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Well I love writing stuff. My OC: His name is Rough Ryder and he is the older brother to Scootaloo. No parents (implied Scoot is an orphan) I am a foalcon fan,


...I'm so proud of them... · 5:39am May 14th, 2016

I just watched Crusaders of the lost mark and... I'm so proud of the CMC.... They've fought for their cutie marks and even done things that made others realize the use of their cutie marks (Example: Troubleshoes)... If Ryder saw Scootaloo get her cutie mark (Which i now plan on writing soon after I plot something out) But for now... I'm so proud. Five seasons (most likely in Pony time a few years or something idk) and I just love everything there.

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Would you be willing to take a request?

Thanks for watching me!:yay:

Thanks for the watch, hun! I really appreciate it!:ajsmug::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

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