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I am a writer who enjoys interacting with fellow Fimfictionists. Also like giving advice, FO:E, and many other things.


Story Approval Team Exposed? · 5:29am Jul 16th, 2016

So recently I've submitted a dark one shot piece to this site. I asked a handful of people to preread the story, all saying that it was good, except for some minor spelling and grammatical errors here and there. They could tell what the story is and what it revolved around, and were overall happy to read the piece.

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Hey, I got that whole thing about the "Blank Ensues" thing. Good advice for the future when I upload more.

2106678 Well, like I wrote before, I just returned from haitus. What you say about diminishing myself, believe me, I know what you mean, I realized it during that haitus. I'm still working on making my stories better.

2106675 Lol welcome pal. Just know that diminishing yourself cause of your story's reputation is not a way to go. If you need help, look at my second blog post. Who knows, maybe it could help ya.

Thanks for the follow :twilightsmile:

You did just as I returned from a long haitus I didn't announced :twilightblush:

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