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Nightmare Darkness


This story is a sequel to A day in the life of Chrysalis

Chrysalis is between a rock and a hard place, on one hoof she has Equestria that could keep her subjects alive and happy for years but cannot conquer it. On the other she has a race of changelings to feed so how do you feed your children? The Changeling queen is not above her subjects but will do anything for them...even give up her castle and everything to keep her subjects alive and how do you do that. Only Infultrate equestria so you can use what you know about love to make happy couples and further increase the output of love. Ya nothing can go wrong with this plan...especially if she chooses her main headquarters to be in ponyville.

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Yay, it's up! I see you've taken some of my advice to heart~ a like and a fave!

Once again, you are not a good writer, but you are decent at coming up with a good concept...

One thing though, you wouldn't happen to be a fan of 'The Queen Of Hearts' by Pumpernickel Rye, would you? The whole matchmaker thing has been done before.

I do want to see your take on it though.

I'm glad to see you've improved quite a bit since I last read your works. You've really taken the advice of others to heart and it shows. One little chapter in and I'm already here to stay! :yay:

FOREVER :pinkiecrazy:

4376078 Is that... Charmer? :rainbowderp: Dang if this is good enough for my favorite fimfic author I guess it's good enough for me! :twilightsmile:

In all seriousness though, great job and keep up the good work!

4376454 haha well thank you my writing is much to be desired but I have not read the works of Pumpernickle Rye, But I definitely will Again thanks for reading it non the less Shred :rainbowkiss:
4376764 And thank you I am trying to improve in how I am able to tell my stories Harmony's work is also a favorite of mine she does amazing work :pinkiehappy: and the fact she likes it makes me super happy. :yay:

heck it could be sombraxpie for all I care ill make it work

EXCUSE MEH, WUH? DOOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIIIT! Ha, just kidding, only write whatcha wanna write!

4386177 lol thought you would jump on that one :rainbowkiss: I would have to take some of my cues form your stories :rainbowlaugh:

Well, it looks like Chrysalis, I mean Highness Heartsring, will have to do her best to not murder everpony.

4386555 lol you don't know the half of it...:yay:


I predict that there will be ChryLight.


4392646 lol I have no idea how that would work...:pinkiecrazy:
4392785 Ya well all she has to do is not loose her cool and its only the first real day and this happens... this is going to be fun :rainbowkiss:

I'm not the best of english but shouldn't all of "I" be a big ?

4394654 Yes they should but I miss them sometimes hehe:pinkiesad2: I'll go through it again to fix them.


Please I love some chryalight

Twilight x Chrysails are just perfect couple as shown by Molded to love and Even Changelings Wear Masks

4397151 I don't understand the appeal of Chrysalis and Twilight getting together. Especially since it seems she is so bound to hate her...:rainbowhuh:

If I can get a legit reason behind it ill see what I can do but until then I don't really see it happening. :unsuresweetie:


Then read the stories put out.

Here on fimfiction.

Read some then you understand point of chryalight





It like chryaluna or chryalestia.

I don't exactly known to put word something just feel good about chryalight

“If i may interject i have something else you may wish to know about the residence of ponyville i hear stirrings of a new pony who is suppose to be reformed…” he said smiling devilishly.
“What…” she said now looking mor annoyed then interested.
“You might know him well i think you had a thing for him a while back...before he sealed himself and his kingdom away.” Discord said shrugging. Her eyes went wide.
“No...not him.” she whispered.
“What did he call you again? Smooky poo?” he said Chrysalis snapped and everything in her office lifted as her magic careened out of control.
“Still bad blood I see... well he did leave you high and dry at the altar…” Discord to himself.

I have to ask, mainly because it is my OTP involved...


I can just smell the upcoming SombraPie that's to come! Also, oooo, Diamond Tiara, eh? This gonna get interesting~

I just finish reading the last chapter and you bring this out now, but even 5 mins later.
Thanks? :twilightsmile: I think, though I need sleep so dam you?:twilightangry2:

Oh sweet lord, now Chryssie's getting involved in Sombra's love life! So much yes! Also, I'm interested to see how everything with Diamond Tiara develops...

4482271 lol sorry had a bubble of inspiration. But take your time the chapters not going anywhere.

aqukward, where where you ? You have a lot of strange little errors in this chapter

4484780 thanks for bringing it to my attention. Fits of inspiration can dull the grammer and spelling in me. I fixed the mistakes you mentioned as well as the others there were. Hope to hear from you again hopefully a comment not about grammer XD

It would be hard because I read mostly on outside device (copied to phone or something) and I don't remember later about comments ;p

D'awwww, Dashie likes Soarin! Soooo cute!

This can only end well!


Never forgive him, Chrysy. He JILTED you!!:pinkiecrazy::flutterrage:

God bucking damn it, Chryssie, research doesn't hurt, really! :facehoof:

I think Chryssie is cashing in on some serious bad luck.

Poor Sombra, he doesn't yet know how bucked be is.

Aaaaand Sombra's scarred for life again.

Huh, Sombra is actually sorry...

And that last part, wow.

Chryssie's gonna hook! You! Up!

Did Chryssie blow up a mirror maze to get so much bad luck?

I kind of waiting for the citizens of Ponyville to start singing this.

And now another year of waiting

Umm... why is this chapter almost word-for-word identical to the previous one? Are you sure you uploaded the right one?

This chapter seems to be the same as the last one.

Hoo boy... yeah, this will be interesting.

Welp, that can only end well.

'Your very caring' - you're

Yay, the changeling will be treated better now!

... Chryssie's reaction at the end seems about right.

'You have to see to it every changeling is safe.' - see to it that every

'She also knowtised the room had' - also noticed that the room

'Highness Heartstrings closed the door and Boren walked into the room and Cadence was on the patio and Highness approached her from behind.' - into the room. Cadance was on the

Well...I've heard that you should get to the root of the problem. You know, deal with it directly...but this might be too in the face.


You may want to rename that one there my friend.

Why, just why.

Why is everyone so determined to make Ponyville suffer..

I’m happy that this story continues but oh crap about the cliffhanger. My money says that Shining Armor just says ‘I love you’ to Chryalis

Nice, thanks for the update. It's good to see this story alive and kicking.

So this session will be uncomfortable for every sapient in the room. Excellent, I will make popcorn.

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