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"The arrogance of our kind is thinking nature is in our control, and not the other way around." ~Serizawa

When a foreign country far to the east, long since isolated from the rest of the world, reaches out to Equestria with a desperate plea for help, It’s up to Twilight and friends to save the day.
Yet things will be far from simple. They will find themselves thrust into a strange new land under siege by a terrible foe, pitting them in a race against time to stop a titanic force of nature before it crushes them all in its relentless path of destruction.

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And so begins the destruction!

This looks promising. It almost makes me as excited as Equestria S.O.S. (which I'm still mourning the loss of), and that is saying a lot. I like how the ponies have been established, the introduction is satisfying, and the story is intriguing.
I have always preferred Godzilla to be portrayed as a disaster rather than a major character so I look forward to future developments.

You, actually came up with a working onomatopoeia for that….

I am impressed, sir.

Added to read later list.

Quick question, does one need to be familiar with the recent Godzilla movie or is working knowledge of daikaiju good enough here?

Oh, he didn't come up with it. "Skree-onk" is in fact the official onomatopoeia for Big G's trademark roar and it has been for many years now.

No, you don't. There will be some nods to the recent and the 1954 films, but nothing so critical that it's important you see either (like, for instance, the names of some locations and characters, like Odo Island and Serizawa, for example.) If you haven't seen either, you're fine; you're not missing much.

Oh man, this looks like it's gonna be good.

I've always believed that kaiju should be shown as being more like living natural disasters than conventional animals and you do a good job of showing how fighting something like Big G is as futile as trying to stop a hurricane or tsunami for mere mortal creatures (be they human or equine) in the same way that the 1954 and 2014 movies do; after all, they don't call him GODzilla for nothing. I can't wait to see where this is going. Also, I'm just gonna take a wild guess and say that kaiju in the pony-verse feed on "raw magical energy" or something rather than radiation.

If you still need a working name for the "empire of the Eastern Sea" (which I'm guessing you may based on the fact that Luna refers to their language as "empirese"), might I suggest the name "Neighpon"? In case you aren't aware, it's a pun on "Nippon," Japan's native name (kinda like how Germany's native name is "Deutschland").

Speaking of the language, I love that little joke about "Gojira" being a combination of the Japanese words for "gorilla" and "whale." You are clearly a dude who knows his Godzilla lore.

Wow, I'm amazed I never even thought of that. I was even trying to figure out how to ponify 'Japan'. Neighpon will work beautifully -- thank you.
Of course, now I have two names... Let me play with it a little bit, but I think I can make them both work. Man, how did i not even think that one up...? :rainbowlaugh:

Well, I can't take full credit for that particular stroke of brilliance. I believe the first time I ever saw Neighpon used in a fandom thing was on this map and the only other story I can clearly remember seeing "Neighpon" and/ or "Neighponese" being mentioned is "Starlight Over Detrot" (which is a REALLY good read if you have A LOT of spare time to do so). However, I'm pretty sure there are plenty of other stories out there that have used "Neighpon" as the pony-verse analogue of Japan (mainly because "Japony" just sounds so... meh).

UPDATE (July 6, 2014):
Found a couple of other things that have used Neighpon
Equestria Expanded (note: this version is populated by Kirin)
Pony POV series
Aaaaaand this thing

So yeah, Neighpon seems to be a pretty common thing in the fanon.


What cave have I been living in....

This story has my full attention and I'd love to see a chapter where the ponies reacted to seeing this Godzilla. I give this chapter a 10 loud Godzilla 2014 roars out of 10 :pinkiehappy:.

Mmm, yes, I eagerly await more to satisfy my hunger for more Godzilla.:pinkiecrazy:

I dunno but I think everyone here should enjoy this awesome and relevant video I found a couple of days ago:

Off to a eerie and good start. I'll definitely be checking in on this for later chapters.

If the bug guy is based on the G'2014 incarnation, does make me wonder why he's attacking the equines. Had they done something to him perhaps? Woulda needed to be something huge to even hurt or anger him the way he apparently is. A food response, feeding off the magic (in place of the film's radiation) perhaps?

4642568 If Godzilla and Tirek were to fight, I bet it wold look like a toddler (Tirek) trying to fight an Argentinosaurus (Godzilla).

“Yeah,” Spike said back. “Come to think of it, didn’t the last time Princess Celestia stamp a letter as urgent, it was because of the Crystal Kingdom?”

'Crystal Kingdom' should be 'Crystal Empire'

I always get them mixed up... Must've been because of a conversation I had with someone. Oh well, fixing.

Edit: Fixed.

Looks great. Keeping an eye on this!

"The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control, and not the other way around."

I think you meant this for the first part of your description.

Now to read the story~

*Alondro shrugs* Pay a bunch of the really big dragons to go beat Godzilla up.

Only one of him, a couple thousand Equestrian dragons, all of whom have teeth that can chew diamonds and bodies that can withstand long-term immersion in liquid hot magma.

Do the math. :pinkiecrazy:

The quote is tweaked slightly so that it might apply to ponies, rather than humans. The reason for that will become apparent in later chapters.

You sir, have forgotten the fact that Godzilla's blood is very toxic and he has his atomic breath.

Good day, Mr. Alondro.

You sir, have earned a favourite. Congratulations.

I hate to tell you this, but that might not be such a good idea.

Godzilla took naval guns and tank shells at pointblank range and missiles to the face which only made him stagger (serves you right TriStar!). So I doubt the dragons could do much to inflict serious injury. The only thing that hurt him are the MUTOs and he came out on top. Dragons are greedy: they would most likely get with every bit of wealth a nation has just to agree to do the job. Even if they do agree to the job what guarantee does everyone have the dragons will hold up their end of the bargain? While true that dragons can survive extreme temperatures, Godzilla breath is also radioactive, if the heat doesn't kill them, then the radiation poisoning will. Not to mention whatever abilities the author plans to give the King in this story.

This looks very promising and interesting, I'll follow.


Guns, bombs, and nuclear weapons don't do shit on Godzilla (No, fuck you Tristar, fuck you Roland Emmerich), and he survived getting blasted to hell and back by Keiser Ghidorah's gravity beams, and the ONLY things that have killed him so far are the Oxygen Destroyer, getting his throat ripped by his own beam because of some big-ass drill (To be fair he was possessed by the spirits of deceased enemies of Japan from WW2. GMK was weird), and himself going Meltdown. Oh, and if Meltdown was an indication, he's radioactive. Nuclear breath, nuclear pulse... And a freaking super move. And he has his buddies(?) Rodan, Mothra, and/or Anguirus.

Well, that is the JP Godzilla. Legendary Godzilla is kind of weak.

Weak is a subjective word in Legendary Godzilla's case. The Toho movies made Godzilla very... Japanese strong, if that makes any sense. His movies were a little anime-esque at times. I mean, look at Final War.
Legendary Godzilla is a little more grounded in what an animal his size might actually do in reality, while still keeping him unbelievably powerful from a human's perspective. So while there won't be a scene with him bodyslamming monsters by their own tails or launching opponents into lower orbit via atomic breath booster rockets, he will still be a force to be reckoned with, especially for 6 mares unaccustomed to conflict.


Am I the only one who wants to see Godzilla fight Metal Gear Excelsus?

It'd be a real short fight, all things considered :rainbowlaugh:

I see a bad reaction to Spike if he goes along.

Yeah, let's do the math. Let's start with EXACTLY how freakin' big Gojira is:
Since the Godzilla in this story is based on the Legendary Pictures incarnation, that puts His size within a ballpark range of four or five hundred feet tall (making Him the largest incarnation of the character in cinematic history). According to my personal estimates, the largest dragon ever seen on the show was a mere 50 or 60 feet tall, meaning that they wouldn't even come up to the knee of even the smallest incarnation of Godzilla.

Secondly, Godzilla is not only big, but he has VERY thick skin. In the continuity of the 2014 movie, the King of Monsters has survived the Permian mass extinction (a planet-wide disaster that caused nine out of every ten species to go extinct and almost PERMANENTLY wiped out all life on Earth), the detonation of an atomic bomb at point-blank range, and a skyscraper collapsing on top of him TWICE. Not to mention He had missiles, machine guns, and heavy-caliber artillery fired at Him by the US military without so much as flinching (and that's not even mentioning the fact that he spends most of his time at the bottom of Earth's deepest oceans, where the pressure is well over fifteen thousand pounds per square inch). I highly doubt there's ANYTHING in the arsenal of any dragon that could even leave a scratch on Him.

I have a question. If this is the Legendary incarnation we're dealing with, why does he seem to have it out for the ponies? Yah I can get him being destructive 'force of nature', that incarnation certainly was, but he seemed more he was destructive due to lack of attention to humans and his sheer size causing damage fighting inside a city. If we wanna say he's lashing out at whom he sees as wronging him, like the Heisei version; I'm having a hard time thinking the ponies could do something that would do something similar to humans. This version seems out and out malevolent like the GMK version :rainbowhuh:

Not complaining, seems like a good story, just confused

That, sir, is the correct question to ask. :ajsmug:


To run the risk of sounding like I'm complaining, because I am not, but when/will we get an explanation? I've read quite a few of the 'rampaging but supposedly neutral Godzilla' crossovers and it did irritate me how next to none of them explained why he's doing what he's doing were basically 'rampaging evil Godzilla crushing helpless ponies' stories. You're a good author and I trust you have something planned, but this is something I judge a story on in the long run

Rest assured, I do have a reason behind it that's more than "It's Godzilla doing his thing". It's actually hinted at in some of the dialogue during his appearances, but there will be a full explanation in the coming chapters, I promise.

4646240 :rainbowlaugh: I agree any attempts at 'GOD'zilla would be futile even the princesses wouldn't stand a chance.

Of course to make this even a challenge you need to give Godzilla the "crossover new power," of magic resistance just to prevent Twilight from turning him into a giant orange.

Possibly. Or I can rely on Godzilla's sheer mass to complicate any transformation spell Twilight might throw at him. Twilight is strong, but she's not all-powerful; she has limits.

4645817 in hindsight, yeah it would be fairly short. I mean, Excelsus is bout half the size of Godzilla?

About half the size of one of his feet I'd say.

4646903 To say nothing of the numerous Incarnations with facial lasers of some form or another.

4647366 Now I'm interested, brb gonna do some research.

4647366 Exselsus stats:
Physical power: 235.082 tons of force.
Weight: I'm gonna guess 5,000+ tons at least
Height: After eyeballing it, I'll guess 60 meters give or take

Godzilla Stats:
Physical power: I honestly couldnt find much on this, but lets just say a fuckload of force.
Weight: (Might be outdated, not sure) 120,000 tons
Height: Around 235 meters

And that's not even factoring in the atomic breath or plasma cannons.
So to review, Excelsus is 1/4 the size of Godzilla at best, and 1/24 his weight at worst

Oh god. NO! Exselsus, my baby! :raritycry:

It's hard to judge Legendary's Godzilla's size, because it (like what happens in most Godzilla movies) changes throughout the movie for dramatic effect. Some say he's 340-400 feet tall. Others, closer to 700. Either way, you're close with his height.
As for his strength, he's so massive that the design team figured if he swung his tail, it would reach supersonic speeds, like the tip of a bullwhip only scaled up a couple thousand tonnes. That's fast enough where he could catch Rainbow Dash with it if she didn't floor it or swerve. Try to wrap your head around that :rainbowderp:
I may or may not demonstrate that, mostly because everyone would be pretty darn quick to call bullshit, but it's still a scary thought.

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