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The Bridge: Prisoners of War Timeline · 7:27am Jun 2nd, 2017

Red Thunder's Note: While Prisoners of War does follow a lot of events similar to that of The Bridge, there are major differences of origin and time that makes it its own section within the multiverse. One of the major ones being that of the Dazzlings' origins, relationship (they're sisters now) and how much earlier everything takes place compared to that of the Equestria Girls, Godzilla, and The

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Thanks a bunch for the fav!

1890117 I see that! You might stalk me! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

1889798 You're welcome! Hey, if you keep writing like that I might stal- I mean watch you!

1889775 Can't wait to read it. I'l make sure to keep an eye out.

Just like you, I am sick and tired of those fics. She may be the lesser threat and not as intelligent as the rest of them, but she is obviously still pretty malicious and evil herself and not some poor innocent victim of abusive friends/sisters/whatever. I'm not gonna go into detail as to what I think of her becuase that is a rant I could go on for hours, and you dont wanna read that. And the fact that you are in that mindset makes me even more interested in the fic.

Short version: I agree with you and i cant wait! :)

Thanks for adding You Can't Help Who You Love to your favorites!

  • Viewing 11 - 15 of 15
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