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Holidays, etc. · 11:05pm Dec 26th, 2016

Been a while, hasn't it? Apparently the holidays happened or something, I wasn't really paying attention, and now we're here.

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Hi, Came to check on you after finally finishing your latest story.

How have you been? Is life giving you a rest?

True, and the amount of throwaway monsters nobody will care about added to the roster at the end kind of implies Kong is gonna kick some serious ass. Cuz let's be honest, the only ones anyone's going to care about are Godzilla and Rodan.

After watching the movie, I do feel bad that I wont be including Rodan in the fic. Even if he was kind of a bitch, seeing him knock down an entire city just by flying a little low was impressive. Having something that could easily keep up with RD at full tilt would be an amazing scene, but there's not much other reason plot-wise to include him for longer. I more or less have the roster nailed down at this point. Maybe a cameo or Easter egg... I'll think of something.

The height difference was addressed in King Kong's movie. It was explicitly stated that he wasn't full grown yet and the skeletons of his parents were much larger than he was. Of course, there is still a plot hole from Kong. It was stated that the final monster in Kong Skull Island is what killed Kong's parents. So we are somehow supposed to believe that that thing beat a pair of Godzilla tier Titans two on one and yet lost to a juvenile Kong and humans armed with an aircraft autocannon.

Nobody being wowed by Ghidorah being an alien bothered me too. At least he was portrayed as menacing as he should be seeing as Godzilla needed the burning powerup and two heroic sacrifices from Mothra and ecoterrorist lady to beat him

Sure have. I can't really see what critics have a problem with, though: it's more or less a traditional Godzilla movie with a Hollywood budget. If you're familiar with the franchise in ANY capacity, King of the Monsters checks all the boxes. Yes the actors were... meh. But their purpose was the same as in every Toho movie: to set up the next monster throwdown. If you look past the plain acting, there's a lot of really interesting and promising worldbuilding for the Monsterverse, and oh my god the battles are everything people were demanding from the 2014 movie and then some.
One of my few hangups was how they treated King Ghidorah. They spend all movie trying to rationalize the behavior of the Titans as animal-like, which meshes with the 2014 movie. And then they basically straight up say "Yeah, he's an alien" and no one flips out about that fact. Granted, Ghidorah is traditionally portrayed as an extraterrestrial, and I do kind of dig the idea of an 'invasive species', but the trailers billed Ghidorah as the rival alpha to Godzilla, not some outer space usurper, and I liked the idea of Godzilla having direct competition from something originating on this planet.
I do like the re-design of Rodan, though. Classic Rodan was kind of boring -- a giant bird who could flap really hard to knock kaiju down. Nothing special. THIS Rodan is actually very devastating.
Mothra is... well, pretty much stereotypical Mothra in many ways. I'll leave it at that without spoiling anything. A part of me wishes Godzilla and Mothra had a moment, even a scene where they acknowledge one another, but I'm pretty sure the Godzilla fandom would EXPLODE if they showed anything even remotely close to shipping bait. I'm gonna have to find a way to see if I can include Mothra in some way (besides the little teasers in the fic so far).
Of course, after all the destruction and the conclusion to this movie, I have no idea how King Kong will even pose a threat. He's already knee-height to Godzilla, and on top of that the sheer level of destruction and power Godzilla now commands makes the contest laughable. Somehow I think that means King Kong is going to win because he is such an underdog, but the way things stand, Godzilla is going to curbstomp King Kong into next Tuesday.
I feel like King Kong deserves another movie before Godzilla vs King Kong to level the playing field and make things seem more like a competition. But maybe that's just me.

  • Viewing 134 - 138 of 138
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