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"Some people just need a high five....in the face....with a chair"


One moment Henry was helping his odd friend, the next he was being electrocuted then he blacked out.

Now in a world he doesn't recognize, one full of colorful ponys, he tries to figure out what happened, why hes now a small yellow filly, and how to get back home.

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I kinda hope the lighting is temporary because having a op main charecter isn't fun for me to read


It's not really op, he can't control it, if anything it's the opposite of op since it does more damage to himself than others when it occurs

Cole McGrath from the infamous series. It was a reference.


Oh....yeah I didn't get that, does he have lightning powers?

yea but I do hope that henry embraces his new life as a filly

than I guess I'll have to make her like me’

bad rainbow get those thoughts out of your head

She didn't know what they would do to her if they found out she wasn't actually from this world, maybe banish her far away, or lock her in a dungeon, or even kill her, she was hoping for the other two rather than the ladder.

Ah yes, Celestia with a ladder is quite a terrifying thing.

i look forward to the next chapter

Somehow your typos make a scene hilarious. Fan-art is now needed of Celestia with a flaming ladder.

I’ve by now hit another of your story’s with a comment. Don’t worry you’ve gotten a lot better with writing since you’re first story, a small typo is a easy fix.


I should get a proof reader

well the story is takeing a while to update

Why is this story under 'updated' on the front page, but there is no new chapter?

My guess accidental publish

Oh, that happened to me once too, that is annoying. At least this guy didn't get death threats for accidentally doing it like got.

needs a editor there is a lot of places where the and a are missing

More of this please

A black and yellow dress on a yellow and black pony she must of looked like a bumble bee

Why isn't there an OC tag?


Buzz buzz its spring and summer wear

If there was less Violence, I am not implying that there should be less violence, then this could almost be a slice of life story. Also, did your writing improve a lot in the last two chapters, or is it just my imagination?


It probably has since I have been more focused and catching my errors better

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