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After a close shave, Rico Rodriguez the Agency's finest hell raising and country destabilizing agent finds himself in the magical land of Equestria. was it purely coincidental? or are there darker forces at play?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and Just Cause belongs to Eidos Interactive

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now here's a crossover I never expected to see. Especially considering Just Cause 2 had one of the worst storylines ive seen in a video game (they totally got the awesome open-world stuff spot on, though, so it makes up for it). I shall have to read this to see if you did better than the original game's writers.

Bout damn time a Just Cause/MLP fic was written.

Nice Crossover, even used some lines from the game. Looking for more!

Discord is gonna be all over Rico. Also, the beginning really sounded like the average JC2 session to me :rainbowlaugh:


You even wrote in how bad the AIs were! This is brilliant. And ridiculous. Ridiculously brilliant! This fic needs a drinking game!

"Why did you write this?"

"Because. I. Can!"

Great story i want to see where this is going.
P.S. Not trying to be a jerk but you forgot the L (an unearthly grow emitted from the overgrown path. )
Whats an unearthly grow? Besides that didn't find any errors good job.

Just Cause 2 was one of the most fun games I played. Just dicking around in Panau blowing stuff up was so satisfying :pinkiehappy:
This needed to be done.
How about a shot everytime something blows up?

641216 Are you nuts? This is a Just Cause 2 crossover! No one could ever survive that!

Just another regular day. For Rico.

For da glowy ah Panau!


I prefer drinking games that won't kill me in the first 2-3 chapters :rainbowlaugh:

Fixed and thanks for the praise everybody.

Fucking awesome!!

i have been looking for a just cause crossover for a while and now one has finally come up
thanks :pinkiehappy:

This fan fiction is fantastic. Really cool and action packed. However, things seem to move a bit fast. Some of the sentences are in dire need of a comma and there are a few spelling mistakes. Some of the words are a little repetitive (not the dialogue, but the actual movement descriptions themselves) and the fic looks a little rushed.

But so far, it's got the feeling of a Just Cause 2 rampage. The guns, the explosions, the repetitive one-liners, this is very much like the game. Just give us a little time to process what's going on with an adjective, to give us a clear picture. I know the action moves very fast and that there's not much time for giving everything exact detail but even a badass, straight-to-the-point super agent has to be observant. He has to know where and what he's fighting, after all.

This fic has a lot of potential though. Keep it up, Tisbutascratch, you've got yourself a green thumb and a fave.

644308I'll take that on board. Thanks

Hehe, "You do realise I can see all of you." Made me laugh way to hard.. I blame insomnia haha

Great story so far, maybe its cause I'm a huge Just Cause fan. Anyway short chapter, but definitely want to see more of this. Keep going brony!

644721 well done dark knight.


653499 what? i was quoting monty python when king aurthur was trying to cross the bridge where the DARK KNIGHT stopped him, and that happens to be the author's picture.:twilightangry2:

659021 I know what you were quoting, I've seen the movie and heard it MANY times before, hence the :facehoof:x21

665823 well why are you face palming? not that many people of our generation have seen monty python:unsuresweetie::rainbowhuh:

666885 I'm sorry, it's a knee-jerk reaction to monty python references, and I guess ur right about that but, ugh. Sometimes I forget that not everyone was there in the days when pythons roamed the internet, preying upon websites and people so intensely that they were stripped of their happiness

OMFG, why are all the good fics so short! It took me less than 5 minutes to read all three chapters...and that was reading SLOW! MAAOORRR :pinkiecrazy:

Oh gee its SOOO not Discord or anything.... :ajbemused:
Its Discord right? :rainbowhuh:

Things are getting real. Keep it up!

Rico Rodriguez, the chaos personified into Equestria? I say H.P. must be some Discord-like character.

H.P I wonder who this could be?
*Thinking* *Thinking* *Idea*
Is it.............Harry Potter?

Hurry up with chap 5, I hate cliffhanging, It feels like 10,000 feet up here! :pinkiecrazy:

679787 WAIT It might be discord H.P. could mean Help Plz

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