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Discord lost. He was once again turned to stone by the Elements of Harmony and returned to Celestia's little garden. With nothing much to do but wait, he lets his mind wander into the limbo between universes. From there he contacts other Discords in a similar predicament and together they come to a brilliant idea: Ally themselves together and overcome their respective foes!

Today is the day (in a manner of speaking) they organize this alliance.

It all goes as well as you would imagine.

WARNING: Extremely random, nonsensical and confusing.

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confused to all hell but enjoying every second of it:rainbowhuh:

4417657 Or too many dance floor on the Discords?:ajsmug:

4417795 Good! :pinkiehappy:

Very unique, and a deceptively well-written piece. Fuck it, I'll fave.

4417973 :twilightsmile: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

Well if they can't be an Order of Discords, why not a Chaos of Discords?

I remember discussing this idea about a year ago in a forum. Where you there?

Done before or not it was good fun.

4420309 Yeah I lifted some of the argument about the name from some forum posting I did. Including the John de Lancie one.

4418436 I admit I didn't think of that! :rainbowderp:

4420318 Thanks!

Hey author! How come Discord did not say anything, or even Discord!? I know he is not the best Discord, but he is way cooler than Discord!

4421539 I'm sorry, drastic cuts were made to the voice actor budget and so Discord and Discord had to remain silent parts in this story.

4421559 Also I guess you added your OC "Discord" in it. I can already tell he is a total rip off of Discord!

(But seriously I'm loving this story so far! I can't wait to see what you will do with it! Great job!)

4421609 I don't know if I will ever do more, maybe when inspiration hits me.

... LOVED IT, but know I cant tell up from down... maybe you shouldn't read this near bed time to avoid confusion :rainbowlaugh:

4423253 It's alright, those concept are meaningless once you're dreaming :derpytongue2:

Quorum of Discords

That seems strangely appropriate.

What you did there, I see it :pinkiecrazy:


As did I.


... That's stupid, ridiculous and makes no sense. :ajbemused: IT's PERFECT!

>> Fizzy Orange XD true that

Brilliant! Simply, brilliant!

confusing, but that is Discord after all

This fanfic was.. was... AWESOME!!! :rainbowkiss: :raritystarry: i CANT BELIVE WHAT AWESOMENESS I JUST READ OMG!!! -MIND EXPLOAD FROM AWESOMENESS- :heart:

My Brain just exploded.

Thank you


For the sake of conveniency, I will only speak "Discord" Discord Discord Discord.

Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord?

6120838 Discord? Discord Discord: Discord.

4973851 I hope you don't mind but I'm doing a reading of your story and I made a few alterations for comedic effect.
Love the story, I only wish I could do a good John Derek Lancie impression

6222168 Discord Discord Discord... Discord Discord! Discord Discord Discord?

Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord Discord, Discord.
(I am going to continue what I did last comment, Discord.)

6225214 Just a quick note, a few words didn't make it through when I pasted the text, so you might want to reread the end of the chapter.

6228107 Thanks for the heads-up. Still a bit disappointed by the absence of Q but, whatever. Great way to continue/conclude(?) it!

6222443 Discord. Discord Discord, Discord Discord Discord; Discord "Discord Discord! DISCORD" Discord.


6305152 Discord? Discord Discord Discord Discord!

Oh this is beautiful. The mind-fuck here is just too damn good. Now, I can only think of Discord talking with Discord who is Discord while running from Discord philosophizing about the inner nature of Discord present within Discord as measured on a Discord based spectrum designed by Discord.

But in all seriousness, this is just too perfect and hilarious. Not to mention being perfectly in character for everyone involved, primarily discord as shown in his conversation with Discord while Discord (slaps self). Sorry. Anyway, this is hilarious and goes exactly how I've always imagined a meeting between Discords would go.

There is no world. There is no existence. There is no self. There is only Discord who is secretly Discord masquerading as Discord who is President Discord replaced with Senator Discord who is the secret identity of Discord.

In all seriousness, this is still pretty funny and a nice enough epilogue of sorts (at least as of right now), but it isn't quite as impacting or hilarious as the first one.

Honestly, I'm kind of hoping you cut off here, as I'm not sure I can take any more Discords running around in the back of my mind ever since they renamed it Discord in honor of Discord who slew the previous Discord and freed the realm of Discord from the scientist Discord who created Discord as a fail safe in case Discord ever got out of control due to the corrupting influence of Discord on the psyche of Discord.

Way to stand up for yourself Eris! (whistles) You go girl!!!:pinkiehappy:

Discord. Discord, llama. Discord Discord Discord. Discord! Discord. :facehoof:

John De Lancie bit nearly made me fall out of my chair. Fantastic work.

Discord Discord. Discord, Discord Discord! Discord: Discord, Discord, Discord, Discord, and finally Discord.

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