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One should never fear the night for one need simply look up to see the light

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My Favorite Song · 7:28pm Jul 6th, 2016

Just thought id let you guys that do follow me know just a little bit about my likes and dislikes starting with my fav song ever

With that I invite you to ask me about myself though beware I may not answer

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Oh where to begin ah i know.....

Im not the best writer while i might get good ideas i find it hard to put those ideas done on paper or computer. Most of my ideas I've had come in the form of RPs, Which if im being honest tend to skew massively from my idea very quickly and i have to pull it back in line heheh.



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Thank you for adding According to Plan! to your Read later bookshelf. We hope you enjoy it.

-Coco the Bearded:twilightsmile:

Thanks for showing interest in why she serves. Let me know what you think when you get around to it:raritywink:

Thanks for the fave

Thank you for adding my story "Dark Iron Kingdom" to your reading list. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding my story to your reading list:scootangel:! I hope its to your liking:raritywink:! A little heads up though, after it's finished, I may end up changing the title and rewriting the story sometime in the future. Just though it'd prepare you for that:twilightsmile:.

  • Viewing 35 - 39 of 39
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