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This group was made for one thing, and one thing only...


Look at this badass motherfucker!

That name, that flawless design. His mohawk is styled to such perfection, he has to make sure it's perfect every morning or else the skies will open up and spread unrelenting fire throughout the inferior manes of the lesser citizens of Ponyville.

He's so awesome, when he flies the air will crack, lightning will flash throughout the planet, houses that aren't bolted the ground will topple and be blown away by the winds created from his descent, and windows will shatter from the force of his takeoff.

With every flap of his wings, thunder will roar like the third coming of Nightmare Moon. Whoever hears his ascension will have their eardrums blown out through the back of their head.
(Note: All things said previously about Thunderlane are an exaggeration of his abilities and are not meant to be taken at face value.)

But seriously, Thunderlane is a great background/special character that deserves more attention throughout the fandom. He is a great flyer, and a serious contender for best pegasus stallion. After all, it takes an awesome pony to raise a colt (Rumble), be nominated for a spot in the Wonderbolts (Wonderbolts Academy), be made a lead-pony (also Wonderbolts Academy), AND be able to participate in the Equestria Games (Equestria Games).

So come on and join the Thunderlane group!

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Did somebody say "Thunderlane"? :)

Well apparently I joined forever ago and never noticed, that's ok though because I must agree. Thinderlane is a amazing background character, probably the best 'stallion' on the show, well, the list goes on about how amazing he is, there are quite a lot of stories now, but a lot more would be even better.
So, thanks for the group, and nice choice for the picture... one of my favorites too!

I saw "Look at this badass motherfucker!" and i joined, knowing the group contained all the elements for a badass motherfucker.


Easy decision to join.

370235 There was, but the guy who founded it hasn't logged on in forever. I'm trying to increase his popularity, only because he's my favorite background character, but I'm also writing writing fics with him in it, and I want them to gain prominence so other may be persuaded to post more fics of him as well.

Hooves up for Thunderlane! /)/)
Can't believe there wasn't a fan group for him! :pinkiegasp:

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