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Stink Beatle, or drone 007, was a changeling of the Badlands Hive! Well, was, you see, his Queen is an idiot and a bit of a psycho. So instead of partaking in a stupid idea, like invading the capital of the strongest nation that Equus has ever seen, he left the Hive to live amongst ponies in peace… Yeah no, that didn’t happen either. He somehow winds up in Canterlot shortly after the invasion… In the castle, under a Princess’s wing.

Doesn’t this just put a hole in your leg?

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Eyy, another story.

Edit: Also first

Later on, I bet that Twilight owns a apology.

It’s also about time that I just wrote something that is pure wholesomeness and fluff.

I think I am gonna really like this story.

AND, HERE. WE. GO!!!!!

So here starts a new story from ya Nuggy. :pinkiehappy:

Let's see where this rabbit hole will lead us.

My man Nugget giving us some of the best stories in the site. You keep going on my dude!

Oh I can tell I'm going to looooove this story. Can't wait for the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

You are lucky, back lefty, you live another day.

I get the impression he and back lefty have...a history, one that would require a whole other fic to explain just how deep that rivalry goes.

But back lefty knows what it did, and that's what's important here.

fun gamer fact:

i was originally gonna have Stink Beatle Bake Bean Celestia, but decided against it.


this story is alright so far, ive got a few issues though;
(spoilers for chapter one)

  1. MC feels like self insert (although this could just be me)
  2. the dialogue is a little meh but it's atleast not complete ooc
  3. the way MC meets luna and then brought to celestia is a little ridiculous
  4. speaking of ridiculous, the premises is even more so; it's not the most original as well, but it's fanfiction and not a best selling novel so i suppose it doesnt really matter
  5. MC introduces himself, talks about his thoughts and life in ponyville, then meets pinkie pie and twilight sparkle who immediately reveals him, instantly escapes, goes to canterlot?? and then meets luna, gets caught again then brought to celestia... all in the span of 3k words
    i appreciate you didnt cut it down into 1k word chapters per scene, but this pacing just feels a little too fast for me

this still still has potential though, hope the next chapters wont take too long

ps: you can only find the actual premises of this story (stinky eventually being the royal consort) from the short description, you should probably fix that

pps: you've got like fuckin 6 unfinished stories, it'll probably be a pain in the ass writing for 6 stories at the same time so i reccomend putting some them on hiatus for the very least

Not bad. A few logical inconsistencies though. You say at the start that he takes a brown coat and mane, but then talk about switching between yellow and blue. Also he says he got here last week and has worked two weeks here.

Welp... Luna staked her claim. "Dis is mah stinky! Der ah many like him! But dis stinky is mine!"

Bwhahaha. This fic is just the right amount of silly and dark humor. I love it.

Lol cute ending to this chapter

“Well, Mr. Stinky will not be adopted any time soon; he is mine. I found him, I get to keep him.”

Luna just told everypony to back off he's mine!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Guy has a real stream of consciousness approach to conversation.

I love how he acts so casual about his life as a changeling and to his situation that everybody else is just surprised to learn about changelings way of life it's so funny :rainbowlaugh:

This is hilarious, and cute, and dark, and just everything... I LOVE IT

I'm really loving Stink Beatle

“..Fine, I’ll go eat a rock,” before Luna could stop me, I walked over to a window and threw myself out of it to go find that rock.

Well... okay then, haha

"I doubt that Chrysalis would be so easily defeated after being launched across Equestria.”

Well, I dunno, it did take her another five seasons before she even tried again, so...

Yeah, but isn't the timeline between then like 2 or so years.

It's never made totally clear, but by the end of the show, I think the implication WAS that one season equated to roughly one year in-show. If so, then...about five years, give or take.

So some insight and some ha Haase eh?. Not bad for a chapter. Please make MOAR.

You’re not a slave Beetle. You are an unpaid intern.

“...What are taxes?” I asked. “When I was living in Ponyville, nopony knew where I lived, so I never got cool things like taxes… Is it like the equivalent of a changeling finding love, but the Queen demands to take almost all of it for simply being the Queen?”

For someone who had never heard of taxes before, he sure nailed it in one with his first guess. :rainbowlaugh:

“Her heart rate was going up, like a liar’s heart does when they lie"

You know, I've heard that's not actually a thing? Or at least not anywhere near as reliable an indicator of lying as it often gets spun as?

Which is only marginally better than slave, so...count your blessings, Beetle! :trollestia:

This is probably one of your best works here. Way better than the Bald Ostrich saga, no offense.

There is just way too much comedy and such in this chapter to properly comment one, so I will simply say: AMAZING

Now I can't wait to see where this goes after reading this chapter :rainbowlaugh:

The Sparkle here be a racist, murdering pony. :rainbowderp:

I think that she already owes one for that dissection comment. I have a feeling that her bad feelings about the wedding are going cause bad blood between them and the fact that twilight can be thoughtless when it comes to others feelings a lot of the time is going to be a big problem.

Another great chapter. And the next chapter seems like it's going to be really interesting

That being said, I kinda liked apples anyways. I just couldn’t eat a lot of anything, because that would probably poison me. After I ate one, I started feeling less empty, so that’s probably not good. Feeling empty is good; it means your stomach is full of emotions!

Umm so should someone tell him

Maybe if Sparkle asked nicely he could share stories of the Queen dissecting a drone. I’m sure its happened more than once.

No idea what gave you that impression.
The entire show takes place over the span of little more than two years.
S4E2 is the 1-year mark with the first Summer Sun Celebration since Luna's return,
S9E17 takes place the year after that. There's only one change of seasons between those episodes, so time skips with additional SSCs happening off screen is unlikely.
Keep in mind, at the end of the show (pre time-skip) the CMC's are still in elementary and Flurry and the Cake twins are still toddlers. They're literally yearlings.


No idea what gave you that impression.

Dialogue, mostly, and the implication that there were holidays that took place off-screen (pretty sure there was an instance of a holiday event being discussed in the past tense that was never shown on screen), as well as seasons due to said seasons not always being shown in logical order (e.g. it'd be fall one episode, then back to summer another, then winter in another, then back to summer, and so on). In short, going off of what solely appears on screen isn't necessarily the best indicator of the passage of time.

Probably the best indicator of all to me though (and what settled it once and for all for me) is in The Cutie Re-Mark, in the Nightmare Moon timeline, when NMM mentions that Celestia had been sealed away in the moon for "years," plural, STRONGLY suggesting more than two years had passed since that happened, and since it's a safe bet Celestia was sealed away in the moon in that timeline around the same time as the show's start, well...it's kinda hard to NOT want to assume it's been five or so years by that point in time, same with the show concluding it's fifth season.

Besides, it just can't be a mere two years--the yearly holiday of Hearth's Warming is portrayed on screen around five times during the course of the show (counting "Best Gift Ever," which must fit between seasons eight and nine), and often times WITHOUT showing other known yearly holidays (Summer Sun Festival, Nightmare Night, etc.) in-between. So that's at least five years, but there are probably other instances that took place off-screen. In the very first season, in fact, we are shown a winter season BUT no Hearth's Warming, but one must've taken place sometime off-screen during the space of time in that season of episodes anyway, and since we DO get Hearth's Warming in the very next season...

The ponies also do not mature like real-life equines, as we know Sweetie Belle is over five years old by series start. A real-life pony would be past full grown by then, but as she clearly is not, then assuming aging like a horse would be in grave error. The MLP aging system seems more akin to (roughly) that of humanity's.

And this is all mostly just going off of the top of my head and reviewing an episode list--if I were to review the whole show in detail, I'm quite confident I could come up with further evidence still.

So given all the evidence, it seems clear to me that the show's staff viewed it as roughly one year in-show to every season. It's at least the conclusion that makes the most sense given this evidence, as anything else is more of a stretch or just very inconsistent from season to season.

1. GO BOB!

2. Another amazing chapter!

Definitely another great chapter. Funny to see how Cadance is treating Stinky. Would've been funnier to see Shining Armor do that to Stinky too. I'm happy Bob was luckier in Ponyville than Stinky at least. I would've also loved to have heard how the Crusaders were after maybe eating more candy than they should have.

I’d like to imagine the tax evasion question came from Celestia, ominously thrown in at a random lull in conversation. She isn’t looking at Stinky when she asks it, instead singling out one of the elements as she stares unblinking at them. Tension is broken when Stinky gives a list of things he has evaded over the years and wonders if any of them are called taxes by ponies.

“..Fine, I’ll go eat a rock,” before Luna could stop me, I walked over to a window and threw myself out of it to go find that rock.

Man now I'm sad

You know author I know you like Luna but spread out a little, there are other women in this world!

“…Wait, you’re being stupid on purpose?” Luna asked, looking down at me.

Now the question is if he's ugly on purpose.

Them thieving CMCs stole Stinky's Money!!! :flutterrage:

Also Bob joined a herd!!! :pinkiehappy:

Will stayed tuned for more! :twilightsmile:

This whole chapter was fun and funny to read :rainbowlaugh:

She was spooky; I want my mother.


The next few questions were simple things, like if the holes in my legs hurt, how old I was, my hatchday, if I committed tax fraud, all that fun stuff.

It would be so based if the answer to question number three was "yes"

MOAR :flutterrage::heart:
This is beautiful. I love this.

CMC, I love you, but plsss give Stinky his money back (even if he doesn’t use it lol)

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