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This story is a sequel to Man in a Pony’s World

extra chapters, extra bits in the lore, and sometimes just pure fluff with Bob the human and his pony friends.

Chapters (3)

Source Code, the pony from another planet... Planet Earth. He was once a game developer for a small indie game company that he and his friends made together. Now, a blue coated unicorn with a yellow mane, somehow finds his way into being tutored by Princess Celestia herself. He soon finds out about magic, and subsequently learns about how performing spells is grouped into three different groups. Rune Based Magic, as he soon discovers, is very close to his old hobby...


Will Source Code make a name for himself? Will he live life out like he had on Earth in a dead end job? How is he coping about being forcefully ripped from his comfortable, though boring, life on Earth?

Disclaimer: 'coding' id being used very loosely.

Chapters (22)

Richard ‘Bob’ Yortz, was halfway through highschool before he ended up in Equestria. Left with no other options, he spends a year as an elusive creature, stealing food and hurting ponies in order to survive. After catching the eye of Princess Celestia, he is shipped off to Ponyville with the chance to ‘redeem’ himself.

Chapters (34)

Stink Beatle, or drone 007, was a changeling of the Badlands Hive! Well, was, you see, his Queen is an idiot and a bit of a psycho. So instead of partaking in a stupid idea, like invading the capital of the strongest nation that Equus has ever seen, he left the Hive to live amongst ponies in peace… Yeah no, that didn’t happen either. He somehow winds up in Canterlot shortly after the invasion… In the castle, under a Princess’s wing.

Doesn’t this just put a hole in your leg?

Chapters (19)

This story is a sequel to Before the Night

A sequel to Before the Night. Bald Ostrich, consort and coltfriend to Princess Luna before her banishment, finds himself in modern day Equestria. Will the Royal Sisters remember him? Will adjusting to modern, Equestrian life be difficult for somepony who was once not a pony? This, is Dawn of a New Day

Chapters (8)

Bald Ostrich, was once a human. Now he’s a pegasus, in a land that looks eerily like medieval Europe. Will he find a way home? Will he even survive past a week? How will becoming the consort of the Princess of Night go?

And why is the Day Princess so wary of him? Also some old guy with a Beard is a massive asshole. What a dick.

Now it has a sequel

Chapters (9)

Fruit Punch, formally known as Mob, has ended up in Equestria somehow. No rhyme or reason to it. Oh by the way, he landed in the Great Galloping Galla, the first one since Princess Luna’s return... his presence may have fucked with the timeline a bit.

Chapters (41)