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I make really stupid stories, but it's fine since I enjoy making them.


Discord has a last word with his dear friend Fluttershy before he goes off to Tartarus, sharing his cell with a shrivelled up Tirek in this alternate universe where the other ponies weren't so kind to him.

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Comments ( 8 )

Not half bad.... shame there's not more....

Ouch... that hurt my heart a little. Aww.

Eh, it was a bit too contrived, and both Fluttershy and Discord are off from their canon personalities slightly but disturbingly.
Together with a few grammar errors and lazy punctuation, that'll be no upvote. Not bad enough to downvote either, though.

The premise of Discord not being forgiven by Celestia and Luna is an interesting one. Shame it was such a short story. And i think Twilight and Pinkie along with Fluttershy should have been against it. It would be fun to see entire adventure of Discord in prison with other villains something like in Shawshank Redemption. Fluttershy visiting him from time to time.

Not bad. I just added this to my 'Why Celestia is 3/4 Evil List'

I was crying at the end... :applecry:

How could everypony be so mean to the two of them splitting them up like that - would of thought at least Pinkie would want him to stay too

DAMN IT YOU MADE ME CRY!:fluttercry: GOOD WORK THOUGH *cries* good work

That was an okay read. Definitely sad, but not in any sort of powerful way. It’s more of a casual sadness about the whole thing when it should be heart-wrenching. Discord not being serious at all at the circumstances came off as kind of forced.

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