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Humans turned to filly/colt stories here! Anybody who enjoys are likes writing these type stories can join!

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Cool, I look forward to reading it.
As for

The only reason I got two chapters up so quickly is because I was able to write the second in the time it took to approve the story.

I recommend sitting on each chapter for at least three days. Reread the previous chapter, then the draft your considering to post, a few times, over a few days. This gives you time to see if a better angle comes to mind, before setting it in stone.

For example, in the story I'm working on, the second chapter originally unfolded in a completely different way. Trixie traveling through a wood, hears singing and leaves the path to investigate. Walking through a field of scattered statues she meets a handsome stallion sitting by the lakeside combing his mane. Her first meeting with the Fae or Faerie.

It was a strong chapter, well written, nothing wrong with it at all. But after sitting on it a few days I realized that I had typecast Fae. Starting him out portraying him as a villain, limited what I could do with the character. I wanted to have him take full advantage of the ridiculousness that comes from gender roles in the RGRE stories. So I scrapped the "Absolutely fine" chapter and rewrote chapter 2 from scratch. I avoided the serious slant and went with a more lighthearted approach. (Now I'm absolutely stuck on chapter three.)

My advice is to give each chapter a few days because it can give you the chance to find not only writing flaws, but plot or characterizations that may affect you down the road.

Advice from a hack 😏

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I’m working on a “human turned foal” story that has yet to be approved. It does delve into themes of losing everything, but I don’t want to focus entirely on the new foal’s grief.

I'm looking forward to reading it. I'm never one to tell an Author not to write something because every writer can pull off a real gem, even first time writers.

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and I can’t help but notice how blasé the protagonist seems.

See, I'm the exact opposite. I get so tired of reading the thousands of stories where the OC wines excessively about his family. Often this goes on for far too many chapters.

I'm sure a lot of you have seen my comments over the years, I'm very nice to Authors and try to be constructive, but there was this great story that was being ruined. I had to say something because we were sixteen chapters into the story and the guy was still whining about his mommy. No joke. I agree that there should be some mention of it, but it's been beaten too death here. It's the same with the sex-Phobic main character. Do we really need this many stories where this is the OC?

I see where you're coming from, but honestly, when I listen to a new story here and this is completely left out, I'm pleasantly happy. I just think I'm burned out on it.

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I'm writing 'anon into a filly' story. I think this is a right place for it.

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Kinda cool. I never knew this group was up. Now I wished I used the idea on my story.:derpyderp2:
Oh well.... maybe after I finish my curent one, I might write one to add to the group. Until then, on my off time I'll read some here. :twilightsmile:

shit I thought there would more stories about changing into a foal but i'm wrong it seems.

363078 Four, four comments, ah ha ha. :pinkiehappy:

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