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This story is a sequel to Celestiphobia

It's only been a day since the treaty was passed, and Stan still hates the ground-walkers and fliers and magicians. So his friend, Carl, decides to cheer him up by making him take part in his favorite activity. Getting drunk.

What a horrible mistake that was, since it gave Stan beer goggles for a certain white alicorn, and has him running around causing mischief at every turn.
Carl can only hope he can survive the night.

Now with deleted scenes!

Author's words with some form of intelligence: Now with 100% more editing by Alticron

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,...... oh lord if Cloudkicker from winning pony ever learned anything, never, ever hit on a regal sister when drunk.


Also, take a like and a fav.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Y did I feel like that you were gonna ship those two.

Both of them walked up to the wall and looked at the row of posters in disgust, most of them were filled with segregation against changelings

Should this be sedition?

Fell just a bit short, my friend. The grammar could use a ton of work :/ I think you and I both know that bizzed is not a word, my friend. Stan and Carl are also human names. Laziness at its finest :/

4/10 flyswatters

Ponies with guns? Eeeeeeh...

Celesti...philia....... I was hoping for more on the changeling-pony peace treaty. curious how you are going to solve the food issue (I gotta few theories myself)

You could use a pre-reader or three, plus an editor. Grammar could use some work. Aside from that... This isn't going to end well. XD

Hmmm... this should be interesting. Still to early to cast my "vote" on this one, so I'll wait to see where it goes before I make a decision. Not to sure about the gun though, maybe a knife or a sword would go better based on what they have in the show but that's just my opinion.

Yeah...sorry about the whole 'gun thing'
I couldn't really think of anything else for Stan to turn around to.
Makes me wonder how he held it now..........
Edit: no more gun...sometimes you just need a little less gun and more magic horn

Flyswatters, you my friend gave me an idea.
Thank you!

4550072 Crossbows? Glowing horns?

How could I have been such an idiot to not think of that!
give me a sec to fix that now...

4550095 We all have those moments.:twilightblush:

Wait, what the heck was happening to Fluttershy?

4550072 First a bad story and now blatant plagiarism!? I shall see you in court, motherfuckair.

And this is why anti-discrimination laws should include public accommodations clauses.

4550665 My friend, there is no stick up my butt :) trust me, I would feel the stick if there was indeed a stick in the first place. Do not worry, my friend I am perfectly healthy ;)

There's a sequel. Oh there's a sequel! THERE'S FRIGGIN' SEQUEL! OH GOD WHY?! :raritydespair: And now we wait for the next chapter. :pinkiesmile:


You should go visit a doctor. It's not healthy to have a stick stuck so far in your butt.

Thank you for saying those words.


Stan and Carl are also human names.


First a bad story and now blatant plagiarism!? I shall see you in court, motherfuckair.

1. It's over the internet. how do you plan to take him to court?
2. I doubt anyone would really give damn about taking someone to court over this.
and 3.

4550923 My friend, i know that I am sexy, but must you stalk me everywhere I go :/ you could atleast offer me dinner and a movie before the stalking starts.

4551522 We could have been the best of friends, but now we shall become the greatest of enemies :/

If I could do it, both of you would get medals. Nice to see people standing up for others.:yay:

4551545 Pffffff..
Are you serious? I happen to read stories in the feature box and I always see you trolling people as usual.

Comment posted by Snuggly deleted Jun 15th, 2014
Comment posted by Snuggly deleted Jun 15th, 2014

I hate flames...
Just...no more...please

4551592 My friend I gave the story an upvote :/

well...I thank you...
but please, stop.
Just stop.
I read comments for the laughs, cry's, feels, know-hows, and rants.
Not fighting between others.


Ignore this one. It's a poor troll.

4549497 Why does every story need 10k words per chapter with book-quality?
It's an original idea and well written and that counts.


Technically a bar can be (they usually are) privately-owned, which means it's not public property and thus not a public place. So you don't really wanna force it... this is one of those "Changelings aren't that bad!" sorta fics, but if you think about it they fucked up a lot of ponies, physically and mentally. You can't force ponies to accept them literally overnight, or even in one generation. That'd be like if your country was invaded, and after a hard battle you won - then the enemy soldiers who killed your family asked if they could come crash at your house for the night. Chances are you're -probably- going to kill them.

Yes, I know it might not be an exact analogy, but the feeling provoked is close enough. You try to force integration, you'll have a rebellion on your hands. Riots, and rightfully so. It's not discrimination like "Oh I just don't like bug-ponies they're filthy and inferior." it's more "Jesus Christ I can still hear the screams every time I close my eyes. GET IT AWAY FROM ME!" which makes much more sense! Not to mention the idea of someone/an enemy who can be anything and anyone inspires great fear in societal sapient creatures - is that your wife in the next room or an enemy spy? Are those your kids playing happily with their toys or are they adult enemy assassins? Your neighbors of twenty years, waving at you as you walk down to the market - everyone in the market? Is that vendor you're trying to buy from going to slip some knockout drugs into your drink and put you in a cocoon? This is very sensible fear, given the circumstances.

We should be focusing on the ponies who are game enough to try and work past their fears and bad memories to try and reach out, rather than saying something along the lines of how messed up it is that ponies don't suddenly love changelings or that the laws don't suddenly force them all to try. -THAT- would be messed up.

4551695 *'manly' screams* NOT LAW AND S***!! *dives out of window*


Scatter! "Is it the cops?" WORSE, IT'S THE LAWYERS! :facehoof:


Like I always say: when in doubt, get the fuck out!

Did you even read Celestiphobia?
And that was just blatantly bad taste on your part.
Its attempted trolls like you that cause the dark side of the internet to gain power.

Comment posted by Snuggly deleted Jun 16th, 2014

4553841 Granted the insult was likely unrequited given those that the others here have spun for your displeasure. Yet I find using swearing quite an unbecoming means to emphasise a point when it can be done much better by using a wider range of words.

My sincerest apologies if I insulted you, good day.

4553993 This seducer of mothers over here. I keep trying to get out but they keep pulling me back in.


This will either end in fire, or in muchas smoochas. Either way, you have my attention.
Folks have referred to the potential shipping of Princess Luna and a changeling in my latest story as Moonbuggy. Having seen this, there's only one thing I can say:

4554004 :rainbowlaugh:
Enjoyable internet conversations started with insults... Not exactly the most common find on my part.

Okay this is gonna get real awkward real quick.





4558351 *Alondro joins the protesters* :pinkiecrazy:

Weird, I thought Stan was supposed to get drunk before getting shafted by a horn job.:trollestia:

Great chapter, I love stroies with changelings in them:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

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