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Source Code, the pony from another planet... Planet Earth. He was once a game developer for a small indie game company that he and his friends made together. Now, a blue coated unicorn with a yellow mane, somehow finds his way into being tutored by Princess Celestia herself. He soon finds out about magic, and subsequently learns about how performing spells is grouped into three different groups. Rune Based Magic, as he soon discovers, is very close to his old hobby...


Will Source Code make a name for himself? Will he live life out like he had on Earth in a dead end job? How is he coping about being forcefully ripped from his comfortable, though boring, life on Earth?

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Interesting concept. Wonder how his arrival will effect the timeline. Also does he know the show?

On my bookshelf it goes for later ;)

Nice! It's rather difficult to find stories where characters have some sort of impact in them. I'm deeply hooked to see how this'll go :)

Ah, average to low power level... here comes optimization!

It doesn't look like it, since he required learning a bunch of basic information, and there has been no mention of any familiarity with any of the ponies he has encountered.

every time i write a HiE, i usually make the human unaware of the show’s existence, or in some bizarre world where mlp doesn’t exist, but is another realm of reality.

i, personally, have only seen one story that does ‘MC knows about MLP’ well is ‘Life Finds a Way’. And it’s because the MC kinda knows what happens, but not everything, and because of when the story takes place(on top of it just being a really good slice of life. seriously, it’s a slow burner done incredibly well).

One fic that I think does the MC knows about MLP well is "No, I Am Not A Brony, Get Me Outta Equestria!. The MC is aware of it from his roommate's obsession, but isn't into it himself.

The author has a few variant stories that explore different things happening, like the MC being turned into a pony. They are all pretty decent reads.

I can already sense the greatness coming from this story. This immediately goes in my tracking.

Interesting geography.

MC and Celestia just get thrown right into it. And she is taking it like a champ! Even as old as she is, finding out that the world is a part of a multitude would cause the best to experience some sort of existential breakdown.

“You… think my giggling is cute?” Celestia asked.

Source: Condition. Don’t get weird when student gets a crush on teacher.
:trollestia: : Meh. Won’t be the first or last time that’s happened.
Source: What? The weird or the crush?
:trollestia: : Mm, let’s go with the crush part. :raritywink:

I think I like this dynamic. Eccentric secret coltfriend of princess is as talented as he is clueless.

“Do you want to die?!” Celestia yelled.

Does this death include ‘by snu-snu’ or ‘by smothering from white juicy hot buns’? :rainbowkiss:

The story so far Intrigues me Nugget. Please keep writing MOAR chapters. :twilightsmile:

I really like the potential worldbuilding and the magic system ! Can't wait for more !

She did study up on the subject once; somepony had to help her brother score a date with… somepony. No, Twiligjt neve learnt who her brother was trying to date.

Twilight never learned*

This fic seems cool but you are kinda skipping over and resuming too much, that time skip could have been a wonderful introduction to the Mc's personality, his interactions with Celestia, and their relationship.

As it is now everything seems a bit rushed

I can't help but think of DeSinc because of the name. I can only imagine Source Code doing nonsense like, what was it again, Accelerated Back Hops and Prop Flying.

This radiates greatness untapped. But to be honest, feels kinda rushed? Yeah, rushed is a good description.
But then again at the beginning it's mentioned it started as a journal of sorts and memories do as memories do so this could be used as an explanation. Or I'm looking too into it...

i mainly wanted to use the first chapter to set up build up how magic is used. and because of how most of it was Source writing into a journal, that's why it is a bit rushed. the next few chapters are going to be a lot slower. I wanted this chapter in particular to be quick to try and get things started. excluding this particular chapter, everything's going to be a slow burn, almost, day by day story. almost day by day.

I hate to tell you this, but this isn't coding. This is scrabble.

When you code, you string words together to from a sentence of sorts, sure. But often you define your own words, or use libraries of words custom made by others which you can't really do here, and most importantly, the words are not ambiguous.

English is a garbage programming language. It's full of fuzzy, relative meanings, and double meanings, and context, and *homographs*! "Light" for a dumbbell is different than "light" for a battle cruiser is different than "light" for a beer is different from "light" as a noun. If you make a spell to "sow" a field, is it going to plant seeds? Or fill it with female pigs? Or plant seeds that grows into female pigs? Or all three?

English is context dependent so any spell is going to do different things in different contexts. Which would be fine if this were like, how Discord's chaos magic worked (which would be a neat premise), but this is for standard, reliable, programming-like magic? I would be so pissed off at reality to find out that some jackass hard coded English into the laws of physics.

Average to Low power, but is Celestias, familiar, and knows detailed coding structures applicable to Runes?

If he can make sentences, is that reduced down to the 64 phonemes of a chessboard, which he can play with like a 6 dimentional Rubics Cube. Or at least Pinkie can, depends if he looks like the chess board as teh Soduku version of the surface or volume of a Rubics Cube?

Thing is though, is he old enough to remember self modifying code, before CPU makers started adding extra hardware to try and prevent it as, security? :trixieshiftright:

Interesting concept indeed. Work on it. Run it through spell checkers. I only saw one misspelling which could easily have been a single finger slip. Anything else grammer wise was a word out of place here and there, but otherwise far better then what I normally see for a first chapter.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Feedback for actual story/suggestions:
Extend scenes a bit. More details or interactions with said environment. It's the pillow red? The carpet blue? What was he eating? A bit standard sandwich or cheese and lettuce with tomato? or could you go into detail?
Add more details to the environment. What room are they in? What room did they enter? Name the rooms and describe it once then refer to it by name so you don't need to describe it every time they visit it. Never assume the reader knows what the room looks like from the source materials.
Make it more clear who is talking to who. This can be done by adding a characters reaction to said sentence or following it up with a speakers action during/after.
Good work on this either way!

Again those are suggestions. Sorry I ranted a bit. I want you to succeed. I can't wait for more.


The same jackass that hard coded the American English language into the character sequence of the source code stored on the computer memory instead of some arbitary tokenised machine standard that gets translated to the screen according to local preferences whenever that source is viewd?:trixieshiftright:

Good chap, but... You keep explaining far too much, just write the character doing the thing you don't need to explain why he did it, we'll know.

Honestly for it only being the second chapter it’s probably a good thing he’s doing it, for now, so we understand his OCs mindset.

I meant this:

I felt her wing move up and down my back as the world outside the alleyway began to fade away. Celestia didn't make any sudden movements, or even spoke. She just laid down, so that I could as well,

The text in bold, What’s wrong with that? a pony willing to lay down in the street sets up a whole different scene than a pony standing over someone to comfort them, especially somepony as large as Celestia. It shows she’s willing to get down to his level.

... Are you dumb? This is a genuine question are you dumb? I put the text in bold, I'm showing that we as the readers don't need the explanation as to why she did that, unless you are wrong in the head you should be able to understand the meaning of a simple action.

Our man is a little dense but... aren't we all?

No just confused. :twilightsmile: How would I know Celly laid down and then he did right after if author didn't write it down? I would have assumed she just stayed standing there awkwardly which is a whole different situation... Im no mind reader :twilightsheepish:

love it!!!!

After reading Man in a Pony's World which has a awesome ending with Zipp, i cant wait for this story to be epic as well!!!!

Celestia, I know you know what pony flirting is while Source doesn’t, but he had sauce on his face and you went for a kiss on the forehead? :rainbowderp: That’s where the horn is. :facehoof: Can’t always walk that line between sauce and horn, princess. :duck:

I hope we get to see this intense scene of mini golf.

Very fun story, author!!

celestia purposely withheld a few... pony courting rituals from source. I have a scene planned for the next chapter, and it will probably be source losing his shit over what is actually happening.

I got an epiphany while drunk, the best kind of epiphany, as your system of magic is quite interesting. Wonder how adding attributes to spells would work. For example, adding Holy before fire or light.
Will our knowledge, belief, or just plain association have any influence on the spell we cast?
For example, would "smite" have any light/holy attribute as we oftentimes associate this word with divine punishment?
Would "fire" used to light a campfire have any effect on it, if in our mind we associated this fire to the fire of the hearth?

Celestia actually took all my job applications and said she would be distributing them to all of my potential employers. “So, any process on your Runes?” Celestia asked as we sat down at some random cafe. I had ordered a weird pastry thing, since Celly was ordering it, and a sugary coffee. Because my friend is a psychopath, she got a black coffee for herself.


All I’m going to say is that I hope you don’t switch to a Luna romance. I am liking this focus on Celestia and Source Code.

I thought our guy was going to really grind it into that guard by asking steadily increasingly more embarrassing questions about different pony body language signals until the guard thoroughly wished he’d never asked in the first place… :rainbowlaugh: “okay, okay, but what if a pony does all that plus uses a hoof like this..? What would that mean?” :trollestia:

“Yeah dude. Despite how you suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and are really good with magic, you’re so… nonchalant at it. It’s cool to see somepony to never flaunt how good they are at their special talent.”

What... Does appearing out of nowhere has to do with being cool?

She’s going to have to make sure he knows that he won’t need a job now; he’ll officially be her consort, even though they aren’t married yet. So he’ll be living in the castle, likely in her quarters, where all his needs will be taken care of. After all, Source Code was seemingly stressing over getting a job if his huge pile of job applications were saying anything about his view on having a job or not. Perhaps she can give him a job in the castle if he still desires to work, even if working is entirely pointless for him.

Stay at home stallion:rainbowlaugh:

Dang you know the MC is dense when Twilight figures it out first.

I take it the Guard that won the pot was the Changeling disguised as the bush? just being Idol? :trollestia:

Eh, Alicorn Hood or not, if he gets better at rune magic he should be able to lengthen his lifespan.
Constant buff granting permanent regen, stealing vitality from trees, creating clones and moving your essence, creating respawn mechanic (Something like Last Breath or Reincarnate).
But well, it all depends on whether he becomes an alicorn before then for one thing or another or even wants longer/eternal life.

Additionally, somehow I see him creating respawn spell only to enable suicidal behavior

IDK Nugget. Hiver was able to do the slow burn on Blank Page and SunButt for quite a few stories. If not for the fun of messing with Cadence. :trollestia: But I can see that this may get interesting soon.

Will Source bring out more of Trollestia's side out will be the Bigger Question? :scootangel:

Can we pls skip the guessing and come to the conclusion that this Guard is Shining Armor?

At least her stallion plays the part; mares are usually the dominant sex in most heterosexual relationships after all.

IMHO; Overall wimpiness and that bit particulary doesnt sit well for me sadly.
However i do like magic inventions and also i do hope that MC will gain some balls in the future events. Aftel all 'character' is a part of 'main character'.

leave it to conditioning to this little belief in equestria

“I do believe that we all can move on? You three are lucky that attempted robbery only results in a few days in the dungeons. And you three are even luckier that my student isn’t fully innocent either. Now, go. Leave my student alone, because after this, if you try to mug Source, he is fully authorized to defend himself in any way he deems fit.” The earth pony nodded, before quickly grabbing the mare I had held a knife to, and started running. His other… The other mare ran off after them.

She just let them go? Bro what 💀

Yay update also Source and Tia are cute together

This chapter had me laughing, mostly because the meme i made in my head regarding this fic just grew bigger with what source explained about his past.

Now i can definitely see source just recreating JavaScript as a new kind of magic system and just recreating Minecraft entirely just for the fun of it

I wonder if using ambient magic to power spells is possible 🤔
For example, creating a siphon spell connected to a proper spell framework.
Or creating spell circles in the air instead of shooting them through the horn. But dunno how that would work.

Source in Ponyville? …that poor guy. :fluttershysad:

Oh, but he’ll go ape-sh1t on NMM when he learns Celestia gets disappeared. :flutterrage:

My magical butt tattoo might make it a lot quicker for me to do this, and decode spells, but that doesn’t mean

Where's the rest of the sentence?

“I’ll try to force down any thoughts I have about ending myself… for now. I ain’t gonna leave you alone-”

Oh dear.

Pinkies gonna have to Rick Roll him for messing that up. :pinkiegasp:

Python? Ow. At least in a pseudo sentient magical enviroment you can get away with that. Then again, my favourite BASIC worked by not interpreting at run time but transcoding to C then using standard mega class C compiler in the backend that the human operator needed to know Nothing about.

Sorry, I just dislike Python for its multiple levels of Implicit structure in an enviroment that is absolutely explicit in its definitions and expectations. That, and hiding Whitespace code in it is easier?

You only need 6 symbols to code in P Prime, and the In and Out instruction make it 8 symbols of a certain mindblowing programming language that holds the record for the smallest compiler? Under 256 bytes?:pinkiecrazy: That would be a very intresting Turing Complete subset of Rune magic.:rainbowderp:

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