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Excess magic use has numerous ways of backfiring, most commonly exploding. Or more rarely, it could have interesting side effects none could have predicted. So imagine what blasting an evil moon goddess with the mother of all rainbows could result in.

Unfortunately for me, these so-called 'side effects' involved dragging my defenceless self through time and space from my normal everyday life in the most abrupt teleport known to man. Transforming me into a small strange pegasus thing in the process and promptly spitting my ass out into the most deranged forest I've ever seen.

Now my new body made it so I'm no taller than a bloody chair stool, I could barely walk with these alien legs, my size telling me I was younger than what I probably should be, and to add to my already horrendous situation I haven't eaten since I got here!

I don't know what I am, but I have the feeling I really shouldn't exist.

I'm not new to writing but this is my first story here. As such grammar corrections and criticism are welcome.


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This time I knew it had flinched, as its eerie green eyes darted away from my gaze. What was going on? "Yeah that's right, run away you fucking poser of a wolf! Don't make me beat your ass you fucking coward! " As soon as I stopped scream for a moment, I knew something changed from within the hell wolf. I just knew something had happened, which was proven as I saw tears run down its eyes.

Dude this is the first time I've seen somepony fight a pack of Timberwolves with words. This is beautiful and I hope for more chapters.

I... need more of this.

If you're ever looking for a beta, I'm available (though still a bit amateurish)

Aww poor wolves, they just wanted to play!
This one's got quite the mouth on them and isn't afraid to show it.
Blue on white Pegasus, huh? Will expectations be subverted and it will be a colt?
Keep going! ;)

For now, my name is Ariel Ace. I truly don't know how I got into those woods, and lied about not knowing anything else. In this body I had no parents and refused to say anything else due to past trauma.

Arial, not Ariel. Unless you're a mermaid.

Not to be confused with Aerial Ace, the flying-type Pokemon move that never misses. Heh heh.

... point. English is not my first language, but I knew something was wrong when I saw it.

Third times the charm.

Odd that Fluttershy would fly (however sedately) back home. You'd think she would carry him or walk, but to fly with him lagging behind (colt after all, he's bound to be slower and have to rest often) would be kinda rude. Perhaps she's just overly distracted by the new massive responsibility she's acquired.
Aerial Ace, huh? Hope that Cutie Mark magic will support him in his unexpected endeavor... 😂
Keep going! ;)

I can’t wait till Fowlmouth has to deal with other foal. The pejorative exclamations will be glorious.

Impressive reaction time on Shy’s part given how likely it is she hadn’t considered the Pink one.

Great as always, a bit short for my taste but wonderful with a cliffhanger.

You dare tell me to have a nice day? I am appalled at your selfish attempts of trying to force your good vibes onto me. You are lucky that I had some spare vibes of my own left, or this would be a completely different conversation. Now begone fool!!!

You had my curriosity, now you have my full atention.
I think that this is a very good story so far and has great potential.:pinkiehappy:
Can't wait for more :twilightblush:

Yeah it would be a little strange to usher a stranger first into the house. We think? But it was intentional.
Keep going! ;)

this seems like a great story I can't wait to read more.

Oh by the way, congrats on the Feature!

This is a nice story. I tend to like the human turned foal stories and this fits that description. I like! Please don't let this story die like some others please! This story is a gem!

Go Beyond! PLUS ULTRA!

You mean as opposed to most ponies being female or do you think that color scheme on pegasi is always female? Rumble, his brother, Soarin.

It gave me the image of a fantasy village, almost like the starting town for one's own grand adventure. Plus, with magic being real here I could easily see this being the starting point for a hero and their group of friends to save the world or whatever.

I mean, while not 100% accurate, he is technically not wrong.

No, as opposed to "most transformation stories are male to female for some reason". Then again, we don't know this person's original gender anyways (and they ain't tellin').

It was mostly just comparing him to the Tiny Toons character.

All that was missing was that she was a great singer and we were golden.

Right. So when we trim your hooves, the trimmings will be in the form of bits? :yay:

If he thinks Ponyville is a dumb name, then he's clearly never heard of Humansville, Missouri. (No offense to anyone who actually lives there. It seems like the place has a few good points in history going for it.)

Come oooonn then!


Hopefully this doesn't end with them just giving up and abandoning everything from their human life and identity.

Also if thry were placed there from the EoH being used on NMM then both Celestia and Luna owe them basically... everything given they destroyed someone's life. Hopefully they don't all just force or pressure them to be just a baby.

So he is male then? That's something I was wondering. Although the fact that he has apparently decided to hide everything about himself and tell nobody only to just... fucking flail uselessly because he's a foal and will never be able to get home on his own is taking my opinion from neutral to deep negative. Everytime I find a story that does this, it leads to the protagonist just miserably failing to do anything to help themselves so they never succeed or make any progress towards fixing the problem caused by them being stuck in equestria as a foal.

Maybe they could even find me a way back home...

Considering he's (apparently) decided to hide everything and tell nobody, he should just commit ego suicide and destroy/abandon any memory or connection to being a human on earth instead of lying to himself. Either that or actually telling ponies who/what he really is if he does ever aim to not be stranded forever.

I didn't scream, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Well then, to quote a guy with a hammer :moustache:

HAVE AT THEE :trollestia:


Impressive reaction time on Shy’s part given how likely it is she hadn’t considered the Pink one.

More likely, with her knowing Pinkie as she does, Shy knew better than to ruin the inevitable surprise party targeting Jason.:flutterrage::pinkiecrazy:


As my consciousness slipped away, I felt something grab me by my neck. With whatever it was placing me on their back. I felt myself being carried away by whatever had found me. With near silent flaps of wings the last thing I heard, before I finally fell into blissful unconsciousness.

Rest now, My warrior
Rest now, your hardship is over

Timberwolf: *looks offscren* "This world is rated E, is he allowed to say those words?"

Director: *flips through script, shrugs*

Timberwolf: "Well okay then..."

Seeing as my chosen location was stuffing myself in a corner to eat my cake in peace, I had no problem staying near the sides of the party that was going on. Of course almost immediately after I got stopped by one of the fillys that the pink mare had said come with some of her friends.


That's all.

Yay! An update! I have been waiting quite a while for this. Did something happen? Or do your chapters usually take this long? Maybe it's just me since I am on this site reading almost every day. Anyways, I hope everything is going well!

Finally an update and even better it's an amazing one :twilightsmile:

Heh, Angel seems to like him!
Scoots isn't in the picture yet, huh? So the CMC aren't yet formed. Wonder how he'll react to learning he needs a free butt tattoo you have to discover?
At least things are stable, rocking the boat right away could be fun but for now we get to focus on not being ousted as an alien...
Keep going! ;)

Glad to see an updoot. Hope to hear from you more. This chapter, while a bit brief, was good. :)

Ah Monopoly. Likely the best friendship ender you could name in non digital space.

(Well... Angel's going to be annoying. Hardly a surprise really.

With that said, I like that he's getting along with ponies. That they played the pony version of Monopoly is nice, I rather enjoy that game. And, now, he's living with Fluttershy! ... I can see many, many different ways that could go poorly.)

Apparently I lived with a Disney princess now. All that was missing was that she was a great singer and we were golden.

Heh. Fluttershy is a Disney Princess. As funny as that would be, I'd prefer if Disney didn't get their clutches on MLP.

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