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In this sequel to Defender of Equestria, a Changeling General goes on trial in Canterlot for numerous war crimes, including kidnapping Cadence and Twilight, while Shining Armor's mentor and predecessor, Lock Down, attempts to make amends with Celestia and Luna.

*Special thanks again to Jarkes for collaborating on the first story.

*Initially published at Equestria LA 2015 in Anaheim, CA.

Chapters (19)
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Comments ( 43 )

Your cover image appears to be broken...

Good to see this update again. Nice job :twilightsmile:

i hope thos ponys suffer for what thay are doing

I'm still kind of hoping you use my idea of some Changelings having become disillusioned with Chrysalis and Kuwaga's rule and having them speak against Kuwaga at the trial...

7171645 I'm actually going to play around with the Changeling that was featured in "Slice of Life," and see where I can go with him.

the trial is complet bullshit he has no one to defind him and was moked, redicold, and attaked wile in the ponys custedy
mind you i will still read this but i hate the way it is going

For they knew that no matter how hard he would try, Lock Down would never escape and harm another soul for as long as either one of them would live.

You mean Kuwaga.

still think this trial is bull
the juge is celly/lulu to who was afleted by the changelings so you cant have a fer trial and thay all redy wont him comdemd so the trial is unnessery

so the ending will be the gerols death cus this trial is still bull

I hate to say it, but I agree with the other guy. You seem to be making similar mistakes to when you did that story with Tirek's trial.

7180683 What I am doing is having all the accusers speak first and then, Kuwaga will have a chance to defend himself, mostly by asking loyalists to speak in his defense. Tirek's trial was written basically as a kangaroo court because I was unleashing my anger and frustration for "Twilight's Kingdom" without understanding the consequences of my actions that soon followed.

So yes, to answer both of your questions, this is a regular trial, but I'm running this a little differently than a normal trial.

so still with the bull huh
on a side note i do like this story if i did not i woud have stoped reading it

Man, is this guy delusional, or what?!

Kuwaga was unfazed by Twilight's look of fury and simply smiled and chuckled at this

"You don't frighten me, Princess Twilight," he thought. "You scare me even less than that blubbering sister-in-law of yours."

Yeah, just keep telling yourself that, Kuwaga.

Right up until they put your head in the hangpony's noose, and you get "swatted" like the worthless bug that you are.

The General deserves punishment, but his trial is hardly fair.

7183689 He will get a chance to defend himself. It will be in the chapter after the next one that is yet to be published.

so the trill was bull like i said it was big seprise :ajbemused:

Tbh, after all the emphasis you put in this and the previous story about how he SHOULDN'T be killed, this is... kind of disappointing.

7190064 The next chapter will be about Private Centipede having a change of heart and asking Celestia and Luna for clemency to have Kuwaga live out the rest of his life in Tartarus.

So he took the coward's way out.

So much for all his blustering about revenge and stuff.

...I did not expect that.

7192742 Some would say it is revenge, as he chose a final defiance of the Princesses' power. Considering the threat of Chrysalis and her army, as noted by Centipede, it may well cause the war that Centipede wanted to avoid. And its hardly unique. Herman Goring took the same way out hours before he was to be hanged with 11 others as a result of the Nuremburg Trials.

I am not, and will not be, sanctioning suicide. This is meant as a historical record, nothing more.

7192904 As did Dr. Robert Ley, another German who did himself in before the trials.

7192904 Hmmmm, good point, that.

And this is true. I've watched several documentaries about this over the years, so I'm well acquainted with what Goering did to escape the noose.

I am not, and will not be, sanctioning suicide.

Nor do I. It only causes more pain that it solves.

7192917 And Heinrich Himmler did the same thing when he was captured by (I want to say the British) Allied Forces right before the actual end of the the war in Europe.

A lot of Nazis chose to take that way out, rather than face justice from the Allied Powers.

i get the fillen that the changeling genrol mite not be dead

that was some thing hope cintaped will be ok and ironc that lock died by the thing he was hunting

Em, don't changelings have hooves, not claws?

Other than that, not bad.

7198234 Another thing that's ironic is he kept calling the Changelings monsters, but kind of became one himself.

...Well, that escalated quickly. So much for wanting to make amends...

(I'm actually kind of curious as to what the original version of this fanfic you presented at EQLA 2015 was like...)

7199323 Well, you see, I tend to make things up as I go along.

7200192 That would explain it. So was the story not even finished yet when you presented it at EQLA 2015?

Also, headcanon: Kuwaga killed Lock Down's family and that's why he hates Changelings so much.

7201119 I actually started this story at Equestria LA, but I ended up putting it to the side until I felt like writing it again. As for the headcanon, I will use it in the upcoming chapter.

7201343 Furthermore, I am going to create a sequel story involving Shining Armor and Centipede searching for the truth about Lock Down. Unfortunately, it won't be until mid-June at best as I have a few other fanfics to turn my attention to.

7192904 There was practically no future or moving on for these guys for what they did. It doesn't seem surprising to me. Suffering a slow death from age and boredom sounds like something that I wouldn't want to have in a million years. Most think of suicide as a way out. In this case Kaguya for all his might and stuff was looking for a way out. It's not something you condone or not... it is not in your power to condone or not. It is something however to understand.

If anyone did want to prevent this they would likely have to give Kaguya something to live for. I doubt he had anything.

Also I am sorry for mixing the name with Kuwaga.

all in all not a bad story i can say i did not like the trial but i did like the ending i will geve it a like

7202114 will chrissy show up in the next book


Is it still coming this month?

7336054 At this point, probably not. I have been working on two other non-pony stories lately. Right now, I'm expecting around sometime this summer at best.



Yes, her name is spelled differently than the word is normally spelled.

Please refer to my comment below this one as well. I trust you'll make this fix as soon as you read this comment.

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