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Bucking Nonsense

A Little Nonsense Now And Then Is Relished By The Wisest Men.


Mole Cricket, former commander of the changeling swarm, finds himself stranded in Equestria, with no idea where the rest of his kind may be... and no intention of reuniting with the swarm, since the Queen would blame her failure in Canterlot upon him. After encountering a group of youngsters who, instead of seeing a monster, see a hero, the changeling decides to dedicate himself to an impossible goal...

To become the first changeling to attain knighthood.
Cover Art by SlashOpenTheSky

The first of five new stories for the rebooted Cricket-Verse... now renamed the Nonsense-verse.

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Okay, this is it folks, the first part of the reboot. I'm going to try and keep as much of the original verse intact, but there's going to be a few changes here and there. I hope you all don't mind it, and enjoy the stories to come.

YAY more cricket-verse!

More Mole Cricket! :pinkiehappy: All my yes!

Ooh, I wonder what kind of knightly deeds he'll be doing.

Heh, I can never get enough Cricket... or of anybuggy for that matter. This is definitely a promising start to the reboot, and a heartwarming one at that. Though personally I'm having troubles with the verse name, I can't think of anything better since it's focused on more than just Cricket now and cannot rightly be called the Cricketverse. At least it's not a terribly complex acronym. :rainbowlaugh:

Definitely cannot wait for your next update. And for Cricket to kick Sombra's... er, Dream Sombra's, I guess? Well, old meanie-horn's plot, if he encounters him. Heh. Heheheh. :pinkiecrazy:

Good part: More details, more Criketm, more awesome.:rainbowdetermined2:

Bad Part: The wait until more Ladybird and Ling:raritydespair:

I'll be starting their stories next. :pinkiehappy:

so far not bad


Then it is time to play the worst game ever for the greatest of rewards...The waiting game.

Comment posted by Adxnsp deleted Feb 3rd, 2014

Woo new story (when does my oc come?)

(You'll be in the second chapter of Ling's story. So, either Ling's will be next, or Ladybird's. After that, I have to go through the cycle for all the others, leading back to Ling. Cool? :pinkiehappy:)

3889422 3889321
Yes. We are calling this the Cricketverse. Because the only, only way you are going to get away with calling it the FCIEverse is if you pronounce it “facie.”


You know what? We’ll take it to vote. Vote this comment up for aye, vote down for nay.

Do we call it the FCIEverse?

I love the direction you're taking this reboot in and can't wait for more.

But it is too late, my friend; The Cricketverse it has been named, the Cricketverse it shall be. This name hath been sealed, and shalt not be altered. Thus speaketh the almighty Fans.

Plus, it's nice to have a convenient way to "remember your roots," so to speak. Am I right?

Awwwww Cwiwet is daw best mwengwing :rainbowkiss::heart::yay:

How about the Buggy-verse, since the changelings talk about themselves with words like "everybuggy", "anybuggy", and "somebuggy"?
It's an amusing quirk that, as far as I can tell, is unique to this universe (other stories seem to prefer using "ling" instead of "buggy").

You may want to make a blog post and tag one of your older stories. If I hadn't noticed this in the new story list I would have never known you were thinking of a reboot. I would have just kept waiting for your other stories to update. And waiting... And waiting. If you don't tag a story with your blog, only followers of you but not people who have favored your story get notified.

PS. Great start, I love it.

PPS. I do keep meaning to follow you but keep forgetting to click it

I don't like the idea of a reboot,


Considering that (to my knowledge) the original was apparently intended to have a little fun with Bat!Fluttershy and then quickly grew into something quite a bit more, perhaps a little reformatting is in order.

Can we at least have a hint as to what to expect?

Let me know what you want me to draw for this one in our little pm we've been using! ^_^

Well, let me put it this way: Five very different changelings living five very different lives in Equestria, but ultimately all of them seek something that they never had. Cricket seeks to become a knight. The other four will also eventually seek very concrete goals. Cricket's is fairly straightforward, but will require a lot of hard work. The others will have a harder time finding what they want to do with their lives, since what they seek will be a bit more difficult for them to define.

Someone was kind enough to send me one. It's a little simple, but it works.

3893197 So it's the same as before, plus a subplot and also fleshed out more? Is Goliath still there? I liked Goliath.

I liked Goliath too :pinkiehappy: . I'll give him his own story one day :rainbowdetermined2: .

3893325 Just promise me that we still get cute FluttershyXChangeling fluff, and I'll be happy.

I am to be liking the reboot. And I shall be always calling this the Cricket-verse. No ifs ands or buts about it. But, ya. Good chapter. I like it and can't wait for more.

Cool! Reboot! So when does reality set in and they find that there are a lot who would be predudice against their appearance?

Seriously, if a single town entirely avoids a zebra, I doubt they would react well to a Changeling being there.

Woooooooooooo! MOAR CRICKET! :pinkiegasp: Can't wait to read.

Don't you dare remove the all the gifts the children send him after they get home, the princesses and Cricket going through them was my favourite bit of the old verse.

I would never think of removing something so absurdly adorable. :pinkiehappy:

3898404 Can I ask if Ms Isreallyaboyrabbitwithagirlyname is staying? That seemed like the most practical idea any changeling could make.
Unbuyable love for buyable carrots? Yes please!

Of course. And this time, we'll get to see the origins of the Cuddlewumpus.

Is Portia going to be a part of the reboot?

Possibly, but I've not decided for certain, or if she'll get her own story one day.

Interesting story this. I'll be watching it.

I can't wait to read more of this wonderful story in more detail! I've read almost evey one of them up to this point and seeing this makes me so happy... Now I get to read about everything that was kinda not there in the first story done... And I love it!


Looking up at him with those big, innocent eyes, she said, with an adorable lisp, "You'we not a scawy monstah. I've seen what a scawy monstah wooks wike. His name was Sombwa. You don't wook anything wike him. You wook wike the biggest, stwongest, bwavest knight in the whole wide wohd"


((I love it! I cannot wait for the next one!!))

Why won't the thumbs up button accept my 80 other thumbs ups?

I already love where this is going:pinkiehappy:

I like this story. Good! :derpytongue2:

Whoa. Time to download this exposition into my brain for future reference!

Also, how close is this knight system to the one in our days of yore? At first glance it seems like a dead ringer, but I'm pretty uneducated in that stuff; haven't had much reason to research it, myself! :twilightsheepish:

Great addition to the original story! Keep up the great work!

I tried to blend several of the traditions. The truth is, the knighthood of yore isn't what you might think: as Shining Armor says, a knight used to be a nobleman who rode around busting heads in the name of the king. A knight had to be wealthy to afford the armor and weaponry he needed, not to mention a horse. Most orders of knighthood in the oldest days were just the knights who directly served the king or queen, and you could be added in if the king or the members of the order said it was cool. In more recent times, a knighthood became a military honor bestowed upon great generals and admirals (Horatio Nelson was such an astounding military commander that he attained three separate knighthoods). Nowadays, if you're a celebrity in England, odds are you'll get knighted if you're a pretty awesome guy and do a lot of good things for the people. I didn't want to make something too complex or contrived, but at the same time, I tried to make it something that would require genuine effort to achieve. Therefore, the blend.

Please tell me he at least gets to adopt the little griffon?

Go read "The Royal Audience: A Mole Cricket Story" real quick. :pinkiehappy: In particular, chapter two.

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