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Done · 5:54am May 31st, 2019

I think I'm done writing MLP fanfiction. I might finish my Ray stories when my drives are repaired, and I might do my rewrite of Imposters, but at this point I've lost a lot of enthusiasm. I put a lot of work into what I do and either shit happens that prevents me from continuing or people just don't care. It's not hard to be a nobody in this fandom. A lot of ideas I had for future fics are going to be recycled into more original stories (Battlewings, for example).

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2281076 Nice.
In case you're wondering, my name is actually a Gerry Anderson reference. :)

2281070 Yeah, that one. It's great and the main baddie's nickname is Stingray.

2280533 lol, the Godfrey Ho movie? I seriously need to see that. I live on those kind of films.

Thanks for the watch, maybe I'll eventually post something to, once I'm brave enough.

Wait... Stingray... What does Stingray need eyeballs in a tank for?

(look up the movie Undefeatable)

Noprob, happy to contribute. Thanks for accepting my stuff too. :)

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