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Hello Everypony!

This group is made specially for those who are bullied cyber or real life. We are here to help don't be afraid come join and be our new friend!

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no, you just deleted criticism and called it bullying

Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted Apr 20th, 2018

Sorry that couldn't be larger ^^ I found it on my phone

Ah, why not? *joins* sup

I believe the first forum should be from the owner of the group.

394604 Hay it's a honor to stand up for such cause.

394589 Thanks for joining Wolfy!

394587 Thank you for being apart of hopefully a great friendship. This time I don't want equality among others. I want true friendships

I can back this up one hundred percent

I'm here against Cyber bullying. After being bullied through my entire life I am SICK AND TIRED OF IT! Cyber Hate is still hate,

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