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I'm back, I guess.


A rewrite is coming soon. Please don't read this how it stands, it's bad.

T for Teen. Violence, and Major swearing. Fallout 3 crossover, because it hasn't been done before.

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So awesome!! :rainbowkiss:

Lol mines better! but I still liked it but it felt like it was too short and a little rushed.

i haven't seen a fallout 3 crossover yet so this should be fun to read :pinkiehappy:

There are millions of Fallout 3 Crossovers... And I hate them! :twilightoops:

This seems like it could be good, so I'll tentatively fav it.
This is the second fallout 3 cross I've seen. The first was IT Must be Tuesday by Explodium.
I would really like this one to be just as good if not better.


Wait, is this just me being dense or do you seriously have no idea what Fallout: Equestria is? Though it's probably just me being dumb :pinkiecrazy:

831312 Fallout: Equestria is gay. This is an honest to god crossover, not an adaptation.

MOAR!!! And please tell me he's wearing winterized t51b power armor.

828623>>831246>>831277>>831279>>831280 Thanks for all the feedback

831344 Hey, you guessed it. This whole story is based of how I made my character in-game. I love that armor, I wear it on all my characters.


wtf, I didnt even read the story, I just read the description

831358 Oh. Then why didn't you read it?


Read all my comments on this story...

831364 Okay, I see that you don't like Fallout 3 crossovers, but why not is what I am asking?


I said I hate fallout 3. I dont like those type of games. Only type of game that i like that is in that genre in Micecraft, CoD and Halo

831381 Okay then, whatever floats your boat.

it would be kinda interesting to have some of the lone wanderer's other followers get transported as well, then they would be the unstoppable force of freaks and weirdoes.

831387 Well in Fallout 3 you can only have one follower at a time, the rest go to their respective hideouts.


I have played fallout Vegas, And I can say, that game was good...

831391you never learned of the cheat?

831400 What cheat is that good sir? BTW I have the 360 version not PC.


Did you seriously just call FO:E gay?

831409 Yes. It's total Bullshit.


For what reasons?

And I'm not hating. Just curious.

831425 I don't believe in adaptations. They are too easy. You just have to follow the storyline of the game/book/whatever. You just have to add the characters from the show into it. That's all that Fallout: Equestria is.


You've never actually read Fallout: Equestria, have you?

831446 I have read a few, and that's all that they were.

831407 there's a way that you can get every single follower, most people used them as mannequins ( reason they put mannequins in skyrim) , look it up i don't know how to do it my self but you can do it on xbox.


No, I mean the Fallout: Equestria. The original, by Kkat. The epic that's like 600,000 words long.

831463 Never read it, can I get a link?

Anypony fell like a songalong

i dont want to set the the world on fiiiirrrreeee i dont want to start a flame.in your heart



I can't speak for the quality of all of the side stories (Though there are apparently many awesome ones), but the original is exceptionally well-written so far (I'm only on chapter 13). And it is most definitely not just "the characters from the show thrown into Fallout". The amount of detail and back story that Kkat came up with is astounding.

yeah kick ass

who's a badass mudafucka? He's a badass mudafucka

Still short but a good read. I wish I could get away with chapters under 2000 words. *sad face*

833578 Ha, see that proves that I am more kickass than you.

dam didn't know vats could be that deadly :)

833584 or just lazy captain I get a lot more out a lot quicker.
But hell its not bad but you could do more to make shit happen.
I mean really 3000 words might have well just made one chapter.

Read through the comments a bit, and found that. Love your attitude. :pinkiehappy: Bye the way, check out my blog, Screencap from FoNV of me crapping on a dead Lakelurk.

Done by one author with just the Lone Wanderer, and another author threw the Courier and the Lone Wanderer into a blender. There are a few more that feature the Courier, but those two have some form of the Wanderer in them. Still, it's nice to see a crossover that isn't FoE. The original was good, but... Could we get the Courier and Lone Wanderer in here? The Vault Dweller and Chosen One are fine too, just make a crossover. Not that hard to understand, people.

You can get 100 in all skills with just 3 intelligence, and having 10 Int. from the start makes it child's play. Take Comprehension and find all of the skill books for a 50 point bonus to every stat.

It's... not good. The pace is a bit off, the main dude is just an asshole, it's... not good.

On the other hand, the grammars fine, the wordings fine, and Fawkes is consistent, but you really, really need to stretch the peaceful scenes out a bit more. As it is it feels like a cramped and jumbled mess.

Oh, I forgot to ask last chapter... WTF IS HE WEARING? Like seriously, Is he walking around In his Gatchies? Or A Vault jump suit? DETAILS MAN! DETAILS!

Whats he wearing? Is he a complete asshole? whats Fawkes wearing, weapons what kind? cccoooooommmmmmeeee oooonnnn :pinkiegasp:

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