreamed of. And unto this, Trixie, destined to wear the jeweled Amulet of Alicornia upon a troubled mane. It is I, her chronicler*, who alone can tell thee of this saga. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!"

screaming unicorn crashes through trees, lands in bush

"Yes. High adventure."**

eats some really good mushrooms


*I swear to Faust, having to write this in faux-Old Ponish because the editor thought it was "the right tone for an ancient story of the Pre-Discordian era"...I'm Daring Do, not Shake Sphere!
**Hijinks. Close enough.

This story is a pre/sequel (time travel is weird) and the prior already established that.

I think I need more of this story in my life. It's that good. So much potential.

This. Is. Great!

I laughed, I got exited for the adventure ahead, the danger, the problem Trixie will cause, etc. I hope she will get an outfit like the one in the story picture. Advanturing Trixie is best Trixie!

I mean, the world outside of the settlement is full of monsters, bandits and random magical problem that to travel on hoof pulling a cart all across the nation, you have to be clever, resourscefull, a bit merciless and be able to survive.

Can't wait for future chapters!

It’s coming! But I’ve had to shift around writing schedules recently, so it will still be a while.

YES. I await the next chapter eagerly!
Definitely enjoying this footnote'd diary format!

I'm close to returning to this. I'm closing in on finishing another story, and Trixie is next on my priority list. She shall return! :trixieshiftright:

Glad you're enjoying it so far!

Interesting story, nice touches with the flashes of self-reflection and truth behind the mask. I wonder if Twiggles' going to continue hating her as much after the fact... and how Trixie's daughter would take the truth of her mother and father's past.

Welp, anarchy's completed. Time to sit here, unblinking, waiting for an update.

This chapter is Great and Powerful! And this story is getting better and better. The jokes, all the details and all the notes from Daring... you really are onto something to make this THE best Trixie story ever.

There is so much to mention, so many little details and I laughed out loud many time. You have talent and I can see all the efforts you put into this.

You should add mirrors and mentalist tricks to Trixie routine in the future to keep things fresh. At the rate she is passing through magic supplies, she got to innovate at some point.

And I like how survivalists and thought Trixie can get. Surprised she don't carry a hidden knife and pepper spray as defensive tools or other concealed weapons given how... let's say "colorful" her life have been. But I feel she might do in the future seeing she is facing Grogar and his tugs. Maybe she could make something out of THOSE mushrooms.

This is awesome, and it being so long, (albeit makes it take time but it´s more than wort it) really pulls you into the story.
i love how you add worldbuilding in both past and present, and its really fascinathing.
i would really love to be able to write a story like this some day (obviously not a rip off, it wouldnt even be MLP related), every chapter really inspires me.
you my man, are undoubtibly one of the best around this parts, and i will be waiting for the next one.
also, present time is both hilarious and intriging.
another thing i love is how you make trixie talented whithout making it look forced. i always thougt the show didnt give her much growth, but what you add both makes sense for her character and makes her a really badass survivalist (altho sometimes by accident)
i also like Starswil popint of view in some things, and his love for her wife.

and the last thing, we are clearly far from the whole Grogar final battle, wich i can predict will be extreamly awsome.

i wish you the best, man, you deserve it.

I like this new format for Daring's notes a lot better than the last one. It's especially more readable on mobile, which is where I usually visit fimfiction on.

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye," I solemnly repeated, even doing the silly motions with the promise.

Damn it Trixie, stop making history!

Hmm now that I think about it, did Daring ever ask the pillars about old ponish? They're an easier and better source for it, both spoken and written.
Sure, that's far from the focus of the story her academical hatred is rather funny, but it did bugger me.

Loving it by the way, and she realizing that she's basically in ponyville was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Trixie doesn't sound too good. Is starswirl still kicking at this point?

Hmm, that's concerning. I hope it's nothing lingering from her jaunt through time...

This was great. Mostly I'm amusing myself while reading this by trying to figure out if Trixie is merely creating a stable time loop, or if she's genuinely changing the past in a number of ways and things just worked out the same due to, let's call it, "temporal inertia". Butterflies can only flap their wings so hard. Ripples from thrown stones eventually fade. Etc., etc..

T̵̺̾h̸͎͂e̷͕̞̖̰̊̇ṙ̸̩͎̒̍ȩ̸̹͔̊͊̐̈́ ̸͈̮͚̙͊͛i̴͓̎͐s̵̺̝̩̲͐̽͑ ̸̱̖̺̲͑͌n̸̙̘͗̓͝ò̸̮̀͘t̶̬̗̹͓́̒̄̇h̴͙̑͛̀͝i̵̹̦̦͂n̸͚̖̗̋̄͠g̷̼̅̑̕ ̷̮̟̺̩̓̏̑t̷̼͋͛o̸̢͋̽̎͗ ̷̦̀̃̑r̸̘͉̗͎͋̉̍̾e̵̬̟̰̾͘ą̶̜͕͔̀̚ḏ̴̜̰͓̉́͠ ̸̺͕̦̥̂̂h̶̖̖͆͌ͅe̵͓̲̾̈́̉r̶̬̪̪͊͠ȇ̸̺̝͖̈́͗͆,̴̡̂̓͒̆ ̵̪̈́͑͋̅s̶̹̼͇̞̓͆̈́͛ṱ̵͖̻̱̿́o̸̞̔̈̈́p̶̞̣͈͂̎̈́ ̵͔͇͖̫̓̍̚͝ṫ̷͍̝͖̦̽̋r̷̗̣̀̓͊ÿ̸̭͛̈́ỉ̵̻͚́̅͑ň̸̫̤͂͛̄g̸̙̟͔̊̏̂.̶̰̈́T̴͔̳̈h̶̢͔̖͓͆̆̏̂ȇ̷̫r̵̛̪̲ę̸̃ ̷̦̦̖̊̀͝í̷̘̞̭͜s̷̠̫̈̆͝ ̵̮̖͈̘̔͠n̵̢̦͕̍ơ̸̳̫͉͋̾̀t̴̮͐͝h̶̨̯̮͌̈͘i̴̥̩̝̍̍̕n̷̮͒͜g̸̢͉̮̿͠ ̶̘̦̎̅̈̚t̸͍͒͆͐o̸̗͍͉̽̏ ̵̹͎̦̯̒r̶̛͍̄̔͐e̴̻͇͎͠ä̵̧́̄̈d̷̼̯̙͎̔ ̶̙̣͐̀̀͑ḧ̴̭̩̼͂̆̕e̶̜̠͑̀̋́r̷̟̭͝ȅ̸͙̬̣̾̈́̚,̴͎̫̠̝̀̒ ̴̮̭͉͑̔s̴̟̥͙͊͜ẗ̵́̌͂͊͜ỏ̵͖͂͝p̸̨͙̀̌͒͝ ̵̢͎͇̯͌̔t̶͓̹͑̆͝ŗ̴̛͍̻̂̀y̵̲͋͂̚i̶̼̥̮̥͊̓ņ̴̪͓̭͋̀̈́̄g̸̠͋̂̌͝.̴̨̧̤̹̎̽̽Ṫ̴͚̿͝h̷̙̣͑̿ę̴̛̭̦̕̕r̸̲͗̍̈ḕ̷͔͛̕ ̵͈̖͘i̷̝̰͚̦͗s̷̢̯̹͙̽ ̸̖͍̄̽͜͠n̶̖̟͌͂͒̌͜ő̴͎͖͊t̸͍͛͐h̶͍̬̻̠̉i̸͙̮͉̔̾͒ṇ̵̏g̴̱̤̟̀͘ ̴̖͜͠ẗ̴̙͍̥́͊͠ȏ̸͚̤͔̟̇ ̸͈͊͐̊r̴͓̈͌è̶̱ã̴̖̀̌͐d̷̗͎̤͈͗̐̒ ̴͇̫̩͋̽̽ͅh̷̦̬̏̔͝ẽ̴̠r̷̹̩͖̠͑̐́͝ḙ̷̲͕̥̆͌͠,̶̦͌ ̶̘̼̫̆͌̉͜s̵̗͉̳̥̎̀̊t̸̢̟͆̕ͅỏ̸͍͍̝͍͛͆p̵̢̗̗̘̑͒͝ ̶̢̐̉t̸̼͛͜͠͠r̵̰̯̃y̵͊̀ͅi̸͍͋͗ñ̵͚́g̴̳̎͛͠.̵̛͇̺̭T̶̉͌ͅh̴͓̬̍̓͂e̸̼̜̊ͅr̷̨̗̯͉̃͝ē̶͎̥̼̬͐ ̴̤̮̂̊i̶̡̹͌̓̂ś̷́̉ͅ ̴̫̤͝ṅ̸͈͛̆͊ó̷̧͚̘ẗ̷͇̺̰̲́̏͠ḧ̸͖̘̮́̆i̷̠͆̋ǹ̸̹͌̐ǵ̸̞̝ ̶͈̆͒̾͆ẗ̴̯̱́̿ŏ̴͕̼͔͊ ̷̤͇̣̳́̓ṙ̶̞̙ḛ̷̾̽̉a̴̖͠d̵̢̡͔̤̈͐ ̶̨͉̫̝͠ḩ̴̯͇̅e̷̱͍͔̿̓ṛ̸͗̿͛ȇ̷͍͂̍,̴̙̯̿͜ ̸̛͔̼̣s̷̗̮̔̀̏t̷̢̰̘̟̿͛o̷̻̰͂͜p̸͖͚̣͛̾̊̈́ ̶̞̄͂̎̏t̷͉̀̂r̸̢̟̫͆̋͂y̸̘̺̪̦̑̾ï̷̡̝̞̈́ņ̷̰̣̰̆̌͆͝g̸̭̭͚̫̅̏̓͠.̷̞͙̳͂͌͜Ț̷̓h̷̠̳̑̇͋ẽ̵̮̠̩̂̈́̔͜r̵͓̽̾̈́e̷͇̭͌̈́́ ̶͈̯͑̀̚i̷̝̼͖̋̽͜͠s̷̡͔͍͌͐̕ ̷̠̤̂̽̓͝ṋ̵̛̕o̵̡̝̼̥̓̐ẗ̵̙̻̗̘̽̈́͐h̶̻̹̲̤͆̽̍́i̷̬͝ǹ̷̢̧̫͕͋̑̄ǧ̴̤͝ ̶̣̣͙̳̋̋̇t̴͓̱͆̀̊ǫ̸̖̻̆͝ ̶̪̹͓̄̐͝ŗ̶̫̠͗̇̚͝e̸͇̺͎͆̈́́å̶̺͍͕d̸̥̹̍ ̶̖̠͝ͅh̸̟͠ͅe̴̬͙͌͂́̋r̵͕͊̀͗̇é̵̫͓̰̕,̵̨̛̼̀̀̓ ̸̛̭̖̯̈́͝s̵͙̣̩͔̾t̷̲̬̆͛̈́̆͜͜ȍ̸̡̙͕̓̊p̷̖͖̒͐̚͝ ̶̳̑̅̚͠t̷̼̩̳̕r̸͔̋̉ẏ̵̨͕̿̚͝ḯ̶̡̪̣̲̈́̈n̶͍͗͌̍͝g̴͉̽̅͠.̶̮͝Ṭ̶͔͑̀̈́̚ḧ̴̲̝̊e̸̲̭͑̃̓ṟ̴̩̭̊ę̴̜̮̟̃̅̇̓ ̵̞̮͑̈́ī̴͚̄̏s̴̛͉̣̒ ̶̼̱̻̣̓͊ṇ̷̑̕̚o̷̖̼͐̔́͜t̴̺́̈́h̴̨͓̾̀̈́í̴̗̲̟́n̴̦̞̗̲͋͑̀̎ğ̸̠͜ ̸̱͛t̵̡̪͔͛̆ô̵̻̭̲͕͐̊ ̸̫͔͈̊̕ŕ̷̘e̸̛̛̞͖͆̏͜a̸̪͇͇̗̕ḏ̵͎̗̜̓̚ ̵̛̟̖͇̔͘͠h̵͙̣̓̿͠e̵̲͎̅͜r̴͉͉̯̍ë̴́͜,̴̢̗̫̑͋̋ ̷̠̱͝s̵̜̹̝̼̒t̵͉̚ơ̷̳̻̔̂p̸̨͚̙̔̌̈͗ͅ ̷̡̫͘t̷̝̀r̸̪̿̐̐͠y̷̆̑̽͜i̵͙̰̇n̴̗͓̻̈g̵̟̣͉͑̄̓͠.̷̫̞̮̱̎̍̈́T̶̢̺̀͐͋h̸̦̞͙̓̇͂ȩ̵̗̣̠̈̿r̷̡̦͊̈͘e̸͇̘̳͍̊͆̓ ̸̪͕͖̺̃̉̅̚i̴̥͈̻͋̅s̶̫̉̄̑ ̸̣̼͈͗n̴̪̦̳̈́̈́ǒ̴̫̰̽͑t̶̩̋̀h̸̺͈͊ȉ̵͖̦̙͑ṅ̵̜̳̤̼́̆g̴̙͔͑̓̒ͅ ̶̞̀͗̾̾t̶͚̂ŏ̷̯͐ ̴͌̇͜r̴̢̟̘͐̆͆̒e̷̗͔̗̚ä̷̺̩̳͇̆̿̀d̸̲̄͌̐̾ ̶̟̳̋̐h̸̨̰̬̳͛̅̔̎e̷̡̬͙̒̎̓r̵̯̊e̸̲̘͈͇̾̾͘,̸̫̫̭̎̀̔͜ ̷̘̹̜̀͌s̶͉̰͑̍ţ̸̬̩͛̕͝ò̸͓͠p̷̲̔͋ ̸̧͚̍̑̃̚ẗ̸̤͔̞́͊̂͐r̸̡̧͙͑̾̉̍y̷̩̥̞̅i̷̩̓ṅ̴̼̞̬g̸̛̕̕͜͠.̵̪̦̽̇T̸͍̩̍̽͠͠h̴̯̖̭̟̕e̵̝̜̟̅͝r̸̠̹̅͋e̵̮̳̩͐̅ ̵̼̃̈́̅̇͜i̴̬̭̣̐̌͜s̴̹͔͇̺̃̋ ̵̭̜̻͋̋ņ̵̻͔̮̈̅͑o̶̱̼̠͂̌̌̕ţ̸̳͇͈̚h̸̡̽̅̇̽i̸̝͐̍̀n̵̟̹̬̾̕ͅǵ̷͙͑ ̶͉̲̣̐͗̕ţ̵̖͕͖́o̷̞̞͊̄̊͝ ̴̞͋̑̆r̴̹̒ẹ̶̓a̷̲͛̀̒d̸͕̗̻͝ ̸͇̖̋̐̃ẖ̵̘̦̳̂͑e̵̠͔͒͑̽͘r̶̻̱̪̙̆̌ę̶͇͇̹̅̊,̷̹̫͍̟͛͑̅̀ ̵͍̠͙̓̈́́̇s̵͖̋ț̵̛̠̀͊̾o̷̫̰̠̫̍͠p̸̧͕̟̒ ̶͈͖̽͜ẗ̵̟͙̭̟̍̄͑r̶̝̍̃͠y̸͎̱̤̼̑̾͗ȋ̴͉̓ņ̴̔̔̽͛g̸͉̼̰̐.̸̭̂͛͝T̵͎̆͛h̴̜̫̝̑̐͛͝e̵̖̗̖͋r̴̢̪͊ę̸͇̪͂̀ ̶͈̩̈́ͅi̶͖͈̖̽s̶͎͙͔͎̀ ̵͓̱̌̀ṋ̴̛̩͖̲̍͝͝o̶̰͙͌͋ͅť̴̘͖̺̓͠h̵̰͑̔͑͝i̸̘͌n̴̢͇̪͂́g̵̬̀ ̶̱͚̅t̶̨̫͇͔͠ò̸̡͊̊ ̷̛̠̻́̍͆r̷̪̹̤̀e̴̪̐a̷̙͐d̴̰͊̏́̒ ̸̢̪͖̪̅̋h̴̥̟̻̅̒ͅe̸̤̤͈̥̐̈́r̷̮̓ẻ̵͔̝͓̇͑̚,̷̬̞́͝ ̷͙̈́̉̚͜͝s̷̩̽͋t̵̪̖̆o̷̺͈̼͈̅͆͆̀p̷̧̖̩̺͂ ̷̨̮̳͇̊͛t̸̙͓͑͆r̸̢̨̛̤͙͐y̷̨̤̙͋͝i̵̡͙͎̩̕n̶͎̼̟͌g̶̣̭̿̂̓.̴̤̦̳͆T̷̠͇͈̝̿̑̂̍ḩ̸̟͚̇͝e̷̞͈̽r̵̮̜̀ȇ̷̥̲͊̆ ̷̛͚̏̐̒i̴̜͐s̶͉͓̳͊͆̇̀ ̴͔̼̝͍̉̾n̶̰͓̞̦̓o̶̧̙̜̦̔͊̕͠t̴͈̳̑̊h̷͔͈͙͂̉̄͌͜i̸̛͚̣̚n̷̡̥̤͍̊̇̀̋ĝ̸͈̦ ̸̳̤̀͑ṭ̸̢̻̈͆̓͛o̶͉͂͋̃ ̷̢͕̟̅r̵̹̽ͅè̴͓̖͙ͅǎ̷̛͖̫̱͊d̸̡͕̖̏̆̚ ̸͔̺͒h̷͚̮͗͜e̷̜̒r̶̙͑͑̓̑e̷̎ͅ,̸̧̤̗̹̉̇͠ ̶̯̼͍̀̌ş̶̨̱̃t̶̼̜̓͑ͅó̶̜̼̻p̷̫͕͕̰̄͠ ̴̨̠̹̓͂t̴̯̔̐̓r̵̫̱͝y̷̨̺̍̅̀͜i̴̖̻͑͜n̸̳̓̎͛͠g̸̢̔.̴̞͛̂T̸̥͇̹̑͜ḧ̴́̿̌͜͝ĕ̸̠ȑ̸͎̣e̵͖̳̳̰͋ ̸̡̠̪̍ǐ̶̯͍̑s̶͓̺̗͐̓̎ ̴̙̦̼̏n̵̡̫̻̜̐̑͝ó̷̪͂͂t̴̡̧̥̖̅͝h̶͇͙͊̌̽ĭ̵̜͉͖̀n̴͇͂̋͗̌ġ̷̻̖̯̈́̅ͅ ̴̡̛͓̯̻͋̅̎ț̸͖̾́ọ̵̢͉̗͐́̊̀ ̷̘͕̅͑̓r̶͕͔̃ḛ̴̢̟͇͝a̶̢͉̖͆̌d̸̲̈́̏ͅ ̷͔͙̘̂́̚ȟ̷̖̺ę̷̖͝ṙ̷͍̮͎̿e̴͙͎͂,̴̩͔̪̊̓͌̊ ̵̭̺͕̔͝s̵̢͎̻̠̏t̵͎̽̍o̵̯̚p̵͔͎̣͔̽̈́̚ ̸̨͇͖̄͠t̶̞̀͗̾ͅř̵̠̹̥̓͜y̶̜̘͊̄̎͠i̷̪̋͂ń̸̼̙̗͙̓̇̓g̶̠̎̅̔̔.̸̘̦̎̆Ṭ̷̟̫̋̕h̵̫͐̍ë̵̫́̓͊͂r̶̮̀͘͜ẻ̴͎̒̏̄ ̵̢̗̤̍̈͑̎i̴̛͕̞̓̇͜š̸̻̼̟͊̃͘ ̷̖͜͝n̵̡̲̐͜ó̵̧̱̹͊͘͠t̶̳̔ḫ̶̑̉i̷̲̎̽̐͠n̸͈̔̉͠g̵̢̠͓̼̈́̍̿ ̴̫́̌̉͜t̵͔́o̴̻̻͎͠ ̶͉̞͖̽̄͘ṟ̷̰̹̾̇̕è̶̞̖̩ạ̸̅̈́̂d̴͇̰͇̈́͋̈́ ̴̹̲͉̎̌͂h̴͖̞͔͔͐́̈́͝e̶̠̟͈̓̾̓̚r̸̹̣͓̾̉͐e̴̋̄̕ͅ,̴̮͙̠̎͛̄̄ ̵̡͓͈̫̎͝s̵̛͖̅t̴̼̱̳͝ŏ̷̡̩̼͎̿p̴̬̣͇̌͐ ̷̡̥̬̥̊t̸͎̾͛ŕ̸̢͇ÿ̸̦̠̄̃ȉ̷̙̞̤͈͋͐n̶̺̪̪̠̏ǵ̶̼̠̉̆.̸̢̩̱̹̍T̷̈́͘͜ḧ̵̜͎́͂e̷͚͇̳͚͘ŗ̶̾̈͊̓e̵̛̮̣͔̔ ̸̡̨̺͙͝ȋ̵͈̬̤̏̈́͠s̷̯̳̯̽̀̅ ̶̦̹̋̽̔ṉ̵͖̝̇̆ó̷̮̯̹t̸̛̙̑͝ḧ̴͚́̈̎̎i̶̮͈̋̂̈͜͝n̴̳̙̳̎g̵͕̝͓̑̎̍̆ ̶̗̼̜̗̉̄̃̎t̴̹̳̣͗ͅơ̵̺̘̭ ̸̙͇̮̔́̚͜r̸̦̘̰̺̐e̶̝̥͗̽͌ǎ̵̺͔͉̼̈̏d̷̨̞͈̾̐̋͝ ̵̡̜̐̆́h̵̘͆ȇ̷̝̥̳̰̇̍r̶̻͚̞̓ḙ̵̯͛,̴̡͉̥͂ ̸͖͋̔͠s̵̬̆̉t̵̝́̌͐̇o̴̟͒p̷͙̗̼͖̌͆͌ ̵̼͋t̸͙͕̬̲͂̍r̴̭̠̈́̏͂ÿ̶̤̱͍͓́í̸͈̮̍n̸̳̭͉̆́͊̕g̷̨̲͒.̷̼̗̼̠̿̇̍T̵̯̖̖̾̃̄̓h̸̗̜͇̒̋̿e̵͎̻͝r̴̜͆̒̓ḛ̵͇̇ ̸̣͋̌ì̶̼̖͌̓͘s̵̡͍͙̐͂̚͠ ̸̧̭͑̈́̕ń̶͎̉̀o̶̧̩͆̅͂ṱ̵͖̓̂h̵͉̼̐̎̈́i̶̧̹͎̹̇̈́n̵̯̻̈́̈̐͊ğ̵̹̐ ̸̢̛̼̺̤t̷͙͑̃̔͒ǫ̵̱̺͇̅ ̴̨̢͉̈́̈́͛r̷̥̬̈́ę̶̂ȁ̶͉d̶̰̾ ̵̙̪͕̭̈́h̶̗̆̏̽e̶̼͛̈́̀̓r̴̢̿̕͝è̸̡̊͌̓,̷͈̩͈̂̌̾ ̴̭̦̰̠̓̋s̵̫̗͂̈́̎͝ṱ̷͓̒o̸̖̽͗p̷͍̏̄ ̷̛̪͚̲͋̀̋ṫ̴̟̚r̸̨̎̈́͗ỳ̷̹̔i̷̪̲̳̚n̵̩̭͚̝̓̎͘g̷̮̲͎̾̎̈́̕.̵̨̨̟͉͂̇̇̚T̴͚̮̼̅̉́̕h̴̡̤̑̌ë̴͓̀̕r̴̮̰͚͂ȩ̷̦̀̈̇̽ ̶͇̊͝͝i̷̩͎͊s̵͙͑̀ ̷̝͔̝̟̕̚n̷̮͑̀̀̓ő̷̻͈͓̊̎t̶̟̏h̴̦̔̎̉͜͠i̷̡̘̺̿̚n̷̨̦̎͆̀g̷̢̟͆̋̿͌ ̸̧̧̚t̸̠̏ó̷̟̔ ̷͙̲̀̈́͝r̸̡̯͗́͆ę̴̨̺͎̄̅ȃ̸̟̫̑͊͜͜d̸̥̯̙͉̓ ̷̭̤̭̺̿͝h̸̘̰͙̓̾̃e̷̝̗̋r̷̯̟̭̃̆̽͜͝ȩ̴͈̝̺̂̎͝,̷̛̙̄̈́ ̴̣̤͇̳̅̒s̶̛̬̝̠̲͆͋͝t̸͕͍̮̓͋̄͌o̶̖̜͠p̵͎̣͂ ̶̣͍̄t̵̹̤̮̘͗́͠r̵̗͓̹̓̉͝y̵̫̞̩̿i̶̢̞̅̂̿n̵̘̬̗̒̒̒g̷͉͈͔͑.̴̘̳̋͜T̴̢͚̓̃̽ĥ̶̦̯̿͒̈́e̴̛̞͙̬͚͒͐r̵̩͍̰͕͗͗̀ḙ̸̒̄ ̶͈̽̿̓̕ỉ̷̼͖̹͝ş̶̥̝̳͌̑ ̵̡͚̝͎̆͒̔̕ñ̴̙̇͘o̴̗̎ṭ̵̫͓̝͛̿̍̿h̷̬̤̗͍͌̇i̶̡̺̐̓̇n̵̦͔͓͈̿g̴̣͆͜ͅ ̵̹̊̈͘t̷͔̹͕̙̉̓̋͠ǫ̸͊̂ ̵̖͕͌̀̇̀r̶̤̮̿̔̔e̶̢͎͔͜͝ä̸̭̜̳͍͠ḋ̷̡̦̠͗̓ ̴̟̃̃ḣ̴̝͍́͒e̶̲̮̓͋r̶̦͛̂͌̕e̵̞̯̦͊͊͝,̴̨̮̂̋ ̸̨̗̤̫̆̽͝s̷͈̘̋̃t̷̨͔́̾o̷͇̠͙̒͌p̵̟̠̓͋̀ ̶̛̮̞͌͒̕t̴̻͈͕̿̔͝r̷̖͓̋̈̏̊ỹ̶͚͕̰͔̍͑̕į̴̫̪̞̆̌́n̶̢̻̦̱̄͊͝g̸̲̤̎̓̍.̷̾͒͜T̷̡̈́̋h̸̻̏̇͌ͅȇ̷̯̜̣͛ͅȑ̴͖͆̈̂e̷̫̠͆ ̸͚̋͜ỉ̶̹̅̎s̵̹̻̔ ̶̢̨̛̻̹n̷̻̲̈́̈͆̀͜͜ớ̸͈̭̝̊̊t̵̛̝̖̽̋h̶̩̓̌̐͠i̴̞̩̺̺̓ň̶̛̘̟͔́ğ̴̨̛̥͖͑̐ ̵̡̞͇̺̓t̶͍͂̔̿ͅò̷͖ ̴̰̭̘̊͝r̸͓̰̟͋̂̈́͘ę̵̝̩̌̈ạ̵̾̔͘̚d̸͇̝͒̌ ̸̦̪̳͔̀̂͊h̸̟̬̱̄̂̏e̵͓̎̆̀r̵̞̆ȩ̸́͗̈́̉,̸͎̤͠ ̵͖̓s̴̺͂͋͊̔t̵͉́̉̚ö̴͈̗́̃p̴̲͔͓̽̓͛̕ ̶͖̂̓̕͜t̴̞̥͉̔ŗ̴̢͖̺͂̅͊͝y̶̋̃̈ͅì̷̛͍̪n̸̮͇͆g̶̛̺̼͊̋.̴̰̗̑͂̈́͘Ţ̸̘̳͕̍̌͝͝h̷̡͔̎ę̴̨̛̉r̴̛̻̻̀͐̽e̷̢̧͊̈ ̶̼̀͌͛i̷̡̾͝s̸̨̏ ̶̢͚͔̯̓n̴̯̲̮̏̔͝o̵̧̩̺̖̾̈̍͗t̶̙̉͂ḥ̴̡̙͒̀͐̌i̸̦̝̍͂ṅ̸̟͚̳̔̍g̴͔̖͓̹͒͝ ̷̡͈̮̭́̾̽͛t̷̢̧̯͋ò̵̮͓̳͌̚͝ ̴̻̠̰̾̊ŗ̸̠̈́̀͑̄e̵̱̣̪͉͆̓̌a̵̗̖̻̿̃̕͝d̴͍̠̒̒ ̴̜̻̌͗͘h̸̢̟̝̾̈́̊ë̴̠̯́̌̓͌r̸̡̳̃͐́͌e̵̟̍̉͝,̵̢͍̱͉̄̓̚ ̷̜̳̍͆͒͝s̷͇̺̯͋̋̏ͅt̵̨͚͓̜́̀o̷͇̼̮͗̋͋͝p̵̥̪͖̀͌͋͜͝ ̴͖̯͎̻́͠t̵͙̠̑͘͝r̵̨̦͓̾͂ỹ̵̼̘͚̄í̷̘̉̆͠ṋ̶̂́͝g̷̡̨̻̥̕̚.̵͉͈̏̆ͅT̵͕̏͆͝h̶̠̝͠ė̴̡̦͛r̸̹͊̒͂͊e̶͍̋ ̴̛͓̌͠͝i̵̗̖̰̽͘͝ṡ̶̯̲̬̔͊͜ ̷̣̬̞̌̊̀͜ñ̸̯͕̀̋͝ǒ̶̩̼̪͓̃̃͘t̷͔̩̹̎ḧ̸̰̪̈́̓͝i̷͔̻̓̀͛n̸͚̥͉̏͑̌̂ǧ̷̥ ̶̡̧̭̈́͋͠ṫ̶̲̫õ̴̘̮ ̷̨͉̟́ŗ̵̞̼̔͆̈́͝e̸̥̦͒̈̃a̵̰̩͆d̴̦̹̺̤́ ̷̣̿̅̓h̴̗̦̿̑̌̒è̶̺̗͜r̶̟̋̓̇̑e̵͔̭̅̌͜,̷̡͙͎͊͋͠ ̶̛̥̘̺̭̉s̴̒͂̾̒͜ẗ̴͖́̑̎ȯ̵̖͚̬̤̽p̵̩̓ ̴̘͈̽̉t̴̥̤͖̮̅͑̕ṙ̴̩͕͇͙͐y̶͛͜i̴̖͆̄̂͂n̴̳͚̠̗̔͐g̸̛̺͚̀.̷̞̾Ṱ̴͕̂h̶̛̟̤̙̙̒͒ę̷́̆̈́r̵̫̥̆e̸̬̤̯̦͂ ̴̰̫̄ȋ̵͍̫̯͂͒́š̴̼͘ ̶̱͒̄͝ñ̸̞͙̫̤͐ȏ̶̩t̷̘̖͔͛̊͜ȟ̵̡̛͠i̵̱̊̈͗̈́n̵͈͚̺̈̈́͠͠g̶̹͓͗̕ ̶̤̮͐̌t̷̞͎͕̲̀ö̵̢͚̀̚ ̷̬͓̈́́r̷̗̥̅͂̒̽e̵̢̦̓̓̕͝ã̵͇͙̤̀̚͠d̴͔͓́ ̸̱̎̋h̷͉̠͋͠e̴͇̗̓͒͂̉ṟ̸̰̓͝e̶̱͍̮̟͋̔̕,̷̜̞̼̂̋̐ ̴̡̧̲͉̃ş̶͖̝̳̾ẗ̷̟̘̀͑̑õ̵͕̳̻̙p̵̢͈̐͂͂͜͜͝ ̸̧̱̘̣̍̌̿̚t̷̬̫͎͓͛̄r̶̫̀͗̿̅ẏ̷͔̻̥̆̿͝ĩ̵̪̝̼̍ṇ̷̳͊̇̕g̸̉ͅ.̸͇̠̿̍̄̄Ṱ̵̐́͊̀h̷͇͍̩̃̀͂̕ȩ̸̡̊͘r̸̟͈̄̓̈͛ḛ̵̩͙͆̀ ̴̟͖͑̉̀ͅi̷̢̽̂̎̀s̴̙̬̲̊͒͝ ̶̩̅̏̏͛n̷̟̊̓̈́̽o̵̪͈̲̎̂͆̿t̷̺͚͋h̷̢̡̩͎̅̿̚i̵̢̦̍̽͊n̴̡̖͚͕̋͘ģ̶̐̚͠ ̷̟͉̜͈̃t̸̺͍̞͖̒͗̐ò̸̞ͅ ̷͈̟̠̋̆͐̒r̶͓̪͕̃̅̿̌ê̵͇̦͔̣a̸͖͇͂d̴̺̮͔͖̿̈́͝͝ ̸̨͂̓h̵̹͖̭́͜e̴̻͎͝r̸̝̝̋͌͝é̷̙͒̄͠,̵̯͔̤͋͆͝ ̴̔̕ͅs̵͉͎̄̈͆t̵͎͇̺́̓͆ȯ̷̬͆́̄p̶͇͇͘ ̸̳̭͗̋̈́t̸̢̕͝r̷̳̅̈̅y̵̹͎̣̐̾́͜i̴̡̡̛̖̦̿̀͌n̶̥͐̓͝g̵̥̼̚.̴̨͈̱̳͗̕͘

Sorry, can't stop me! :rainbowlaugh:

Man, I shoulda checked the word count before starting this thing. I was not prepared for its length.

I continue to just love how Trixie the writing is. It's just so... her.

Also it's hilarious how angry poor Daring is about it all.

You know, I'm not one to look at plotholes, but something's bothering me. Starswirl's in the camp of, all the tribes can't get along together, yet he lives in a town where they just do. Real confusing that. But, still a good story nonetheless.

Don't want to prop up those Climate Changers in parliament, right?

Well, that raises some questions. And confirms that something broke the planet. Whether it was ponies or not remains to be seen.

I get the distinct sense that there's nothing to read in the crossed-out section, and that we should stop trying.

As it turned out, Ribbon had beaten me and Swirly there
Sorry. Swirly and I.

Nope, Swirly and me. You wouldn't say "Ribbon had beaten I there."

“Morning, Firefly!” Swirly greeted her warmly.

So the son of an earth pony and a unicorn can happily get along with a pegasus, but the three tribes are definitely incompatible in the same long-term political system. Well, no one said self-awareness was one of Star Swirl's strengths.

“Like, inspiring awe? Awesome…” she whispered to herself, “I like that word.”

What have you done, Trixie? What have you done?

all those years ago in the future whenever.

"All those years ago in the future" seems like a perfectly workable compromise.

Now, you and I both know she got back, but wouldn't that have been amazing to see?

:twilightoops: "No. No it would not. And now I'm going to have to ask Luna to take out a nightmare for me."

Now I am aware she briefly lived in the vast, underground sewer-city beneath Seaddle during her 'wandering' phase, but back then, I was astonished by her knowledge.

Wait, what?

I leaked. I was so scared that I mana-leaked.

Counter target spell unless its controller pays 3? :raritywink:

Heh. Another weird similarity between me and Dash, huh?

Well, that raises some intriguing questions...

The sheer number of bootstrap paradoxes... Trixie's very lucky that most MLP time travel works by closed loops. Looking forward to more.

Yup. It's cause he drinks his ovaltine.

They say that time is like a drug. Too much will kill you... :rainbowderp:

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