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Applejack and Rainbow have been together for quite a while, and decide it's time to grow the family. And thanks to Twilight's Big Book of McGuffin Spells (patent pending), they are given that chance. And after months of trials and ordeals, they are finally reaching the end of a long road.
But when the day finally comes, Rainbow might not be able to hold herself together, and she's not even having the baby!

Rated T for child birth and suggested related 'activities'.

A short fluff story written for the Appledash Writing contest #4, featuring : A Life-Changing Event and A Memorable Date

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Twilight gave her an understanding smile. “Well, compared to how Flash handled it when I had Sunlight Glitter? I think you’re holding yourself together real well.”

That name in there twisted a dagger in my heart. Otherwise, I liked it.

Loved the story as usual for your work. I agree with the other comment though. Who you hooked Twilight up with hurt my soul.

"Thankfully, this one didn't turn into an 100k+" thankfully? More like unfortunately.


He wasn't my first choice, but unfortunately, he was probably the most plausible without a lot of explanation, if we look at Twilight's stallion suitors. Anypony else probably would've been borderline or full blown crackship. And yes, I wanted it to be a hetero shipping to sort of contrast the Appledash as being not as ordinary a thing in Equestria. And hey, it could've been worse; I could've made him actually BE there.


If you are going with hetero royals, you could always have paired up Twilight with Blueblood.

6816187 :facehoof:Aatxe, do you want me to sic my OC Wolf on you?:facehoof:

No. Just... no.

6816236 This one, I would definitely agree more with.:twilightsmile:

Lovely fun and sweet story. Personally I have no problem with Flash, and really it was only a minor point in the story.

Also, what a perfect name for their kid. :)


Considering the most one-on-one interaction they've had happened pretty much three seasons ago, and involved a corrupted Big Mac licking her like a dog? A very close second

omg xD rainbow dash freaking out was the best part lmaoooooo



This story felt like you were hitting all the pregnancy cliches without putting much thought into it - especially the bizarre cravings and the "other parent" totally freaking out. Granted, it does sometimes happen that way IRL, it's just that it's been done to death in TV and movies.

The method they used to get AJ pregnant was very creative, I'll give this story that much. Eh, maybe I'd enjoy the story more if Appledash were my favorite ship. :applejackunsure:

Yeah, I didn't exactly slave over the details. For me, this was about what Rainbow and Applejack would behave like in this sort of situation, and less about making an original concept to throw at them. Then again, if I did do that, it'd probably turn into a huge ordeal, and I have enough of those on my plate, writing-wise.

I have to admit that I'm not a fan of making pony births like human ones (specifically, being painful, but also a few smaller things) given that they don't have the same issues resulting from bipedalism, but then again their heads are rather large. It did still definitely work for what you were going for, though, especially if you're wanting to keep this small.

Beyond that, I loved your characterization of everypony, and your worldbuilding was really nicely developed. There were a couple misused words ("penchant" instead of "pension" for example) but overall, the writing really nicely evoked the scene, which I feel is really important for any story that tries to make the reader feel close to the action. All in all, definitely a fun read!

Too... Many... Good... Goddamn... Entries.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That was one of the best appledash fanfics i will ever read:pinkiehappy:

And what a name: Pristine Sky:fluttercry:


:moustache: Huh, so you can explode twice.

... Anyway, I really enjoyed this!

It needs a little extra proof-reading, you accidentally some words, and there are quite a few cases of using a homonym of a word, so it probably sounded right in your head but was actually the wrong word.

There was a bit of missed opportunity with Twilight's child though, I think the "Father" should have been Celestia. Not only because I think Flash is shit and am unabashed TwiLestia trash, but because it would have been funny to think about Rainbow being so oblivious as to have the thought "wonder what kind of research Twilight is doing" but have the reason Twilight knows the spell have pretty clear, very adorable, evidence.

Also Sunlight Glitter just sounds so much like a child of Twilight and Celestia that it just feels like it makes more sense.

Okay ramble mode off, thanks again for the fic, nicely done!

Loved this one-shot. Just curious, ever thought of a sequal to this? :D

I always think about sequels, but in this case, I'm pretty sure it's one and done. Might use the characters for a different tale later on, though. We'll just have to wait and see.

“Congratulations, Miss Applejack. It’s a filly.”

Heh, after all their wrangling about "Colt vs. Filly" and "Apple name vs. Pegasus name", I expected a hermaphrodite unicorn. :applejackconfused: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowhuh:

Ha! I daresay you nailed it!

This was a pretty great story.

I loved this story but flash really? :rainbowwild:
But still awesome stort

Comment posted by L0gun deleted Apr 19th, 2020

i haven't been on fimfiction in years but this story brought me back and it's so cute, and i don't even otp appledash

Pristine Sky = BEST NAME EVER!!!!!!!!

Wait one thing I don't understand is how did the instructor know Applejack was in labor when she hasn't made it to the hospital yet

Were she in better shape, she’d go outside, down the flight of stairs, and feed the chickens and two piglets. She’d check the small garden growing nearby, maybe harvest some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Maybe she’d even snack on one while eying the nearby apple trees expectantly. It’d be harvest time soon.

What uh….what are the pigs for?

That was a pretty enjoyable fic. Nothing terribly creative about it, but I wanted fluff and I got it. Nice name, Pristine Sky.

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