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Cheesey Burger

I have a burger pone and he makes burgers. I just run meetups and write stupid stories that only make sense to like 3 people.

So you wanna know more about me?

So hey I'm Cheesey Burger, I'm from Manchester in England and I love video games and run my own local My Little Pony meetup group Manechester. I also find changelings very cute and so I make an effort to go and find good stories containing them.

As for what I do on this site? Well I help run the amazing "Foalcon" group, along with its more NSFW sibling, "Foalcon Punch!" Both were set up by Flutterpony, who created the great community we have on both groups. Sadly though he can't run those groups anymore. But I hope to live up to the standards he set and help our community grow even more.

As for writing stories on here? I dunno, I mean I get ideas and make notes, but I lack the focus on making those into finished stories. Maybe one day, but gosh knows when that will be!

I sure do love those Changelings!

Foalmance stories (SFW Foalcon)

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Thank you for the follow! Have one back!!

Thank you for the faves!!

2113285 well, hope you enjoy!

2113116 Oh well I read your story Native Belle a lil while back and while I loved it, faved, liked and added to my foalcon library, I actually forgot to follow you.

So now I've corrected that and I look foward to other fics you will write (Especially if they involve foals in love, doing loving things :rainbowwild:)

Thanks for the watch! May I ask why you chose to do so?

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