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Canterlot has had a few peaceful weeks of nothing happening, no chaos, no monsters attacking no nothing. that is until a changeling wonders into the kingdom and changes it forever.

'this was made quickly and just as a random story not meant to be taken seriously at all and was made mostly due to random dreams'
cover by the great Lomeo

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This...is a masterpeace!!!

Absolutely amazing!
That amount of kids must be though job xD

god if this keeps up i might just make another small chapter to this XD

Then throw this story in some groups its gonna give you boost for sure

Can't stop lauhing :rainbowlaugh:

Lol wow. Enough wrote.

Ok now, I will first have to get this out of my system.

The Setup is kind of a mess. The way paragraphs and senteces are placed can be confusing and demands a lot of extra energy to read, which could be fixed with simply a few indentations and a larger distance between some of the lines. Perhaps even adding a couple of paragraphs.

Now that that negative nancy criticism is out of the way, I have to look at the story on one most certain Merrit.
This clearly is a Comedy.
Thus, it is excluded from a lot of the regular criticisms about OOCness and other sort of pace issues.
And one major question then only lies.
Did I laugh?
Yes... Oh By All the Gods in Asgaard I laughed :rainbowlaugh:
This story might not be a masterpiece in the traditional sense, but in the sense like watching Monty Python or something else where sillyness is at its highest, It has such quality that I think everyone should read this. Because it is hillarious!
57 is Adorable....

So, Yes, Your Story is awesome! :pinkiehappy:

lol good that was the point! just randomness! XD
and if i get more than 50 likes i might do more with this story line like the adventures of buttons story XD
Also i did not mind being criticized hell i enjoy being criticized i wouldn't mind you putting that to my other stories X3

I would love to do some criticism, but I most likely wont be doing it for this weekend. I am going off with Uni, so if you see me again, It most likely will be later :derpytongue2:

Though I would love to see some adventures from Little Button. Though I kinda think 57 sounds cooler.
Because it sounds so close to 47, The assassin from the Hitman Series... and now I am imagining that little Changeling like "I Am de greatest asswasswin ewar!" :pinkiehappy:

OK, this needs an editor, but still hilarious.

Spaces between different speakers! Makes it much easier to read!

Or a single tab like this, if you simply must have things mushed together!

FIx that formatting, and you've got comedy gold here. As is, it's still funny, but I got very confused on a few spots from how I kept loosing track of who was saying what.

oh no worries i know the feeling X3
but i'm asking if you can please do.

ehehehehe oh if you only knew what i had in mind for him
Special agent 57
Poor poor Cadance
'whistles innocently'

i do have one actually its just we never look at the spacing just the spelling and grammar XD

but i do add spaces i guess just not enough lol

I will try and find the time! Gotta put it together between me writing as well and a couple of other things. But I will find the time :pinkiesmile:

whenever you can no hurry X3


Chrysy is a sex goddess! Apparently.

hehehe maybe
if this keeps up i think i will make this universe its own series X3

Then what about next chapter/sequel?

I can sleep well tonight

LMFAO!!! This dose of hilarity and ridiculousness wrapped in witty writing is more than I expected, and probably more than the recommended dose of pon3. XD

chicharra=cicada. Am I correct?

well we officially now know how to destroy equestrian, deploy the nymphs... huh and I thought the idea of children dragonborn in skyrim was a deadly idea :pinkiecrazy:

The quality of the writing sortof...fell apart about a third of the way through.

*Takes a deep breath* :pinkiegasp:


This was ridiculous.


I loved this.

I need more of this yesterday.

5060058 OI!


Well that was insane. But in a good way.

“Find him unharmed or thy spine is stardust!”

What would have happened if he was found harmed. :pinkiehappy:
Oh, and she would also turn into Nightmare Moon again, for as long as it took to brutally beat the guards that found him harmed.

“Oh this will be the best day ever!”

to her horror, he reared up the stick and lunged forward. Celestia let out a scream as her face held a look of absolute horror like a small filly, her voice quickly fading as she continued to scream. Her cheeks going a bright red and growing redder each time Buttons pulled and wiggled the now-stuck stick.

laughed my ass off for a good 3 minutes.

ah yes what father wouldnt be proud when he hears his son sticks his little stick into princess Celestia.


I hope this has a sequel.

whistles innocently

Believe it or not, this is actually one of Equestria's more 'normal' days.

not gonna lie, 57 kind of needs to be smattered on a wall. Also Celestia is kind of an idiot in this. Also basically sold a prince and captain of the guard, most of her capital and a village and doesn't even give a shit.
So yeah I'd smash that kid until he was a pile of gore on the ground, much easier in the long run.
Don't get me wrong this had its moments of genuine comedy but my goodness, everyone is holding the stupid ball i swear.

it appeared some of them started playing tic-tac-hole while she was thinking.

You damn master.
Nothing on fimfiction can beat this.
The story is awesome too!

Quick question, I know it said Luna was good with kids, but why wasn't she attacked

idk i just like Tia being the one getting the blunt of the punishment XD

eh its not for everyone and honestly its suppose to be silly and funny. and not taken seriously XD

and in my mind Tia would put up with a LOT of shit if a kid was doing it. the stick was the last straw and chrysalis knew that so thats why the hightailed it out of there XD

I find this enjoyable.

Top kek. +1

Rather confusing in places. Seems rather rushed about what was happening in the scenes, especially the latter portions.

But still funny as all shit:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

i wrote all of this in under an hour XD
so yeah rushed is a thing that may or may not have happened XD

Little Buttons Changeling is gonna kick all of our butts.

This has to be one of the best fanfics I've ever seen! It was just so awesome! :rainbowkiss:
I also now found out why it had "Sex" as one of the tags... :rainbowderp:
I hope this becomes its own universe, if so, the fun has been quadrupled! :yay:

I've read that a while ago but didn't comment on it.

This was simply hilarious. All of it. And so Chryssie won without any blood being spilled. Well, maybe except for Shining's once Sunbutt comes to and smacks him for being the father of the perpetrator.



........'slowly writes down that idea'

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