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Coming to you live from inside my twisted mind!

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I'm always looking for new music. Got any favorite songs? Let me know and, if I like them, I'll give you credit here and a free follow!

You wanna know about me?

Not much to say really. Brony (Duh!), gamer, writer, overall great guy, and programmer (Particularly C# and JavaScript). But you people are here for the juicy stuff, am I right? So, how about this? You wanna know something, ask away in the comments below. I won't outright answer some questions though. Well, maybe not without a snarky or witty comment. But some basic things can be found scattered on the rest of my page. So go! Explore this admittedly terrible page! Read a story or two! Do whatever your heart desires!

Favorite Games... Figure Them Out Yourself!

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The True Princess

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Thanks for the favourites on Cards Against Starlight and Cards Against the Princesses!

Thank you for the favorite!

Ding! We have a winner! Bloodborne it is!

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