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Atop the rubble of the changeling throne, Queen Chrysalis accepts Starlight's offer of redemption. The act sets her heart overflowing with love, and she can't wait to share it with the world. Starting, naturally, with the ponies around her.

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Wow, that was surprisingly adorable :) Chryssie's attitude kinda reminded me on how her counterpart, Reversalis, is like

:derpyderp1: Well. That happened. My favorite part was definitely Cadence's response to that last vow.

I'm just going to go rest my brain before it explodes from "wat" overload.

What do we have to do to make it a massive multi-chapter clopfic?:rainbowwild:

Roar, blarg, slaves, conquer, blarg.

Nice Sombra impression.

I didn't think i was going to enjoy this but now my face hurts from how much it made me smile.

oh luna "love " her sister

Let me guess: She now looks like Queen Rosedust.

7668664 Name her Princess of Sex.

That's pretty much what this whole thing was.

Or something.


She's like a beautiful inappropriate butterfly.

Certainly an amusing read. Good job :twilightsmile:

Okay, that was actually hilarious. And you created a verse for endless clopfics.


Princess of Lust, perhaps?


I would totally read a fanfiction about that!

*Backs away slowly*




This is a great, short comedy piece. It's just my reaction to your Princess of Lust Affection is to flee the entirety of Equestria ASAP.

tl;dr version of this story:
"Stupid, sexy Chrysalis!"

:trollestia:: "I would have prefered if she would have sweared revenge or something... At least that's something I'm familiar with."

(Are you sure the sex-tag is necessary?)


From the site rules:

The sex tag, when used with a teen rating, is used as a warning that the story contains lightly-charged sexual situations, innuendo, or vaguely implied (but not described!) sexual acts. Some light kissing is fine, light touching generally is too, but if things get heavily charged, you need to move to the mature tag.

I don't exactly agree, but one must be professional when tagging stories.

Without a doubt, the single most positive and happy response to the Season Six finale that I have yet to become aware of.

The changeling queen then leaped and tackled Applejack, and…

…Pouted. She reached over, grabbed Rarity, and pushed the two of them together.


Yep, that's about right. :)

Interesting What If?

Are you sure this won't be the beginning of a huge and fun story? I would ever so love to read it...

All hail the Princess of Inappropriate Affection! :trollestia:

I know this is supposed to be funny, and it is, but I honestly would have liked the season 6 finale a bit more if THIS was what had actually happened instead of Chrysalis rejecting Starlight's offer.

And that's saying quite a bit, considering it's my second favorite episode as is.

“See you Monday,” Cadence agreed.

Cadance knows what's up!

I know this sort of looks like the start of a massive multi-chapter clopfic, but it's definitely not.

You sure about that? Dont even need to be a M rated fic. You had a few good ideas already.

Be the embrace for the unloved orphan! The nice girl for the awkward nerd! The responsible boyfriend for the teen mother!

See, good ideas already and you can even keep those and others like it and this story 'T'.


Sequal please?:twilightsmile:

That was SO cool!!!!

...so where do I send my preorder money?

“That’s right! We changelings have a gift for the world, and that’s to make the impossible come true! From this day forth, no pony shall go unkissed on Hearts and Hooves Day! No secret kink shall be left unspoken out of shame, for we love it all, and love to share it with you!”

Fly my changelings, and find where you are needed! Be the embrace for the unloved orphan! The nice girl for the awkward nerd! The responsible boyfriend for the teen mother! The sub for the shy dominatrix! Fly! Fly and bring joy across the land. So says I, the Princess of Love!

... Part of me wants to be horrified by this.
Another part of me is seriously considering that, jokes, prudishness and initial adjustment period aside, this might actually be a VERY GOOD THING for their society. I think it's winning

What did i just read?

Well, that was amusing.

I couldn’t bring myself to read past Starlights offer

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