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Here you'll find all the ships, adventures and life of our fave stallion Wonderbolt. Stories will be added to the according folders and are free to look at when you wish.

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my second fav character, but still need to see this:twilightsheepish:

One of my favorite ponies, I adore his dorky personality.:rainbowlaugh:

Random thought I had last night,
Soarin x Luna? Thoughts anyone?
I thought it was cute...
... Almost cute as dash. :raritywink:

I just have a question; Can I add a story that has Soarin as a side character, but still important to the plot? (No! Not that kind of plot!)

To any fellow Soarindash junkies: I just posted the first chapter of my new Soarindash story:

Piercing the Heavens

the third part of the Soarindash side plot in my timeline :rainbowkiss: Give it a look if you wish :rainbowdetermined2:

To my Fellow Soarindash junkies:

Justfinished the first chapter of my sequel to Head in the Clouds:

Flying Sky-High

give it a look :rainbowkiss:

Everything's bad, Mr. Walker.

344139 Is it bad I kinda agree?

Not a single soarin

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