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Lyra has spent the last six years drifting all over the 'Verse looking for work. Usually she can find it, but sometimes the universe can be a dangerous place. Luckily, she doesn't have to face it alone; she has a good crew at her back and a dependable ship to call home. As long as she can stay out of trouble, life is good.

Unfortunately, staying out of trouble doesn't get her paid.

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Comments ( 106 )

I know a good idea when I see one. This is not one of those ideas.

This is one of those great ideas.

2588460 The first line of your comment...:pinkiesad2:

The second line...:pinkiehappy:


Agreed 100%. I would have said more, but I didn't want to imply that you had an inadequate degree of enthusiasm.

Two things jumped out at me - Spud wanted to shave. Umm. How anthro are they, that shaving makes sense?

And don't you mean Manedarin?

>You can’t sell, so you won’t by. That’s fair enough.

Not a fan of Firefly, but this was quite well written.

You did give Derpy Kaylee's lines, and Spud's lines matched those of the fed. So I hope you know what you are doing.

I met Adam Baldwin to, got him to sign a hat.

Absolutely loving what you are doing with this. Never read a Firefly crossover, but this is definitely doing it right.

Interesting how you're twisting it just a little. The story could definitely stand to be twisted a little further - but I suspect you were going to do that anyway once you got past the pilot.

So is Spud that worthless mechanic they had before Kaylee showed up, or is he just that bad with personal hygiene?

And now for my reaction to the story: Yes. Yes. This is lovely story and we shall thrive. :pinkiesmile:

Nice blending of Besker and Dobson. And remember Lyra, pain can be scary. But in Spudblood's case, just throw a dirty rag on him. He'll talk eventually. Maybe use the soiled bandages/rags from Derpy's surgery. :rainbowdetermined2: And when in doubt, airlock diplomacy is the answer. :twilightangry2:

I eagerly await the next chapter and shall spend the interim trying to spot if Thunderlane already has a certain cunning hat. :pinkiehappy: (My money is on "Not yet".)

Someone needs to draw Thunderlane in his cunning hat. STAT! :twilightsheepish:

I am liking this one, but things better not end like things ended.

:fluttercry: Leaf on the wind.... :raritycry:

"Spudblood". Just yes. I love that Derpy is Kaylee; it just seems to fit so well.

So far, this story has been excellently done, and the rapid updates are appreciated. I eagerly look forward to what else you have planned.

2620225 Yes. This story marks the last time that Lyra will ever pronounce Blueblood's name correctly. Just don't get too used to the rapid updates, because having them so regularly isn't going to be the norm. I do my best, though. It helps that the entire first "episode" is already written.

2618096 No, no cunning hat yet. I'm thinking about a cunning sweater vest though.

2604065 You hope you know what I'm doing? Do I really look like a guy with a plan?

They’re off this boat just as soon as we get out of this mess they’ve gotten us into.

Tell me again how the 'New Equestria aristocrats' only care about themselves, Thunderlane. :ajbemused::facehoof:

This, I like it...
On an actual note, as a fan of Firefly, I find the story so far quite well within the original show's ethos. One or two spelling errors, but unfortunately I got too caught up in reading tp remember where they are.

Now I need to go and find my Firefly copies and watch ALL OF THEM REPEATEDLY...AGAIN.


"At last. We have conquered this land. We shall call it... This Land...
'I say we should call it your grave!'
'Ah! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!'
'Now die!'
'Oh, god! Oh, god! Oh, dear god in heaven! Oh god!"

2618291 Watch me play with my dinosaurs.

Yes, yes... This will do nicely...

Firefly and ponies...

You sir, just made my day!:raritystarry:

Just a quick question,
Will the Reavers be changelings? or just insane ponies?:pinkiehappy:

2761411 if I've done my job right, you're going to wish they were changelings. I do like the idea, though. I haven't thought of how changelings would fit in this world. I'll have to come up with something, because they're too cool to leave out.

Huh. Now there's an unexpected twist. Why Blueblood would call Shining Armor a commoner is a mystery to me.

And can you use some dividers between sections? hr in square brackets works.

Your right. I DO wish they were changelings:twilightoops:

Slaves or... drugs???

I guess that under the circumstances the rim lives in, the less dangerous drugs aren't even classified as such - much like we treat alcohol, tobacco, and, increasingly, marijuana - so that this comment is referring to the stuff that anyone would agree messes you up?

2780023 That's pretty much what I was thinking. Also, since the pilot appears to be a reformed junkie, it's probably wise to just stay away from that kind of thing.

2775160 Pffft, just wait until one of them starts talking.

I noticed you called Pretty Vision River in this episode... lol Celestia dammit Summer.

Reavers are the exact opposite of a bright side. Like... completely :twilightoops:

If they only ever talk to each other, it shouldn't be too surprising that their philosophies are so uninformed. Books, being passive, can't point things out.

I dropped a like a while ago, but I want to drop another...Hey, you know what, I'll link this story to my Skype channel, that'll do it.
Yeah, I've been enjoying this so far. Spitfire was a bit random, but hey, explosions are never really expected! Lyra's tactical genius is questionable at best...I'm wondering, do you plan on bringing in a more pronounced back-story, cuz I'd totally dig that.
Structurally, didn't spot any grammar errors, so plus one point. One or two composition errors, but it's still vastly better than most. And story-wise, I'm loving it. The references are lost on me, but the multiple perspectives and bits of humour are a good start. Still, not much foreshadowing or developement in this chapter. Waiting on the next at your leisure.

Regards and hoping not to annoy

2951895 Comments are never annoying, and in fact are my entire reason for submitting these stories. I want to get better at writing, but that would be hard to do without any input! There is absolutely a back-story to this, and it's about to start showing up. I'm hoping that I can pull it off without goofing it up, but I think it should pan out okay. I'm glad that you're enjoying this! Don't hesitate to tell me what you think:pinkiehappy:

So we've gone straight from the train job to bushwhacked cool can't wait to see what happens next.

Also are the spa twins analogous to the blue sun agents.

Also also Spitfire reminds me of Jubal Early... and not in the good way :(

Ah, the pitter-patter of tiny hooves in huge combat boots. :twilightsmile:

I'm really enjoying this story! I think you've matched the characters up well and I just hope you don't go the route of the movie and kill of Vinyl and Big Mac. What I think happened is that she was in a terrible accident that severely damaged her throat and voice. Maybe shuttle crash or a mugging gone wrong or even she accidentally swallowed a spoon! Guess I'll just have to stay tuned for the next episode. Keep up the good work!



It was the correct call in directly translating the Firefly Reavers as they are into your fan-fiction. What makes the Reavers so terrifying to the characters as well as the audience is not only their sheer savagery & their self-mutilation, but the underlying horror in that they can make you (or almost anyone you know, that has not been savagely killed) into one of them as well.

Joss Whedon had remarked the Star Trek villains The Borg were one of the inspiration-factors in creating the Reavers; where-as The Borg forcibly assimilate you into their cold emotionless collective, the Reavers infect/convert you into become a ravening monster.

You didn't play coy with them, that's my only complaint, and it's minor. We didn't get to see reavers proper until Serenity.

Aaaaaaah, feedback. Glorious.

3159654 I thought the buildup was alright, what with the freezer and all. I think I just didn't drag it out for long enough. Anyway, I'm glad you were still able to enjoy it. Maybe next time I'll take longer to build up to it.

3158976 That's really good to hear, because this one had me worried. This marks the start of my attempt at branching out into a different (but similar) story. The Reavers, to me, are frightening for all of the reasons that you've described and then some. It's almost like we're all Reavers, since they're described as men that reached the edge of (known) space and were alone in the darkness with only themselves for company.

3079589 I know it's been a while since your comment, but I was waiting to reply to several at once. I tend to clog the comment section if I'm not careful. I'm really glad that people are enjoying this.


A big part of making a good and believable fan-fiction is to stay close to the canon where possible, more especially with a CrossOver story (and more difficult too).

My advice is to keep the Reavers as they would be from Firefly. Also, being able to convert/infect any other sentient race of your Firefly/MLP-'verse besides ponies, such as griffins, minotaurs, and others, is a good call too. Conversely, I doubt dragons would work, a space-dragon Reaver would probably be too over-the-top &/or over-the-line for reader believability.

Which brings me to another point: yes, Reavers were described by Malcolm Reynolds as men gone savage having travelled too far and too long into the darkness of frontier space during Firefly's short-lived series. Serenity movie further revealed that the Reavers were created as a side-effect of an Alliance chemically-induced "social experiment" upon a frontier world (Miranda) population.

What is important to keep in mind in storytelling the Reavers, is that the Reavers' threat is a growing one (albeit slowly). Each year the Reavers push back the borders of civilized/frontier space as their attacks grow in numbers, because they are growing in numbers (through aforementioned converting/infecting others into becoming Reavers) from the original experiment-gone-wrong colonists of planet Miranda.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

As a creative suggestion, Queen Chrysalis & the Changelings could be a third-party interstellar spy-network connected through their hive-mind. Queen Chrysalis herself could play the part of "femme-fatale information broker" to anyone capable of paying her often steep prices.

Said steep prices can range from:
- simple money &/or valuables (lots of it)
- shady services/favors ("There is a bank I wish robbed. You may keep any monies &/or valuables from the heist. I 'merely' desire Safety Deposit Box #13; the whole box, sealed, intact, and undamaged...")
- or most likely, being able to feed upon the emotional love of a client, or sources a client provides (not necessarily willing sources, either)

The last version (feeding) could be a dark reflection of the Firefly Companions, as some among the rich &/or powerful (meaning "most antagonists") may keep a Changeling (or several) on-hand or nearby for easier contact &/or access to their hive-mind intelligence-network, as well as for having a courtesan who can shapeshift to whatever client's tastes...

Well its really starting to get good... im very interested to see where this gos from here and how it diverges from the show.

One question though why its Ticky speaking chinese, I can't remember if anypony else has yet or not. Im not against it as it is part of the show, but you should have it be a lagauge from one of the mlp species.... maybe griphon?

No problem that you're deviating plot-wise. Just try to have a spirit that's still a cross between the two.

While I think you shouldn't stray to very far, that is why most of us are here after all, I think it would most defenetly help keep the story going if you diverged a bit here and there.

I say let the story go where it wants, and the characters where they do. I agree with Sozmioi and try to keep the spirit in mind, and if you have an way you want it to go, try to do so. But don't force it. If you're writing and what you feel should happen is different from what you had planned, go for it.

... hmm hard to say, on the one hoof MLP is full of musical numbers while firefly dose'nt have very many.

On the other however that show did give us the awesomeness that is "The Man They Call Jayne"... so if its going to be like that then sure I don't see why not.

You're back!!! HOORAY!!! :pinkiehappy: Pretty good chapter! I like it.:twilightsmile:

3639358 I'm glad! Work has been slowing down a bit lately, which means I have more time to devote to other things. And by "other things" of course I mean "ponies".

Biggest deviation, sure. But Thunderlane was already not Jayne, so all right.

My only complaint is the title. It's not a brawl if there are two individuals involved, even if they trash the joint.

Derpy's reaction to Gilda's insults reminds me of Scotty in The Trouble with Tribbles.

Octavia`s got my vote.:pinkiehappy:
And sequel you say? I`d have to read the first!:twilightsmile:

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