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I love pones.

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Alright then. I'll send a full idea later

Well, I wish I had enough skill and motivation to write many stories within a short period of time so I could listen to all of the requests but as you can see I've written not that much and it is NOT because I have no ideas. I have a lot of them. What I don't have is time to implement even a fraction of those ideas. So piling me with them won't help. It's always better to have a good grasp on one idea than many conceptions that lead nowhere. And it's your job to get me interested if you want me to write about it. Because a single word 'hypnosis' does nothing to me. It all depends on the context.

P.S: you could consider following me if you've decided to ask for a request. Not that it will change anything. Just saying. :derpytongue2:

You never did answer that question about the idea involving hypnosis.
Or at least I don't remember you answering it.

It's all good, man. Just letting you know.

sorry, fixed.

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