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The thing about endings is that they are so seldom really endings. Far more often, they are actually beginnings. So should they really be called "endings" at all?

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Chapter Rewrite · 9:18am Jan 19th, 2018

Hey Everypony!
So rather than work on the latest chapter in 'An Alternate Ending to 'A Canterlot Wedding'', I decided to rewrite one of the earlier chapters. The first chapter, to be exact.

I have been working on this story for a little over two years now (I think. Don't quote me on the exact timeline.:applejackunsure:) and I feel like my writing had improved immensely in that time.

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Oh, yes! All you need to submit the story are 1,000 words, either n one chapter or any number of chapters. You are free to add chapters later until your heart's content.:twilightsmile:

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