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I'm perfectly normal. Who told you I was crazy? Not me. Cuz I'm totally not, ya hear? I'M NOT!!! Oh, and I write stuff, which you should check out. ... ...you all made me this way... ...


Excuses Excuses Excuses... · 7:06am Feb 16th, 2014

Hi, my name is Quicksear, and you probably don't remember me...



Yeah, if you read this blog post, then you're probably aware that I have been missing for quite some time. It's driving me bloody NUTS! I'm sitting out on a farm with very poor mobile coverage, no landlines, and no internet connection at all. So every time I want to get online and do anything actually FUN, there's no connection. I usually curl up into a ball and rock myself to sleep at that point.

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Buying a thousand monkeys has finally begun to pay off! Lookit!

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1414773 A skimpily dressed vase. moving on.

Angry Madmoth sent me here! Browsing through your stories now :D

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