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Not much to say, I'm a simple pony at the low age of 17. I enjoy Heavy Metal music and reading. English is not my native language, but it might as well be. Luna is the best Princess ever!


The NCR Veteran Ranger, Elite Class, Capt. Michael Denton was seen as a kind and honorable man by wasteland standards. Until it finally broke him. His reason for joining the NCR changed. He used means that would be considered monstrous to defeat his enemies and complete his objective. The NCR saw this and decided to use him as a weapon. Haunted by the death of his sister and his government using him, Michael turned into a monster. But after a mission gone wrong Michael found himself and his team trapped by raiders inside an underground research facility and his life was about to take an unexpected turn.

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holy fuck adding this to my "orgasm when new chapter comes out list" :ajsmug:


im gonna keep a eye on you and see where this story goes

The other kind of Fallout Crossover!

Okay, could use some editing for flow. There are some places commas or something else should be that don't have them, but this is a solid story. Grab yourself an editor/pre-reader (I'd offer myself, but I have a lot of stuff to do), and don't wind up as a cookie-cutter Human in Equestria story, and you should be fine and dandy.

21870 A positive response?:pinkiegasp:

I'll have to spend more time on the next chapter!:twilightsmile:

thank you.... its 5 min till i leave for class and this just made my day

22174 If this brightens somepony's day then that is more then i hoped for! :twilightblush:

A Fallout fic that doesn't involve Equestrian being annihilated...
Huh, this is promising....

i must say i like how this is comming

but i sugest that you all a few things to the prolouge

1.the reason the rangers were reconing the area was that hq observed a large powerspike when the main vault reactors fired up. (this clears up a lot of questions concerning the legitness of the adventure)

2.(this is purely to satisfy the fallout pros, there for i dont recomend this but it is a choice.) maybe he isnt actually in equestria but in a tranquil lane type deal. (this adds to believe ability but takes away from story appeal)

3.(i think this is criticel) he must maintain that this is a dream for at leas 3 days or more.
this should annoy ponyville's resedents

4. he needs to get into a lot of trouble, like (have an open mind) he comes from a world where everyone does were cloths, so this transion could have complications (ill let you run with that one:raritywink:) remember in fallout there is alway shipping of some kind :trixieshiftright:

5. back to the prolouge just as a tip i would have the main reactors start right befor the battle for hoover dam. (if you remember right before the battle you need to start the casino's reactors, this could also be the joult that starts this vaults reactors.)

6. last one (for now) where are his friends? woud be cool if they also found there way into this story somehow.

7.(i lied) idk what your plan is but i would like the endgame to be a quest for the correct magic spell to open a dimentional rift back to earth, who knows we may even get to see flutts in the mohave wastelands

You know, I doubt they would have let him off the hook that easy.
He has to go through big questioning. Specifically, I am expecting either Twilight or Pinke Pie to show up first
on the scene. I hope you are prepared to make an elaborate explanation for Pinke Pie to tell, after all,
she holds powers that go even beyond the Alicorns.

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

I swear to god this isn't a human, pony, griffon, dragon, diamond dog, or other right here
Also, I was trying to make a fic like this, but with an insane (By that I mean outright dangerous kind of insane) guy from Canada obsessed with keeping order and good stuff.
and not ponyified.

I'd like to express my thoughts on this
1: It could work
2: defiantly don't recommend
3: Maybe not three days, since that's a while to write.
4: could work
5: clever
6: I'll need to take a section to explain
Why the hell not? I thought putting my arm into the arm slot in the machine.

“Mike, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Frank shouted.

“Experimenting” ‘We’re really this stupid?’ I didn’t ask for your opinion. ‘I’m your brain. My opinion is your opinion.’ Shut up will you?

I looked over at the screen and instead of the usual scientific mumbo-jumbo there was clear text.
My eyes widened when I started reading. “Injecting Biological Agent E-479x.” I hastily clicked up the specifics on the agent. “BA.E-479x Will alter your DNA string so that you become extremely susceptible to mutation. That will allow your DNA to change to the indignant life-form that is the closest to matching your DNA and body type upon entering another dimension.”
Then there was a flash of light as the pylons fired some sort of energy beam between them, the beams connecting right above me. I saw a cyan colored cloud form above me and my eyes widened in horror as the cloud began dispersing, reveling a tunnel into what looked like space. I was suddenly yanked upwards as I caught a glimpse of something that made my heart sink into my feet. A cyan colored energy blast riveted across the room turning Frank and Jesse into dust.
“NO!” I screamed as I was sucked into the wormhole.

Basically, his friends were turned to dust due to incompatibility and he survived due to genetic compatibility due to the machine's injection.

7: Maybe he doesn't want back in the end.

22362:twilightblush: My first question tree! -squee-
Well let's get to it! :pinkiehappy:

1. I'll explain that in a flashback scene!

2. You'll have to wait and see.

3. Michael is an elite operative. He might think he's been drugged and being pryed for information.

4. Oh don't worry, there is a lot of trouble to be had in Equestria for a fighting man. :rainbowdetermined2: Oh also he's human at heart there would take somepony very special to get him interested.

5. It was never mentioned that they were satationed in the Mojave :ajsmug:

6. They are dead. but they will be included in future psycho dreams or flashbacks.

7. Honestly i haven't planned that far ahead but i have a few ideas.:scootangel:

Is it just me or does his new colour scheme mirror veteran ranger armour?

it does.
fully unexpected.

So, out of curiosity, just what is the point of a crossover with the normal Fallout verse if humans get transformed into ponies in the process? Is it just the "thing" to do?

me gusta, keep it up.

(can't wait to see what happens when pinkie shows up :pinkiehappy: )

Quick question. Would you prefer it if i wrote longer chapters or should i stick to 2500-ish words? Thanks for your time:moustache:

try about 2000 to 3000 words, going into 4000 if it fits better.
But remember that if it feels more natural to stop or keep going with a chapter (IE: Cliffhanger moment) then don't be afraid to have a 400 word chapter.

Yeah if i upload a 400 word chapter then something is horribly wrong and i need someone to come save me:rainbowhuh:


Not that there's anything wrong with "Fallout: Equestria" or "People from the Fallout Universe get transported to Equestria" type stories, but this is a refreshing change of pace.

Also, Shadowstep, good work on the gun shot scene. I'm no professional critic, but you made that scene oh so believable, especially with the Equestrians' complete ignorance of firearms and bullets. Keep it up.

-SQUEE- :pinkiehappy:

That part came so naturally for some reason and im very glad you liked it! And im going to have fun with the wild side of Equestria, the side with all the mythical creatures i can pit him against :rainbowdetermined2:

Damn you, now I want to play New Vegas again, but I don't have it anymore :flutterrage:

I think I might be sensing some shipping in there with Rose. :rainbowwild:

ok this is very good... but remember to slow it down a bit.. i think you wrote twi well for the time being, and the progression is at a rushed pace... when you do get to the questioning i expect a very long (at least 4000 words) talk with multiple ponies. i want this to be a wake up call almost for the ponies of equestria, maybe celestia could get involved saying that she had been visited before by humans, (or even *holy sht this would be cool* reference the Exodous as it has a cool explination for equestria) and she is unhappy that humans have again entered equestria with weapons. i could see this ending up as a story cronicleing his journey to redeme the human race in the eyes of ponies. but its up to you. let me know what you tink

An as per usual Human in Equestria Fic?

I don't know why but this is what ive been waiting for in a fallout fict i really cant wait to see what comes next im looking forward for rarity to somehow fix his clothing to look like this ncr pony ranger also looking forward to the technology devoid pony's being wowed when he gets the pipboy/wait pipbuck? he picked up in the vault on his leg:pinkiehappy:

25112 i agree with you there if you can keep the helmet and throw in a pipboy/pipbuck it would be perfect. Also for the problem of putting it on unicorn magic nuff said :D:rainbowdetermined2:

I like where you are going with this story!

I removed the comedy tag since i realized i both can't and wont be writing anything funny. :applecry:

I'm going to focus more on Michael's psyche and will also include violence towards ponies. If anyone has ideas for future confrontations or things like that I'm all ears.:twilightsmile:

Or hell, any mythical creatures you want me to pit Michael against?

Any Mojave beasts?

Ursa Major?:facehoof:
Hydra? Maybe...:moustache:
Lupus Major... Happening :pinkiehappy:

Dude, an Ursa Major is, bu my estimates, given how the minor is about the size of several houses...
size of downtown Manehattan.

I wish i gave him more guns... :twilightangry2:

Just make wastelanders start to appear, both good and bad ones.
Now he got gun.

When is teh next chapter?

I have it pretty much finished, just have to run it by my editor. I'm aiming at releasing it this weekend.

hmmmm... this storyline actually has potential
i'm tracking and waiting for more
keep the good work up

It really made my day when this updated Ive been looking forward to it :twilightsheepish:

Yeah but as ah said, ahm going ta take a break and actually create a plot.

Might release a chapter with more detailed information on Michael background within the NCR and some adventures with Frank and Jesse.
But those kinds of chapter won't contain any ponies whatsoever, okay maybe one.

Hope you continue this!
And then he wakes up in the vault with his friends surrounded by raiders.

i think this could go many different ways


I dearly hope you continue and quickly :pinkiecrazy:

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