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Will you go out with me?

Rainbow Dash wants to ask Applejack to go out with her. The problem is that every pony seems to know her feelings EXCEPT Applejack. She enlists the help of her friends. Luckily they have their own ideas as to how to confess.

Warning: Get ready for a lot of face hoofs.

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Wow. I love this, I really hope this gets updated often!

Sounds like this is going to be awkward…
But worth it. :trollestia:

5575454 lol

Thus was funny I hope the next chapter comes out soon!

Since Pinkie is supposedly related to the Apple Family doesn't that mean the same for Maud?

5574877 5575489 Thanks! I'm updating every day up until Valentine's Day

5575454 Nice lol

Loved that story btw

5575560 I haven't thought about it until you've said it actually. You're very perceptive. I like that. As for now, since we're not actually sure and Applejack accepted Pinkie pie as family through verbal means, hopefully I'm safe for now.

5577316 updating a story daily until valentines day, it's even better now.

More like rainbow derp.


Poor Rainbow. Ah, I am lovin' this story already. One of the best Appledash fics I have ever seen. Wonder if Applejack likes her back though. :ajsmug:

Normally im not much of a rainbowdash/applejack fic, but this is cute! I look forward to more:twilightsmile:

Pffffft ahahahahaha im officially dead:rainbowlaugh:

Ahahahahahahahahah PERFECT!!

Te faltaron los signos de apertura en las preguntas.

5583897 Nah, no te agobies. #GrammarNazi

Damn RD can't catch a break! :rainbowlaugh:


Good thing Rainbow Dash didn't say Quiero tener sexo contigo.

A little serenade should smooth things out.

Omgbus right flowers make a girl happy but they are crazy expensive for something that just dies in week.

Poor Rainbow though

"It's perfect!" Rainbow Dash said, licking her lips at the chocolate-covered grapes on the bouquet.


Why does the bubbling perfume looks like the Love Poison?

5591232 Sorry, it wasn't intentional. I was just following the colour scheme of all the MLP potions (Flashback potion prior to turning white, Twilight time potion and the love potion). Originally I thought of making it green but.....green perfume? I think Rainbow would've been more skeptical. Sorry about that

I believe you are doing a great job with this story! It makes me laugh at the ways she tries to ask her out, you are doing a fantastic job and I can't wait to see future chapters!

Bwahahaha, apol pone is derp.

LOL I especially like the jellybean part, really nice break from the tries every so often.

Poor Rainbow. I swear, her luck is worse than mine sometimes.

And for whatever weird reason, I didn't get a notification of any kind when this updated. I only found out when I checked the "Feed" Section of my account.

And I have it not only in my Favorites, but I also have it on "Tracking". So what the hay?!

(scream laughing and clapping)

5598633 Same here that's weird huh? I think something is wrong with the website.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!! THIS IS SO AWESOME AND SO FUNNY!!!! Poor RD I think the end when the confession comes out is when AJ is really sad and RD just comforts her or something.


Yeah, it is.

Well, at least I'm not the only one that it happens to! Sorry it's happening to you, too.

And probably so. It's happened to at least one other story that I'm Watching. I'll get a notification in "Tracking" when it updates, but not in my "Especial Especial Favorites" Bookshelf, which is also where it is. Drives me absolutely nuts!

Yeah, me. too! It's such agreat story!

And I bet you're right.

We've got 7 more chapters to go before we finally fine out for sure, though.

5599001 It only happened to this story for me... Or so I think, I need to check my favorites just in case :unsuresweetie:.


5599595 Well, I hope that this is the only one that it happens to. This kinda thing is one heck of a pain!:twilightangry2::facehoof:

But I need to check my other Favorites Bookshelves to check and see if I've missed anyway soon, as well. Hopefully everything's up to date, and I haven't missed any.

Yeah! Me, too!

5599669 Yeah same just in case. Part of me hopes that it will all be up to date and the other part hopes there are new chapters because I love reading new chapters that I love!!

I think AJ knows though because some things made it totally obvious and I think AJ is just messing with RD now seeing how many failed attempts or something. Because like the letter I would think she would have noticed and the flowers and the dictionary thing. I think Applejack is just pulling Rainbows leg now.

5599875 Yeah, I hear ya. That's me, too.

Good points, those, m' dear.

And I'm beginning to wonder about that myself.

5600144 lol

It also looks like it in the pic

love it when will u write more:applecry:


HahHahahahahaha... hehe... HahHahahahahaha!!!!

Poor RD

They say let your actions tell it like it is.

5593554 5598935 5599001 I'm glad you all are enjoying it.

5599875 5600531 These are good points indeed. I like your theory. I've already written the ending, so you'll see soon enough if you're right or not....in a few chapters.

That's the problem! I've never asked anypony out before. Sure, I've been out with some other ponies but they've always asked me out." Rainbow proudly put a hoof on her chest. "Guess they couldn't resist my awesomeness"
"Except Applejack" Rarity pointed out, with a grin present on her face.

:rainbowderp: Ouch.

What else can go wrong?!

LOL!!! Poor RD! Why was Rarity so worried? Was not because AJ could get sick?

Lol: the pig squealed in amusement when Rarity shouted "MY HAIR!!" That is quite the sight.

Oh come on! :rainbowlaugh: No way Applejack is going to ever date her after this :scootangel:

Whipped like the birthday pig!

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