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Holidays, etc. · 11:05pm Dec 26th, 2016

Been a while, hasn't it? Apparently the holidays happened or something, I wasn't really paying attention, and now we're here.

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Painful as it can be at times, life comes first over fun. Just knowing you're still around and have plans to finish the story though is a relief. Nothing distresses me more than getting into a story and then never getting to see how it ends. That's why I'm so reluctant to start any story before it's completed, I'm fearful it might be abandoned before it's completed.

Just an update, a note, a comment saying you're still alive and plan to finish it is a huge comfort.

Sorry to hear about the soul-crushing-ness. Glad to hear there is still hope somewhere.

Fight the good fight and keep on livin', i hope you find free time eventually. Not just for fiction, but for relaxing. God knows my own free time has become a precious commodity as of late.
piggybacking this response because i was going to check the same pulse as NG-B

God, I can't imagine how it must be. You know, just seeing you here it's enough to keep me calm. I don't care if the story is not uploading yet. Your life's first, take your time, just let us know if you leave like that for a while:pinkiesad2:

I wish you the best:pinkiehappy:

I have been extremely busy, what with a real life job slowly crushing my will to live and leaving my free time a distant memory. But I haven't given up finishing this dang story, by god


Are you alive? :applejackunsure:

Haven't seen from you in a while. I hope you're fine :)

  • Viewing 128 - 132 of 132
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