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4 Years and the Future · 4:16pm April 15th

Today now marks the four year anniversary of me creating my FiMFiction profile, and boy, what a time it has been. From the publish of the first chapter of "Growing Sun," to the release of chapter twelve of "Sunset's Hellish Adventure," (SHA further on) I think it's safe to say that I've put out quite a bit. But sometimes I wonder to myself how much longer I plan on doing it.

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Heh, I see.

I was just curious. I have this semi family-friendly story involving the friendship between an undead cat and a good-hearted demon girl and worried about tone, lol

As one who's dabbled into dark humour... I'm honestly not sure what to say. Most of the time, if the joke's not already pre-planned as I've planned out the central story, I'll just have something inappropriately appropriate come to my head during me writing a scene.

Most writers will probably have a creative process into expertly crafting their jokes like a fine art, but I'll just be going with the flow. T'is a fun way of doing it though, to throw out any random thing and seeing how it sticks

Lol, I figured.

I could use some pointers from a fan of it. If you don't mind, at least.

They don't call me 'Morbid' for nothin' :trixieshiftright:

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