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Gold Experience

I have a dream... where fanfiction does not have to consist of Mary Sues and terrible Grammar.


Busy busy busy · 6:46pm April 2nd

It has been far too long. I've been really busy with things now that i've moved to a new home and a new state. Still adjusting to the cold, but its not bad. As for my writing, i've been focusing on doing a commission for a friend as i am desperate for cash at the moment. That being the case, i've also been busy with a few personal projects that aren't MLP related; that being a fictional setting of my own creation... of which i'm half-tempted to throw our favorite ponies into. So its safe to

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I have a dream that not only Mary Sues and Gary Stues don't exist in fanfictions, but also when writters put a lot of effort to make original and interesting stories to give everyone their creativity.

It's called a Stand from Jojo's Bizarre adventure. Its name is Gold Experience Requiem.

Who is the thing in your avatar?

2256725 Indeed. It would be interesting.

I'd be surprised if we actually met in person.

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