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Purpose fulfilled and second life fully lived, a Guardian lies down to die one last time. Sadly for him, his dirt nap is interrupted by a multiversal hiccup (which conveniently fixes itself almost immediately) that leaves him stranded in another reality with nothing but a small box of stuff, his fashion sense, and a friend.

Fortunately for everyone but the readers, this isn't an adventure and our lovely ex-protagonists get to take a well deserved break from facing down the cosmic horrors and eldritch abominations of an increasingly stressful reality.

Unfortunately for everybody but the readers, the sudden appearance of a being equivalent to a god tends to cause some ripples.

And no, I'm not explaining all the little Destiny details sprinkled into this. I'm too tired for such refined, principled, drawn-out writing.

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 83 )

This looks fun! You’ve captured the “I don’t really want to be here” and “must be Tuesday” attitudes from Ghost and Guardian respectively, so I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Thanks! This ain't anything too serious, so, should be a nice read once it's finished.

Though there's no guarantee when I'll have more published. Kinda one of those stories you'd check up on every month or so, y'know?

I’ve got this tracked, so I’ll see more when there’s more. :yay:

When do we get to the part with new loot? Iss Gjallarhorn gonna make an appearance?

Both are excellent questions which I will not answer at this time.

DAMMIT, WE WANT BALLERHORN also are there any custom exotics you created for this story?


I don't plan on having a need for any exotics.

Not yet, anyway. So, no. No exotic guns, swords, bows, or armor bits.

...Was that the Ace in the box?
*squints suspiciously*

Works for me! Looking forward to more interactions.

The guardian is an alicorn isn't he?

No, he's a Hunter main.

That is a beautiful word.


Also, if he is a Hunter main, then can he switch classes?

Given lore implications, any Guardian could if they practiced enough.

I'd like to imagine that being ponified would broaden the range of any given Light abilities to fit a new form. One can hardly pop a Golden Gun without hands, and the vast majority of Hunter supercharges revolve around empowering a handheld weapon of sorts (guns, knives, bo-staves, throwing knives, bows, etc.)

If he needed to demonstrate a show of force in a combative/defensive scenario, The Guardian would likely have to adapt to more elemental/physical strategies that Titans and Warlocks employ (such as punching, headbutting, and shooting death from one's limbs like a Sith Lord on steroids.)

On the topic of magic, he hasn't figured out he can do stuff with his horn, and thus doesn't know jack squat about levitation and telekinesis spells, so, the standard Hunter supercharged arsenal is less then useful. The perks of these abilities, however, would still apply (enhanced speed, flexibility, survivability, and invisibility, each respective to whatever ability is being used.)

And, getting back to the question of changing classes, unless he really needs to put up a big purple bubble of nope, slam down a glowing circle of not die, or engage in mass destruction of literally everything in the immediate vicinity, he probably wont.

Ah, ok. When will new chapters be up?

Also, if I were him, I would miss the two bigass purple knives that you can shank people with

This is fantastically done, I hope you continue working on this as I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

Things seem to be going along nicely......for now.:pinkiecrazy:

By the way he is acting he is probably rather old and is enjoying what could be his last moments on earth before he succumbed to his old age.

More this this stories good:pinkiehappy:

They laughed. Things seemed to be going well.

They laughed. The innkeeper laughed. Yhe table laughed. They stabbed the table.

It was a good time.

I love this. Hope it continues!

The Guardian, finally noticing the stares, just stared back innocently confused. What'd he do wrong?

I'm loving the story so far, and this just cracks me up. Amazing work, cant wait for more.

Comments like yours are almost literally fuel.

So, please believe me when I say t h a n k y o u
it means a lot, and is very nice to read,

Oh it's so rare to see a Destiny crossover fic, rarer still to find one this good that is still updating! I especially love how the guardian is depicted as having JUST been "The Guardian" and "The Ghost" instead of giving them a defined background and name.
Anyways, I'm loving this story! and I hope you're having fun writing it!

I need moar! No seriously, I love this story, I love the slight melancholy vibes that the Guardian exudes, I love how this isn't just another 'lost in the Everfree until coming across Ponyville' H.I.E., and I love how you have been writing the characters!

10/10, would selfishly cry out demanding moar of this great content again

I like to think that our guardian is just a badass that has just seen and done everything and that's why your the first on the field. Like hes been through all the raids and has mastered classes. When I switch characters in destiny I mostly feel like our guardian is just changing his armor to better suit what hes doing rather than being a different person. I mained hunter year 1 and now I main warlock.

Yeah, that's the kind of approach I try to aim for. The cloak being a consistent thing is more of a fashion choice over a class statement. One would imagine THE Guardian to have a little more variety in their Light usage.

Still, any specific details I put into The Guardian in this story are little personal sprinkles. I know I can't write a character as vague as The Guardian and really pull it off, so, I'm just writing based off of what I know from in-game givens and personal interpretations.

black garden dreams? maybe? seems like the garden left an impression, that or his new found dreams are reminiscent of the garden. either way interesting read for sure! :pinkiesmile:

Really in love with this so far.

OEM needs to get nerfed

oh boy so the guardian is finally slowing down eh? no more killing no more struggling to stay alive and he finally has time to let his thoughts wander and so the dam chips away.
anyways, love these chapters! short sweet and chock full of character development for our once blank slate of a guardian!

I hope The Guardian gets much needed rest and relaxation.

Well now, this is quite different from the usual Destiny stuff I've seen. And unlike a lot of the older discontinued ones, I hope you continue this.

Usually it's just some pre-defined Guardian that comes in as a human to Equestria (because guns need hands), or brings ponies to the City, but this is one of the few that ponify the Guardian in question. It's actually rather nice, I've been looking for a story more like this for a while now.

Usually sci-fi crossovers like this usually end up with one side being in awe/terrified and the other being ridiculously OP (looking at you Mass Effect/Halo crossovers). Now, not to say that it's a bad thing, especially with how you've shown the Light here thus far, but even in Destiny that was very much the point, and it rather fits here.

I like how you've put in a mix of the lore writing styles, from the silly to the cryptic, and the typical Guardian attitude of just giving both fingers to the Black Garden doppelganer a few chapters back. I mean skipping the cutscene when replaying the mission is practically the same thing, isn't it?

You've got me interested with the intention of not turning this into a typical action-y curbstomp against all threats type of story, but on the other hand, Destiny is built around that. The Guardian is getting his cabin out in the woods, so does the shenanigans come to him? Or the other way around?

I've always been a lore nerd, so personally, I'm hoping to see more Light related stuff and the cultural things like the City's culture and Ahamkara and all that cool stuff interacting with Equestria...somehow. I mean, if it's just exposition all the time it gets rather boring doesn't it? Like as I'm sure you know whether we wanted it or not - you know the rest.

Honestly. I'm looking forward to doing that when I'm much older and I don't know why.

Thats nice to know

And no, I'm not explaining all the little Destiny details sprinkled into this. I'm too tired for such refined, principled, drawn-out writing.

So does this mean we'll need to know about Destiny in order to understand this story?

huh, I was fully expecting an alicorn body but now i'm interested to see where this goes

I dunno, maybe. I've been trying to keep the blatantly Destiny things on the low, but there'll be names and events mentioned briefly that might not make sense the first time they're mentioned. Exposition is a lovely tool, but too much of it does get tiresome.

I love how nonchalant the Guardian is about exploding apart by a sneeze.

Sounds like you had fun with this chapter, I know I had fun reading it!

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