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Writing is just pain leaving the spirit...


The guards are scared to say it.

Sunset Shimmer has returned to Canterlot.

And the Princess is furious...

Not in continuity with my other stories. Just something that popped into my head one day.

Spell Nexus (mentioned only) is from Past Sins, by Pen Stroke

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Wanderer D

Aww. I liked it! Well done!

Holy crap... this is amazing! I could learn something from this story.

I'm very honored to hear that! :twilightsmile:

Oh man this was beautiful...

Still expecting Sunset to get wings at SOME point, maybe being reborn phoenix-style (would thematically fit very well). Overall, great experience! Thank you.

And Starlight... Mages of this power don't die unless they're killed. She has a glorious, violent death to look forward to sometimes in (probably really distant) future. It will be the stuff of legends.

Simply amazing. Full of good vibes and everything.

I absolutely love how this story wraps the ENTIRE franchise up, from beginning to end. This is how Celestia was able to have so much faith in Twilight during the first episode, and then why she had so much faith and worry for Sunset, and then she sees Twilight at the end aaaaaaah and oh wow I could go on and on but its midnight.
Anyway, this is a fav.

Nice work you made here!

this has taken the top spot for my favorite celestia fic's.

i dont really care for the overall title, as i feel the chapter's title has a bit more "oomph" once comprehension sets in. the death tag is eh.

i dont recall ever reading that perspective of the egg test. i had to pause and marvel at such a pivotal moment could still be tweaked.

overall, i absolutely loved the in-universe consistency, and tenderness given to your characters and the characterization. even for the characters not listed...


even for the characters not listed...

Oops! Who did I miss?

I was ready for some super sad feels going into this, but I came out of it really happy! That was really touching, and a very fun read! Gave me the same feeling the finale did, kinda. Sad to know there's an ending, but somehow really focused more on all the good times instead. Very heartwearming!

...Nopony actually died, though - sure, there's two elderly unicorns, but not one heart attack or whatever.
Why the death tag?

the Death tag is also used for talking about mortality, apparently. :twilightsmile:

A few tiny errors but nothing to worry about.

Wonderful style and perfectly paced. A fantastic piece I'm glad to have read.

Thank you for sharing it.

Very nice. Bleak but uplifting.

Good story. Great atmosphere and I liked the slow burn and realization at the beginning as we learned what was going on.

“Oh Faust,”

My one complaint. Pet peeve.

This was really, really cool.

This was excellent. It really tied the series together and it explains why Celestia was so sure of herself during the series. Great work!!

Nice. Could be a perfect little epilogue for the show. Thank you for sharing.

I actually really liked this. Well done :D

Wow. Each part in this story leads into the next. it's a fantastic slice of life, and while I can see where the Sad tag comes in, Sunset has lived a full and happy life after going through the mirror and meeting people there.

Really enjoyed this.

This interpretation of the egg test is pretty common among the fandom (though usually I've seen just put it as an actual dragon egg that they're not expected to be able to hatch, not making it a fake that Twilight somehow turned real).

It both explains why there aren't any other baby/teenage dragons running around with unicorns, and removes the problem of the school somehow needing to have a constant supply of dragon eggs without pissing off the dragons or knowing anything about them in the process.

a lovely shade of violent

Tirek might be forced to agree. :)

This was an amazing read, truly beautiful

So fill to me the parting glass
And drink a health whate'er befall
Then gently rise, and softly call
Goodnight and joy be to you all

A unique take on closure for Sunset Shimmer! The novel premise is well integrated into the narrative and the characterization of all parties feels very believable.

Absolutely well done, I have yet to see another take like this on Sunsets comeback. Well done!!!

As I read this, I kept on thinking of Doctor Who, and in particular, the story where the Twelfth Doctor meets up with the First Doctor, and come to an understanding of what it meant to go around the long way. Time based stories--complete with paradoxes--are difficult to write as they need to be done just right otherwise it can fall apart so easily. This story succeeded in making the idea work. Well done. As a Sunset Shimmer fan, this definitely has my approval.


Well, I certainly don't expect Starlight to go gently into that good night. Even if she has to become a Sombra-type smoke Pony, a Lich, or a sentient swarm of Parasprites, she'll find some way to punch Death in the nose.

is this the same Spell Nexus from the past sins fic?

Certainly a lot sweeter than I expected with those tags. And a Celestia with limited foreknowledge is... interesting.

If any one wants to know where the lines in the Author's Note: came from here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9g0C8LCOTk I love that song.

Considering how Twilight and Trixie have accidentally zapped inanimate objects into living animals, was it really a stretch? :twilightsmile:

I've another story where Sunset may or may not get her wings... :raritywink:

And if Starlight goes down in flames... it's even money that it's Trixie's fault. :rainbowlaugh:

beautiful story!

Hmm, that was a pretty good Celestia piece. A little bit of foreknowledge can go a long way...


By all rights, Starlight would probably have the potential to cast age spells, being amongst the "highest level unicorns", as Magic Duel put it, so extending her lifespan is probably actually plausible, aside from lich stuff or whatever, if she desired to do so, which I'm sure giving Twilight an extra constant in her life wouldn't hurt, as a motive.


Well, we still don't know if age spells are permanent or not, so I just went with the assumption that old age isn't something there is an easy fix for if you have enough power. Starlight, Breaker of the Laws of Time Magic, is not just powerful, but creative and historically willing to do utterly insane shit in pursuit of her goals. :pinkiecrazy:

(Come to think of it, she's now living in the same School of Friendship as Sunburst, the best magical research pony in Equestria. Heck, I recall that in "Celestial Advice", in one of Twilight's panicky scenarios, she imagines them working together to create better spells... eventually leading to magical disaster. :twilightsheepish:)

Very nice story.

Beautifully done!

And I got a bit of a "Koboyashi Maru" vibe from the dragon egg test.

:trollestia: You weren't supposed to actually hatch the egg! It's a test of character - it wasn't even a real egg!
:twilightangry2: I changed the parameters of the test to make it possible to hatch the egg. I don't like to lose.

And Twilight just kirking the test. ^^

- Basically Celestia had to have some foreknowledge, otherwise her actions make much less sense.
- The dragon egg test was a strange thing in the canon too, because we never see or hear about any other dragon hatchlings living with ponies. So if the dragon egg test was a "standard", that would imply they were never successful at it. But why risk a real dragon egg at all if the tests is an impossible one?
- The canon hints at Celestia having visions. So it is possible that the dragon egg was real in canon, and she made the test for Twilight, because she had seen her hatching Spike in a vision. And also: little unicorns may not be powerful enough to hatch or harm the egg any way.
- Twilight changed the rules in canon too: Dragon eggs are supposed to be hatched by high temperatures only. But she used magic, and no heat/fire magic at all.
- According to Lauren Faust the dragon egg test was intended for Twilight personally.
This fanfic's version of events is quite close to canon, but it makes Twilight even more badass. :twilightsheepish:

This was kind of a sad read... until it reached a point that just had me confused for a bit. Then it was actually kind of funny. And the ending was very heart-warming. A nice blend of emotional storytelling.
Also, the title had me thinking of the 12th Doctor.

That's just so dang adorable.
Loved it

That felt like a fluff episode from doctor who, it was just wholesome and lovely.

Sure, it's favourite - and I'd like to say why it is, and why it's to stay faved, on top of many those that just got a credit for nice start, and can be (not like yours) removed later.

Over the finale, few and scarce are stories that do embrace story as it is, without being childish, or petty, or in different forms of denial. Not like denial is bad, though, and many denial stories of the current days are pretty good too. But you are on the different shelf.

All the characters, even being doubled by the time shenanigans, are believable and to the point. You tackled the whole 'mortals/immortals' issue without making it dense. You make the whole story of the show look believable. It's just one of a few stories that could, and should, be read shortly after the finale, to find the closure in harmony.

Many thanks, and keep writing, please.

nice story. been a while since I've seen Spike wasn't a real egg added into a story

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