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Doomie, like most of his brothers, hasn't eaten in a while.
So, when a random pink pony asks for him to "do her"
and intercourse love is the tastiest kind of love out there,
and the pony herself looks pretty pretty:
How could he refuse?

Author's diary: DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAR diary. There is not enough Doomie pie fanfics out there....That is all.

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Okay, this was silly, and kind of heartwarming somehow.



That was good for a few chuckles.:rainbowlaugh:

Who is doomie?

You are cruel! Why oneshot only ?


>Do me


Ohohohohoho youuuuuuu.

Damnit, Larry! Stop writing single shoots that keep making us want more!

The last time a changeling called Doomie met Pinkie, he was eaten. And here's me wondering if it's the same Doomie as the last one. Guess there's only one way to find out...
I'll be back with another comment after reading, C'ya!

5938510 The Fan name for the poor Changeling Pinkie interacts with

Poor thing was never the same again

Awww, that was cute. :pinkiesmile: Well then, no confirmation. Just gonna' go read more Doomie again, don't mind me.

I don't care if this was a one shot I WANT MOAR

hilarious single shoot! we kinda need a follow up story about their relationship :rainbowlaugh:

>Clever title
>Eyebrow-raising description
>Comments tell me it's legit

To read or not to read, that is the question.

Gonna read later anyway

~ Wolfram Alpha

That ending had me laughing. Great job.

GIVE US MORE!! This is just too good to just leave it as a one-shot! WE DEMAND MORE!! Maybe one involving Chrysalis, Cadance and Shining Armor. Maybe Twilight has a nightmare of it happening only to wake up to learn SHE is in a relationship with Chrysalis and wakes up for that nightmare.

Thus leading to a treaty, and the assimilation of the Changeling race into Equestrian society.
And one hell of a bachelor party.

Well, that happened.

That's why I called him that.
Because calling him "the changeling" gets kinda annoying to write over and over again.
Anyways...wow. Didn't expect to see this story get featured.
Nor people wanting more. that rhymed
and if that's what you guys want...
I dunno...
I did have some ideas (each one being more awkward than the last) for the next part in this story...
so, I could write more.
Let it be known that this was VERY awkward to write,
especially what happened toward the end...
So, just wait till I figure out how to write this.
If I do...
and I did

A comedy of errors. Cute, awkward and hilarious.

To be honest, from when they started staring till it was specifically described as a make-out session, I kinda thought they were already doing it. Was almost thinking they were rutting then and there.

Well done.

well thats one way to stop a fight :pinkiehappy:

will there be sequels?:raritystarry:

Needs a sequel... NOW!!!!!!

Edit. Darius has told me its incomplete... THERE IS A GOD!!!!! Wait... I already know that...

How cute! This oneshot was so sweet. Especially the trouble at the start. Doomie and Pinkie are talking about two different things. Hahahaha!

This fic amused me far more than it should have.

I could totally get behind a sequel and/or extended version of this.

-Sanity is overrated


“Uh...this is...this...this...is exactly what it looks like…yeah, exactly what it looks like...”

Thank you for this, more pls :rainbowlaugh:

The awkward has taken physical form!

Its delicious!

... alright, I actually don't know what to say about this. Have a like.:rainbowlaugh:

This was a pretty funny read, have a +1.

If you need an editor, I'm available. There were a few scattered errors here and there, and a few in your story's description as well.

:moustache: So how did the changlings capture you guys?

:raritywink: Pinkie made love not war .


5939150 Why does it say it's incomplete????

5939514 Whatever, also, May the 4th be with you.:twilightsmile::twistnerd:

5939052 We love you for this.

If more of this isn't out soon, I don't know how i'll cope.

huh... Good enough to make a Story but is it going to a Only 1-3 thing?

What a heartwarming romance! All guys should take notes and follow this example. It can't fail.

OMG I LOVED IT!!:heart::rainbowlaugh::heart::yay::heart::rainbowlaugh::heart::yay::heart::rainbowlaugh: Please tell me there is more of this coming soon!! I'm dying over here! There has to be more :fluttercry:


Well I feel dense for not realizing that punny name. Ha.


Very clever story technique. Make your readers work for dat pay off eh?

Okay the little confusion between Pinkie Pie and Doomie is adorable and comedic. I like how you kept Pinkie's attitude, and introduced Doomie's. The implied meanings were also very funny, maybe a bit risky but hey you gave the "sex" tag so fair warning.


Is this a silly little one-shot?
Or will there be more exploration of the results of possibly the first consensual-and-aware Changeling/Pony relationship?

(Something tells me it's gonna be the latter)

I like it. Continue on, dear sir/ma'am. I would love to see more.

As many others have said, we need more.

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