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Regarding Celestia · 11:45pm May 12th, 2014

The season finale was very good, even if I've always liked the "slice of life" episodes much more. I enjoyed this one, and the writers did a good job. I'm still a little annoyed with them. They're very talented, but once again they brushed Celestia aside. At least this time she didn't get taken down by a plant.

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Hey is Finding Serenity still going?

725713 Yeah, but she's...that's just...she isn't...

...Oh. My. GOD.:pinkiegasp:

So here I am, watching Firefly (Our Mrs. Reynolds) and thinking about MLP, and then something hit me.

Y'know how Safron, or whatever her name is, changes personas? Frequently? And how she makes her victims fall in love with her??? And how she had very good acting skills? pretending to be someone she's not?

Just sayin' is all:raritywink:

Grats on the EQD feature man. :twilightsmile: You're now the envy of 99% of fimfic!

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