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I used to have everything. A good job, a house, and a family. It was all taken away from me in an instant. I thought I could handle the grief alone, but I signed a contract that changed everything. When I was told I would get a second chance, being a pony was not what I had in mind.

In this story follow a man suffering from grief as he gets more than what he bargained for. Would you trade emotional for physical pain to run away?

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Interesting start will stay for more just to see where this goes.

Definitely an interesting start, will be fun to see where the story goes.

The God FIM Fiction of FIMFICTION.net approves.

Waking up in a strange world, in a lab, with an alien who speaks your language?

"Into insanity we go."

That's more like it.

Analysing... Wife and kids, taken or left? 🤔
Well at least we're not starting on the trope of "I got a sucky job and have no friends and family is nonexistent."
But we wonder what he's leaving behind? Perhaps it's not so important, that contract said he would no longer be emotionally attached to the old world...

Post-Ascension, pre-tirek. A good period.
Seems the transfer induced more heat than normal, wonder what was left in his place?
Keep going! ;)

Bravo, writer. Bravo.


One speaker, one paragraph. Don't lump more than one speaker's dialogue in a paragraph.

Whoops, I didn't catch that when I transferred it. It was just that one instance right?

Comment posted by DovahkiinMaster deleted Jun 9th, 2020

This is and interesting start, can't wait to see where you take it!

Since I found this in the "human turned filly/colt" section, I assume that he is going to turn into a foal later on. I hope it's a colt! There are too many human turned filly stories. Human turned colt is better in my opinion but you do you.

Go Beyond! PLUS ULTRA!

Twilight: "Don't touch horns, they're sensitive!"
Charlie: "Oh gosh, this bump here is really sensitive!"
Everyone: "Oh dear... 😱"

Perhaps it's a good thing they overdosed him a bit, this next part is going to hurt. Wonder who the pony DNA came from, is it a not-so-instantaneous result of the apparently-botched dimensional transport? The EQG one does it seemingly less... eh, harmful, so maybe this one was underpowered and so mishaps resulted?
Now Charlie, if a pastel unicorn asks you to go to Candy Mountain, RUN!
Keep going! ;)

“Charlie, a terrible fate has befallen you.”

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

"Thank you Red... anything you recommend?"

*flashbacks to scp 3001*

"Alright, I have some water for you." The yellow flying horse wafted in. "I'm going to hold this for you okay." She held the glass with her hoof. I was definitely ignoring that for now. She held the glass near my mouth and tipped the glass. The water was refreshing, and It felt like the pain meds were starting to kick in because the throbbing was subsiding.

Oddly, this brings to mind part of an episode of the Three Stooges cartoon series.

"Nothin' beats water. Now I just need food. Food, I need food. I'm a'starvin' to death.":ajsleepy:
"Our menu, sir.":unsuresweetie:
"I don't care. Bring me anything.":ajsleepy:
"How about some stew?":unsuresweetie:
"Here you are, sir - oops! Hey, you fathead! There's a hair in this stew. Get it out.":ajbemused:
"Well, of COURSE there's a hare in there! What do you expect? After all, it's rabbit stew.":flutterrage:
"Yeah! You just can't please some people!":twilightangry2:

Love it so far! Added to my read list.


WAZUP LUNA! :rainbowlaugh:

Triage returned with a syringe and inserted it into the IV. She pushed the plunger down and watched Charlie carefully. Charlie’s thrashes and muffled screams died down until a few slight groans escaped. His head lolled to the side and everything went quiet. Triage didn’t waste any time before examining his forehead.

Personally? It took four people to hold me down long enough to give me a shot when I was a kid.

I like this. Please, continue.
Also... Luna, just... Luna :rainbowlaugh:

Fast action on the knockout, combined with the painkillers from before... Fever dream here we come! Time to meet Best Princess!

Thank you for the positive feedback. What if I told you this was my first fanfic?

I would be glad that you had the courage to write. It's hella cool, like this fic. Good job on it thus far.

interesting. cant wait to see more

He said with practiced concern.
(New paragraph)
I put my face in my hands and let out a sob. "That's just it doc, I don't have anyone left." I stifled a sob as the grey-haired man continued.

"No,(——" I said curtly while shaking my head.

"Well Charlie, I'm afraid that's all the time we have for today. Same time next week?" He asked, smiling weakly. I nodded slowly, staring at my feet. "And Charlie?" he said expectantly, waiting for me to make eye contact. I looked up with a blank expression.

Couldn’t help but think of this when I read ”Charlie” in that paragraph.

Thinking about cooking was a far off notion.

My first story on a site like this. Please pm me if you see any mistakes! I'm open to constructive criticism.

I don’t do pms. I write as I read.

"Spike, what's next on the list?" Twilight stopped and looked back at her dragon assistant expectantly.

Expect visit from Fluttershy.

"I want this book re-shelving to go as planned this time.(——"

This whole time Spike was just standing behind Twilight watching quietly with his jaw open.

"You must be starving! I'll go get some...ummm,(——" She trailed off.

"Okay Charlie,(——" Triage looked up at me and smiled.

It should be done in the centrifuge soon and we can take a look at the results."
(New paragraph)
Triage looked at Twilight. "You're really having fun with this aren't you?" Twilight smiled sheepishly.

"Interesting. I'm also seeing two different variations of erythrocytes.(—— Twilight, are you sure the blood sample hasn’t been contaminated?” Twilight shook her head.

"It means you have pony DNA." Twilight elaborated incredulously with a look of shock.

Just then my head felt like it was splitting open.

Yeah I figured he was growing a unicorn horn.

“What’s the matter with you! Can’t you hear me!” I tried to grab my wife’s arm but to my dismay it goes right through.

“I am merely changing the scenery.” She said in a smile. Everything went black with no trace of the airport left. I looked around in awe, my mouth agape. As if we were in a watercolor painting, the world around began to splash with colors. There were a lot of purples and dark blues. I could see some magenta and some dark green in there. It was a beautiful sight to behold. The moon was splattered into the sky with a light white-yellow casting a faint light onto us, lighting up the area.

Reminds me of

“So…” Luna began “What kind of tea do you prefer?” She asks nonchalantly.

“I’m glad it is to your liking.” Luna watched me with anticipation before taking a couple of sugar cubes and honey and putting it into her tea. “Now that we have a proper setting, I can formerly welcome you to Equestria.” Her face went neutral as she took a sip and then placed the cup back down with her jingly aura.


Aww, so you aren't going to make him a grey on grey unicorn whose sole purpose is to be harrased by a blue and a pink pony all the time? :trollestia:

“Ahem.(——” She cleared her throat.

“In the waking world,(——” Luna began,(—— “you are being treated for severe burns in Twilight Sparkle’s laboratory, in Ponyville, in the land of Equestria.” She said looking at me to gauge my reaction.

“Charlie…” Luna said softly.(—— “We will do everything we can to bring you back to your family.”

The speech bubbles seem to have stopped.(——

Comment posted by Shinigamimirror deleted Jul 11th, 2020

Ooooooooooooooo. I await the next chapter. Well written! :heart::pinkiehappy:

Yes, not only is the dimensional alignment syncing such that return is impossible, now we need to avoid talking about home because of who's not in it...
Keep going! ;)

I wonder what good ole Dissy has to say about the lad.

“Spike, it’s an advanced teleportation spell… possibly inter-dimensional. All we have on inter-dimensional travel is theories. Not even Starswirl was able to come up with a reliable inter-dimensional teleportation spell. Nopony in Equestria has successfully done that!” Twilight was nearly yelling.

Ahem maybe not in Equestria but in the Crystal Empire there is.

How there used to be ancient humans in Equestria until some cataclysmic event banished them to another realm.

Yeah that happened way back in Greek mythology about 3,000+ years ago.

:facehoof: oh discord, ya done goofed

Llyyyyrrrraaaaaa! What did you DO?!!!??!
Silly BonBon, why are you remembering twice why you love Lyra's obsessiveness?
Good idea to ping Discord for help, but let's hope Twilight doesn't fly off the handle with accusations.
Keep going, ;)

Thanks for pointing out that redundancy!

“ Humans: Myth or Legend ” Twilight read out loud. Twilight’s left eye twitched. “Spike this is one of those books on mythological creatures. There’s no science here.” Twilight glowered at Spike. “We don’t have time to waste on theories and heresy.” Twilight huffed.

Super Naturals, Twilight. Read it. :ajbemused:

I must be getting desperate. I don’t have time for this!

Solution in four words.

How there used to be ancient humans in Equestria until some cataclysmic event banished them to another realm.

Maybe the humans got banished the same time the alicorns disappeared.

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