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Starlight Glimmer is content with running her little village just outside of Equestria's borders. Having built from the ground up with her own four hooves a town where everyone is Equal, Starlight is satisfied. Ponies wander in and they decide to stay. There's no reason for her to return to her homeland.

Then Tirek defeats Princess Twilight Sparkle, and an undercover changeling tells Starlight Glimmer she's the last hope to save Equestria from the mad centaur.

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This is pretty good :)

Let me just check the map...


Um... I think Starlight's village is outside the border, but that might mean that Rainbow Falls is a micro-nation.

The story is good and all but shouldn't you add the tag Alternate Universe on here since Twilight was defeated here? Or is this in between the time when the Mane 6 were getting their rainbow powers from the box? Oh and follow!

That Title, tho

Alexander was my favorite book as a toddler. This title makes me very happy.

7730074 Yeah, that map is what I've used as a reference a lot (notice Manehatten is the closest large city near Starlight's village, and Manehatten is mentioned in this chapter as where the explosion comes from, as opposed to some far-off place like Los Pegasus). Even if it is in Equestria, it's very much a border town.

7730099 Not really. The AU tag is a bit of a toss-up since there's no real definition of how big a variance from canon things should be before designating it AU. I prefer major changes in background lore before using the AU tag, and this simply isn't big enough a deviation for me to use it.

7730533 It won't really be making any references besides the actual title, but for Starlight, it most definitely is going to be a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day :pinkiesmile:

Holy Shit, that is both an awesome and yet terrifying idea. Though I am concerned about whether the effort will be worth it. Cutie Marks are a different sort of magic then normal, but even still, Starlight only has like 100 or so of them, compared to the absorbed magic of all of Equestria, Discord, and the Princesses. Even super charged Starlight is still entering into this as an ant trying to fight a boot.

I like the premise so far, though I wonder if this benevolent Starlight has a brainwashing shack.

This is probably something I'll write as a stand-alone fic in the future.

I would love to read a Starlight Double Diamond ship fic.

7730074 Could be as a Pegasi city Rainbow Falls is considered part of Equestria even though it's currently outside the national borders because it crash-landed there centuries ago.

7739622 Oh believe me, this Starlight still has her brainwashing shack. It's canon Starlight, if canon Starlight was forced to ditch some of her ideals to go off and fight a super-evil threat and lose some of her innocence in the process

I'm one of probably a very small number of DD x Starlight ship fans on the site, and I peripherally mention their relationship in several of my stories that use Starlight (as well as ablogpost I wrote on The Cutie Map episodes a while back, about how Double Diamond is pretty much her trusted lieutenant), so yeah, I'll definitely be writing that in the future, possibly along with a shipfic follow-up.

Have a like, I would like more pls

“Tirek is a centaur. I don’t believe I mentioned that before, but just so you are aware. From what we understand, he absorbs the raw magic of others, but is incredibly wasteful. Princess Twilight Sparkle took on the magic of all four Alicorn Princesses, and was able to match up against Tirek, even after he stole the magic of every other pony in Equestria, and the Spirit of Chaos, Discord, as well,” Red Durum answered. “Even though centaurs are related to ponies, they are further apart than ponies are to zebras and donkeys. We as changelings can trace our common biological line to equines, and for us, taking emotion off of those three species is more fruitful than gryphons or minotaurs. We believe that it is again the same concept here: Tirek is absorbing unlike magic, and so it is an inefficient process.”
Red Durum paused for a second. He added, “Also, he is just taking the raw magic of others. He does not seem to be able to take the talents of others. It was he who raised the moon and lowered the sun just now, but it was clumsy.”

This is such a good point. From what we've seen Tirek seems to gain only a tiny amount of additional magical ability compared to the loss of magical ability taken from ponies. The only thing I would add is that the vast majority of magical power that Tirek absorbs seems to be used to enhance his physical form, making it enormous, young and strong again, and practically invulnerable, rather than enhancing Tirek's actual spellcasting power to a significant degree.

*Reads description*

Wouldn't this be considered an AU? Considering she's being introduced into the timeline early, following Twilight's loss.

Let me just see how different things went

7899752 As I said in an earlier comment, the AU tag is a bit of a toss-up since there's no real definition of how big a variance from canon things should be before designating it AU. I prefer major changes in background lore before using the AU tag, and this simply isn't big enough a deviation for me to use it.

7899802 I'll accept your reasoning.

Hmm, compared to eating their magic, what would eating someone's potential do?

7739622 oh hey howard, not an update to this fic, but if you were still interested in Starlight and Double Diamond shipfics, I have two of them now. Glimmer in the Snow is an origin story of Our Town and The Winter of Our Town's Content is a sequel taking place post Starlight forgiveness, though only the latter really blatantly ships them

7959417 Not going to lie, these days I am Starburst trash, but I will check them out.

Really interesting! I noticed that this one is also marked as incomplete. Is it still in the works at some point?

I like the setup, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

I did not see that coming. It’s an interesting plan, but the math doesn’t add up. I can’t see even how with the strength of a hundred ponies she could hope to stand a chance in combat against Tirek. I’m interested to see how this plays out.

Good chapter!

I’m on board. You very well answered in this chapter my concern about the premise. I like the idea of Tirek being unable to fully utilize the pony magic.

Please, sir, I’d like to have some more! :twilightsmile:

Problem here is that Starlight never brainwashed any of the ponies in her village. She only first tried that with the Mane 6.

You really got this wrong. The village was actually only a few months old when the Mane 6 arrived. And she hadn't even started the equality thing yet either till then as well.

Rock Solid Friendship confirms this.

Guess, I'll track this on the off chance it ever gets updated.

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