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All Chrysalis ever wanted was a big, brave stallion who would sweep her off her hooves and love her forever. That's not too much to ask, is it?

On her first trip into Equestria, she meets the perfect pony for her, the pony she knows she's destined to be with forever. In one world, she goes back home and returns years later to take him by force. But what if she decided to go after her knight in shining armor another way?

And what happens when everything goes wrong, and she ends up stuck serving a pink pony princess instead of working alongside the stallion she's interested in?

Credit goes out to King of Beggars and his story Twilight Sparkle of the Royal Guard, and all the awful pitches we throw at each other for knockoffs and parodies.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 82 )

._. My mind keeps getting blown EVERY DAY!

Very funny, and very cute! I love the idea of Chrysalis basically being a naive, bratty, spoilt teenager.

Is this a hidden Crysis crossover, or did you deliberately spell Crisis wrong?

My oh my that looks like it's going to be hillarious!
Do I smell Cadance getting a little...interested in our little changeling?

“Uh-huh! Just like in Daring Do and the Republican Party Nomination!”



Yeah, that sounds legit....

Pffft this is a fanfic of COURSE it'll be heads.

Not much a cliffhanger when we know she's going to infiltrate the guard.

You're going to be so surprised when she shows up with an army of changelings.

6580749 well judging by the summery I won't be.

Mmmmm been waiting for this. It's good. I hope it ends up as a Chrydance story.

6580820 Why not a ShinyChrydance story? :pinkiecrazy: Might as well go full crazy instead of only half-. :derpytongue2:


i thought that was callee Chyrsarmordance

"Ugh, it's like a giant hickey!"

:rainbowderp:. . . :rainbowlaugh:

Man will stone soup and flash ever make it?

This story, it is amazing. It should be voted much higher.

It's a brilliant take on Chrysalis without all the baggage that usually comes with her, while still keeping part of her personality. She never comes across as a good person, but what's life without a little conflict? I'd love to read the escalation of this, how it changes everything down the line, up to the Crystal Empire reappearing. It just begs for that kind of love.

That said, it wouldn't be a proper Metal Gear Solid parody if it didn't have Chrysalis actually doing implausible missions of increasing absurdity with a stranger and stranger cast of characters.

I came into this story expecting Shining x Chrysalis, not Chrysalis x Cadence. Sigh... I hate bait and switch.



Man the only reason I was reading this was for the chrysalis shining armor pairing.

Surprises are good for you, what's the point of reading something new if you know exactly what's going to happen.
I for one enjoy the surprise, I was curious about the Shining-Chrysalis, but I'll stay for the Cadance-Chrysalis.

I have a feeling Miller is going to play us like a damn fiddle.

I have no regrets

6585746 The journey, I don't care if I know the ending I what I do care for is how we get there. I Read romance for certain pairings. When I'm promised one and given another it should be well within my right to complain. When the only reason I read this story was to see Shining Armor and Chrysalis fluff only to have that replaced feels like I got cheated. It's like finding a razor in your Halloween candy.

So the real flagship for this fic is Chrysadance? Sweet!!!

Shining is probably gay in this one

Wow! I am hooked. Cadence sure Iikes guards. I wonder how many other bodyguard swaps we can write.

While I'm okay with either ChrysalisxCadence or ChrysalisxShining Armor, I can certainly understand the sentiment of wanting a story to be what it says it will be.

If it's ChrysalisxCadence, I'd recommend the author change the summary slightly, maybe add a line about things not going according to Chrysalis' plans romantically and her efforts catching the wrong eye, just to avoid people being disappointed the way you are. For that matter, people who want a ChrysalisxCadence story may be avoiding this because they think it's ChrysalisxShining Armor.

There's nothing wrong with the story itself, it's fairly well-written , the summary is the issue.

Reading Chapter 1 my thoughts are A) interesting take on Chrysalis, B) Cadance moves fast, and C) Twilight Sparkle is lucky she wasn't born after the Changeling invasion of Canterlot, because Chrysalis flipped that around on her nicely.

Also, I'm fine with almost any pairing as long as the story is well-written but see my other comment for thoughts on the summary.

"Twilight, what have I told you about experimenting on ponies when they're asleep?"


She looked at the ponies, trying to figure out which was important enough to have a Princess watch over her. Surely it would be the biggest and strongest. Being big and strong meant you were important enough to be regularly fed.

That line about tallness always being a sign of who is important and in a position of power was really funny but this bit puts it in an entirely different light and justifies Chrysalis thinking that way, while also showing how harsh Changeling life is.

The characterization in this story remains high quality and the world-building in your author's notes is interesting, it's too bad there wasn't a smooth way to insert it into the chapter. The story is not wacky but it makes excellent use of humor. I love all the little details like Chrysalis trying to tear someone's throat out with her teeth in hand to hand training and only failing because she doesn't have fangs anymore. It's played for comedy but it makes sense.

You've managed to make Cadance's crush feel perfectly natural, though Chrysalis is going to take some work if you want to make her reciprocate.

This story remains very good. You actually managed to make Chrysalis' shifting emotions work. Now we're left with not only a cliff-hanger ( a double, really, since Cadance was kidnapped and Chrysalis is planning on having a talk with her that we didn't get) but wondering just what Celestia knows, so I hope to see more of this soon.

Your descriptions of Chrysalis usually focus on her long, lanky build and you do a good job of keeping that in the audience's mind. It's important to do so with OCs (and her pony form is effectively one). That said, you only mention her mane color once that I could find and never the color of her coat. Is it white like Fleur, who she apparently modeled her form on or dark grey/faded black like her true form and the image at the top of each chapter?

I can't believe that this has so few likes, it's really well written, it's got a great plot, it's brilliant.
I can't wait for it to continue, am I the only one hoping that she will end up with both Shining Armour AND Cadance?
Keep it up, I'll save my critique for later on, but have a like in the meantime.
Honora Imperator

I was just wondering how she was feeding in Stalliongrad, since it was described as so joyless, so your author's note makes sense. After the last few chapters I hadn't really expected it to turn out to be so on the nose for a Metal Gear parody.

It does seem a bit odd they wouldn't send an actual SECT agent,but I can just guess they don't have anyone close enough to arrive in time to make a difference, given the isolated location.

I'm also thinking her mother is involved and that's how they can sense her rough location.

Maybe she should take up smoking.

The way Miller was talking about the suit resizing itself... it almost sounds like he knows more about Chrysalis than he's letting.

Classic Miller, amirite?

Other then some slight pacing issues, this is awesome. I can't wait to see Cadence's reaction to Chryssy's identity...

No, she's not taking that.

No I was not thinking of his love, I was thinking of his robe/identity. (Changeling remember)
Also, I want to see Shiny's face when his pink pony princess becomes the equivalent to Meryl and ends up marrying Flash Sentry.

What? Snake didn't actually get the girl at the end of the movie...:pinkiehappy:

What does Shining Armor have to do with anything? He's off screwing around in Canterlot or something.

No, she's not taking that.

She's not eating his love for his girlfriend in order to recharge her magic? I'm kidding, I know what you were trying to imply. Still... She probably hasn't had a good meal in days, so it might be a bad idea to skip out.

Normally, the hero stealing an enemy uniform indicates coincidence that the outfit fits and poor planning that no one recognizes a stranger has come among them, but given Chrysalis can change shape, it doesn't take either.

Well, I'm quite enjoying this story and it's sad to hear it will slow down a bit but the rate of update was pretty fast and I wouldn't want you to burn out on it.

“Guess it was nothing. This guard duty is so boring I’m hearing things. At least I was able to use the money I got to get my marefriend a ring,” Hayseed said to himself. “I’ll propose to her as soon as I get back from this mess.”....“Of course, at that point, the world will have been taken over by a force of terrible darkness. It’s a good thing I’m on the winning side!”

Comedy gold.

At least she is doing a no kill run

6602459 I'm making a joke based on the fact that in Guns of the Patriots, Meryl ended up marrying someone who could be considered the wimpiest soldier of all time...I started by pretend to say that Chryssie and Cadance would end up together...then I quickly reminded everyone of how Kojima thought of that ship...and you may all laugh now...:pinkiecrazy:

But it's been pretty established that Shininh Armor has expressed no interest in Cadence in this timeline. So thus my question of what he has to do with anything.

Anyone can do a no-kill run. I'm more wondering if she'll score herself a SECT badge at the end: No-kill, perfect stealth.

I wonder if this story would get more attention (it certainly deserves more) if it was in any groups, like "The Hero... Queen Chrysalis?".

Well, let's find out.

This Chryssie is adorable.

The first chapter zone made my guffaw a lot.


Chryssie's in loooooove!

Cadance kept slowing down just enough for Cadance to keep up on hoof.

Methinks that second Cadance was meant to be Chrysalis.


Crystal gear... Gear...

Want moooooooore!


As someone mentioned on an earlier chapter, I would really love to see this story line continued up through where things begin intersecting with the canon timeline. This story is really good, and I would love to see it continued.

But even if it ends with just what you already have planned, I'm looking forward to it.

I want to see this version of "A Canterlot Wedding".

Twilight Sparkle getting invited and either Chrysalis having to hide what she is or Cadance having to sit down and explain things (or both, one and then the other). "Twilight, remember how you always thought Chrysalis wasn't really a pony when you were a kid? Funny story..."

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