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I have a dream... where fanfiction does not have to consist of Mary Sues and terrible Grammar.


Busy busy busy · 6:46pm Apr 2nd, 2019

It has been far too long. I've been really busy with things now that i've moved to a new home and a new state. Still adjusting to the cold, but its not bad. As for my writing, i've been focusing on doing a commission for a friend as i am desperate for cash at the moment. That being the case, i've also been busy with a few personal projects that aren't MLP related; that being a fictional setting of my own creation... of which i'm half-tempted to throw our favorite ponies into. So its safe to

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Indeed. Its good to be back.

I'm happy to see you're back again!

I watched Part 5 and I LOVE IT!

Hello, how are you doing?

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