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This story is a sequel to Dawn of a New Day

A rewrite of New Horizons...

Bald Ostri, the stallion from the past! Once the consort of Princess Luna, the Slayer of Griffins, had just blown up the mothership of the Storm King's invasion Fleet and left Canterlot. With Chrysalis and Blaze in tow, he's leaving Equestria to explore the world!

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YES! Ostri is back and its amazing


YOO??? i thought that this series kinda ended lol
But I'm happy now.... Proceed>:D

Comment posted by Ketamine deleted May 12th

Yo, why did you delete "Not So Funny Story"? Will it be back at some point?

i delisted it. it just wasnt something i was proud of.

Cadence really needs to chew out her aunts. Lying treating him like some sort toy soldier yelling at him for saving everyone. Honestly someone needs to get their heads on straight and twilight and friends are too loyal to the princesses to see his point of view.

Are the fireworks small? I’m not sure how well they’ll adapt to a crossbow unless they can comfortably fit onto a bolt. Now, if he could modify a metal tube or two… :duck:

“I was a captain of the Lunar Legion, a dead branch in your army, Princess. That was… I believe it was phased out by the Lunar Guard if I am not mistaken. Plus, I’m defecting…

Plus, plus, I’m pretty sure Ostri reached his 20 years for military retirement 980-ish years ago. I think forced ejection from the standard flow of time counts as time served. :rainbowderp: So… princesses might have a large bill getting processed through the Royal Veteran’s Office for the back pay. :yay:


Isn’t that where the majority of Anons come from? :rainbowwild:

I am looking forward to this new road trip. I’m also excited about your not-so-nice Celestia’s scheming. Welcome back, Ostri!

If Ostri spent a more time with Fluttershy he could probably see that she is actually a kind pony and not that bad although with Twilight I kinda doubt it because of her undying loyalty to Celestia

Thank you Nugget for bringing Ostri back. This is the series that got me interested into your work. :twilightsmile:

Now We Need MOAR CHAPTERS!!!!!!

Y'know now that I re-read "before the night" and *dawn of a new day" I realized that Ostri and Shining didn't really get along and Shining tried to beat Ostri up the first and only time they met before this encounter

cadance told shining armor to behave offscreen xp

I assume with a rolled up newspaper and a mild amount of force

Idk but what Luna did and continued to do deserves a much much worse punishment but wean he tries to leave thay are all stupid Luna was my fave but not what she did chrysalis blaze and cadence are the top 3 every 1 ealss in there group is lower than a cockroach shining armor counts with cadence

A wonderful restart on Ostri's journey, and hey, a much more clear-cut explanation on the wedding necklaces, the war, and how petty people can be!
Little curious that no one from the equestrian side had the slightest reaction the the necklaces, most of all Cadence, would've thought there'd be some recognizable similarities in the 1000 odd years.

Also wondering how Rainbow, Applejack, and Pinkie might've reacted to the two-faced bullshit of their friend and/or rulers. The two sisters have tried every sly, underhanded, dishonest way to try to prise fealty outta' this man. In front of the public no less. And It's getting mighty pee'cue'lee'arr that no one's mentioned this geode's full of mud.

nobody recognized the wedding necklaces because Ostri and Luna never got married. trust me, somehow, someway, Celestia and Luna will track our little group down...

Cadance is going to blow up on their asses when this happens.

I'm curious as to why you are redoing the story from the ground up

The D'AWWW Levels are over 9000 on this date for being Cheesy. :yay:

I’m imagining Cadence behind an obviously fake bush on some roof that would never have a bush on it with comically large binoculars while drooling over the romance. :rainbowwild: lol

The bad princesses didn’t recruit Shining as a double agent, did they? I’d like to think Blaze would have picked up on that if he was… :duck:

I like to think that i've gotten better at writing since putting the original on hiatus. Having thst sudden jump in qaulity is a bit jarring

I'd like to imagine Blaze is also in said bush or a bush right next to it with all her tales poking out even though she is incredible at invisibility


And so begins the myriad misadventures of bald ostrich and his group......... All I can say is that shenanigans will ensue.

I like that AJ and Dash are both on his side. He’s a very honest and loyal person. Nice to see Pinkie being sane also.

Enjoying this rewrite. (Enjoyed the original too)

Damn Twilight. When 4 out of 5 of your friends are telling you to stop Twilighting and listen to reasonable common sense, maybe. MAYBE listen to them instead of the mentality unstable alicorn sisters that are constantly doing the Stupid to Ostri? 🤷‍♂️:facehoof:

Even discord was telling her to stop her shit xp

Twilight is a sycophant so of course she would listen to the Princesses and their insane logic over her friends.

Yeah and when discord acts the voice of reason its definitely time to listen.

You know stuff is messed up when Discord out of all people is being the voice of reason.

Discord is quite Honest in the show -if somewhat tricky with his wording. But here, he straight up lays it out, and Twilight still brushes him off. :rainbowderp: Dang, Discord. Sorry. :fluttershysad:

Crystal Empire might end up being the next superpower if Ostri gives them any economic or defense advice. That would really stick in Celestia’s craw. “W- what do you mean the stock market crashed? How can our currency devalue overnight! And that Crystal Money hasn’t?” :rainbowlaugh:

Man Twilight is going to get a seriously good earful from Ostrich and by then it will be too late for her to undo what she choose to do the same thing can be said about Princess Luna and Celestia for making Twilight do this in the first place.

And of course twilight never learns to take a hint. When the troublemaker says don't do this maybe you should consider his words.

How long do you think its gonna take till Ostrich nukes Canterlot, I give it 10, no 5 minutes tops

...I can see why now Ostri thinks that The Sisters are full on whorses, and now he has to deal with the Purple Derple.

It seems he can only have a few hours of peace before fecal matter hits the rotation oscillating unit. :facehoof:

I am now patiently waiting for Ostri to just beat the ever loving shit out of Twilight.

*Ostri pulls down his Ray BansTM as he watches a huge mushroom cloud form as Canterlot and Mt. Cantor are completely destroyed* :eeyup::moustache:


Time to turn twilight into spaghett

If her friends and Discord are telling her to cool it then she should've listened.

Pop the Blade! Or mentally call Blaze to come and Screw these ponies up!

I'm so furious on Ostri's behalf. You've legitimately made me angry. That's good storytelling right there.

But seriously, all I can imagine at this point is him walking up to Shining and Cadance with those 6 following him, pull out his knives and say "you two, deal with them or I Will"

His mental state is so fragile right now. He's one small push away from changing from "leave me alone" to "I will have revenge"

Wow, princess. You didn’t even try to make it ambiguous. That’s politics 101. :facehoof:

Really looking forward to the team exploring the Crystal Empire with its princess’s blessing.

Way to go, Manehattan!! :rainbowdetermined2:

What is the Storm Army doing now?

I decided go start heading a different route with Ostri with this. Let's just say an animal only has so much fight in them before they give up. I feel it would add something better than Ostri just being angry all the time.

I'm deliberately writing this so you feel like Ostri's travel group. Pissed at what happened to Ostri, and thinking he'll fight back. I'm trying to show just how much Ostri is beaten down; a man can only handle so much before he buckles.

Twilight needs to STOP blindly following Celestia Words and listen to her friend's Luna and Celestia are both nuts

Ostri just doesn't have anything left to give
Or anything left for the princesses to take

Finally Twilight is getting some sense. Now if she will tell the princesses off that will be something else. And prove to me that she is worthy of being a leader considering she always bowed to Celestia way too much


He really just can't catch a break can he?
Btw eggsellent🥚 chapter

Maybe the unknown kumiho just needs an impossible task to get a chance? “Fetch me… Celestia’s tail hairs. All of them. But she can’t know. And I’ll consider it.” :trollestia:

I thought Shining was going to spank the naughty mare. Probably nice that he didn’t have to.

Crystal Empire might be friends with the Griffons. Hanging with Cadance might strengthen that diplomatic relationship.

Yes, Chrysalis, you need to have a talk with Thorax. :trixieshiftleft:

Dam twilight and rarity are stupid blaming some 1 and calling them a criminal weanhe done nothing wrong and also trying to till hem to put his knife up before he hurt himself skinning and slicing a apple

I also liked the old one were starlight got dropped off at a orphanage and got adopted I wanted to know how she got out of that

They could steal the leftover breadcrumbs, but that would be rude. Not that it's stopped them so far.

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