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Foalmance is for general audience stories and discussion on the subject of romance and relationships involving young MLP characters. M-rated stories and discussions are not permitted here. We intend for this to be a place everypony can discuss and read about foal relationships and relationship issues.

This is the only foalmance group which is SFW and excludes M-rated content. If you're interested in M-rated content, try one of the following NSFW groups:

Foalcon Punch! (contains only mature content)

Foalcon (includes both general and mature content)

First Sexual Experience (coming of age stories and discussions)


NSFW Images are not permitted on Fimfiction. If unsafe/explicit images or discussion are found, your post may be deleted. Disregarding this rule may lead to a ban from the group.

We also ask that Foalmance members mind the following rules:

1. Place all fics in all the proper folders.

2. Feel free to discuss whatever you like, but keep it SFW and civil or the thread will be locked or deleted.

3. Only fics involving foalmance (romances involving foals) are permitted in this group's folders. Fics not belonging in the group will be removed.

4. Spamming in the forum or group comments is against site rules and will be reported before being deleted.

0. Again, this is a Safe-For-Work group. Please keep thread topics SFW. Even though they may often deal with sexual themes, threads should avoid focusing on fetishes or requests for NSFW stories. These topics are invited instead at Foalcon Punch!

Repeat rule breakers may be banned from the group at our discretion. Please follow these rules and enjoy your stay!

- The Foalmance Admins

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Thank you very much.

The discord invite is expired. Can we get a new one please.

Huh. Weird. I don't remember joining this group.

414380 the broken link was an intentional post. The thing is, he had been warned not to post certain things, even broken links. The broken link, once fixed, would have led to a site that the FiMfic staff says promotes pedophilia.

The reason I was given by the staff members I've spoken with is having to do with U.K. law. I suspect the real reason is the wishes of the advertisers.

408640 Was the broken link intentional or it happened by mistake? Because if it happened by mistake or the page got removed after he posted it, it's unfair for him to get a permanent ban for that. :fluttercry: :applecry: :raritycry: :raritydespair: :pinkiesad2: :fluttershysad:

that old inv timedout.
pass meh a fresh 1

For those of us who wish to hang out with out Dear Leader, who remains in exile to this day, there is a new Discord chat which he created.
Come join us! Flutterpony wants YOU!
Crusader Clubhouse (long lasting link)

Well okay then.

Ok... It has officially been over a week now, and the ban has not been lifted.
This depresses me, knowing that he may not be allowed to return. Especially since this is the only means that I had to chat with him.

I just want to curl up in a hole for a while...

408602 well, temp bans normally last either 3 days or a week. So, if he is still banned after 1pm EST tomorrow, then we'll have to consider the possibility that it was a permaban :fluttershysad:

408525 Hey yeah I've talked with him and he is still waiting for a reply from Knighty yet. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, darn real life getting in the way and whatnot :twilightsheepish:

408477 No word back from Flutterpony?

408463 I will do don't you worry :twilightsmile:

408459 Keep us posted when you hear more, please.

408459 last I checked, broken links were allowed. And that was from one of the site mods. I shall check the rules and see if there have been any recent changes

408451 I've spoken with Flutterpony and he is bringing up the case with Knighty since it was over a broken link, which I don't think the rules cover. As for how long, we are unsure, again this depends on any correspondence Flutterpony gets with FIMFiction staff. But don't worry I plan to run the group like normal till his return!

I would have liked to of left this message on his userpage but sadly he disabled the comments a while back and didn't enable them before his ban.

Fluttering got banned :fluttercry:
Anyone know the reason why, and for how long?

666 members.... Appropriate. XD

404727 Welcome! Glad you joined.

Flutterbelle is a pretty unique ship, which is one reason I chose it.

Yep. We have explicit permission to use broken links for NSFW content. If the group becomes mainly NSFW, then we have a problem, but the occasional mature link is alright.

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